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A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!

    I am the same...pretty simple builds, mainly with blocks that snap in to place. I've seen some videos with the advanced construction and I don't even know the commands/how to do things...much less make something look really nice from scratch.

    Where can I find "foxbox"?

    Very cool. Small world! :thumbsup: I really like Radioman's videos as well. Rising World is great. I haven't had this much fun playing a game in years and although I'm new at it, it's a lot of fun...and his videos really spark the imagination as to all of the different possibilities with this game.

    By the way, do you have any tips or can you direct me as to how I might build a nice basement in Rising World? I've been trying and it seems difficult to make things even...when digging or terra forming, I always have sloppy edges. Perhaps someone has posted some tips on one of the forums.

    This is Tony D (just created a proper account and changed my name). Do you watch Radioman 03's channel on YouTube? I've been watching his Rising World and Medieval Engineer videos and I'm pretty sure he mentioned "Zfoxfire" in a recent Rising World video (i.e., as someone who is knowledgeable about the game, development etc.). I really enjoy his videos. In any case, thank you for your help.