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    Hi all, not sure if this should be in plugin section, general or other but:

    Is there a way that I can allow Guest players to open doors as an added permission?

    I have all default settings on server and have Area Protection Plugin added to server.

    Second, can that permission be implemented on a specific area under protection?

    The only Groups set up on server are the Groups that come with Area Protection, everything else is defaults.


    Not sure if what Harv posted below would be the same issue, but on a multiplayer game that I play in, every time the server gets restarted, the maps "go blank" as if nothing has been explored before. Is there a way to control this or is it a bug? Thanks in advance, and great work with the game!

    I've been using and loving the new map item. It's way more useful than I imagined it would be.

    The only problem I'm having now is when I play the game at work (it's okay - I own the business ;) ) the map I generated at home is not there. I get by if I use ftp to copy it over, but I was wondering if there is a plan to synchronize maps between client locations.

    I guess the server would have to get involved, but I'm not sure what other paths of communication might be available.

    Just a few things I noticed after updating today:

    * Can not collect wool from sheep.

    * When chopping tree trunks, they disappear under the ground and cannot be retrieved.

    *All previously placed banisters have turned into corners.

    Second two items are minor, but no wool from sheep? Are these issues that can be addressed or do I have to start new games?