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    That would be a nice addition. The locking mechanism on that window brings up the idea that all doors, windows, and containers could have an on/off locking action attached to them. I believe I read a suggestion on that in the forums a while ago. In Minecraft, you can set up doors and chests to only open if you have a certain named item in your possession. An actual key would be nice for each door, but I think we'd be going insane over having to carry around a boatload of keys on us. Instead, it could be set that the doors, windows, and containers could be automatically (un)locked by the creators of these items.

    Admittedly, it would be interesting to eventually have both digital and manual combination locks, such as on safes.

    agreed also i would love have keys - i would run the motel so i dont like i have to be on to add the person to command for door - more easier is have Motel Npc to give out keys and they have to return the key back to Npc or me - its can be configured

    also sliding doors would be nice - automatic or manual

    This may be related to an old bug from a former version, when loading the game without "threaded_loading" enabled. That's weird indeed, since deleting the materials.jar in the previous step should have caused the launcher to redownload all differing files.
    Please try deleting the files "commons.jar", "concept-core.jar" and "server.jar" manually in your data folder and set the flag "game_threaded_loading" in the config to true, then start the game again. Please tell me if that works now.

    its worked - now its gone past to Main menu and works fine again

    here a log it seems something has gone wrong - even past updates was fine but something has gone wrong means the startup had hanged at serious error and never exited properly when error has found


    • log.txt

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    It may be related to the focus: If the game is not focussed, it pauses. If you play in window mode, try clicking the games window again so that it gains the focus. Otherwise, when playing in fullscreen, try alt-tabbing to desktop and then return to the game.

    But we're also working on a small bugfix (fixing a problem when loading old worlds sometimes), it will be released within the next 1-2 hours. We will change some stuff related to the focus, maybe that fixes your problem ;)

    i tried again but its still hangs on Logo screen - its seems never arrived at Main menu screen - even i alt tabbed but no luck

    We have no influence on the second error message you got, since any error that occurs may have different reasons. Also, there are several possible errors that may occur when 32-Bit Java is installed on a 64-Bit OS: On some machines the game runs fine, on other machines the game crashes when loading a world, and on others it already crashes when starting the game. Furthermore, an errormessage is not always shown, that's the reason we give the hint when launching the game ;)

    This should be the first message you receive when launching the game and an incorrect java version is installed:

    yes that one appeared but i didn't realise but its all sorted now

    No, please don't get it wrong: There won't be daily changes available in the nightlies. The expense would be too high for us... The current update frequency wouldn't be influenced if we offer nightlies.

    i know but i am not saying daily - some games have two or three updates in week

    sounds good that's would be feature - so daily changes can be on nighties for testing

    there was one at start but after the launcher has started but that error message didn't mention its was missing Java 64 bit just out of memory - maybe a better message to say its needs java 64 - that's was odd

    i am very confused - i bought this and run it and says out of memory - even i have plenty of memory - 4GB of memory = here what i see the error on my computer
    even my computer is very new (6 months old - windows 7)

    here is dxdiag - even all games work very well

    i downloaded the Universal zip - that's might be problem?


    • DxDiag.txt

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    i was thinking buying game but i am not sure because its looks good but i would love a demo to try out but sadly there isn't one