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    I don't have the greatest computer to play on, so I keep my detail distance and such rather low. Because of that, while running and mounted, I sometimes catch up to the edge of the loading world. I have died twice because at the edge, while mounted, I do not get stopped like I do when running on my own. I don't know if this happens in single player, I haven't tried. But it does happen in multiplayer.

    Friend of mine and I were playing on a PvP active server and this may also apply to PvE in terms of hunting, I suppose. One is able to reduce detail or view distance and the projectiles shot will go through anything that is not rendered by the shooter. Meaning they can shoot either players or animals through walls as long as the one with the weapon can't see the wall.

    First, I'm having a bit of a roofing issue. I put angled wall sections in my house in a creative singleplayer world and I would like to be able to flip the ramp corner (half) block over once more to have it fill in gaps like these:

    Secondly, if we could maybe allow the decorative plants such as the rowan hedges, the hogweed, etc, harvest-able so that we can replant them in survival situations? granted, it is a simple thing to switch to creative mode in singleplayer but it would be nice if, in a survival multi-player environment, to be able to decorate one's home more thoroughly. Even if harvesting gives nothing but the seedling for replanting, it would be very nice.

    Oh~! and on that note, if perhaps the dead plant system we'd had before maybe got a little revamp so that, with certain plants, like the rowan and the apple, that have dead versions, there's a chance that they die not by vanishing but by their dead-looking versions appearing instead? obviously no saplings from the dead stuff. X/

    List of currently not-harvest-able plants (that I, and hopefully others, would love to be able to replace):
    Seaplant (S,M,L)
    Seaplant 2
    Hogweed 1
    Nettle 1
    Nettle 2
    EDIT: Forgot the Rowan tree. That also.

    I'm now trying out having a world with the places to put the dungeons and ruins. Still flat without animals, vegetation, or ores.

    I have the dungeons underground again now, but still have the new type of animals.

    Though it seems that with the flat nature of the land, I am not getting oceans or lakes. which, I suppose, is to be expected.

    I found the black bears also, after some flying about

    I went to make a single player creative world that was flat, had no caverns, ores, vegetation, or animals, but had dungeons, cabins, underwater ruins, and pyramids. However, it seemed that the lack of caverns made it so that the Dungeons did not appear. Secondly, There were still the new-skinned animals in the world. The brown cows and the white goats. I didn't see any other animals, though. This is just one shirt. I'm looking through all of the clothing. I'm a character customization nut... :whistling: so, more to come.

    The Leather shirt and sleeved leather shirt (named Medieval shirt) have a UV mapping issue, which I addressed in the steam rising world forums.

    OK. I looked through ALL the tops and there's clipping with every piece. the only semi-exception is the poncho, which doesn't clip through the body, but the baggy parts clip through the character arms.

    Now looking through all "Outfits" items. Found clipping in almost all, at least. The only thing I saw no truly bad clipping with was the hazmat suit. There was a barely-visible line on the hands.

    Pants: Only the boxers, Suit trousers, and Leather Pants (long) have clipping. The rest are fine.

    Everything else seems fine. Except boots/pants combinations, those have clipping between each other but that's to be expected.