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    I heard that a railroad system may appear in RW, so i made a few suggstions of what i would like to see in Rising world:

    • Track ballast

    • Railroad switch

    • Catenary

    Also i wanted to give devs some examples of trains.
    And of course, do not copy the entire models, make it very similar.

    Electric multiple unit:

    Steam locomotive:

    Diesel locomotives:

    Eletric locomotives:

    Dielsel multiple unit:

    Diesel railcar:

    Passenger cars:

    and freight cars whatever...
    Don't forget the small details.

    P.s: and signaling.

    we know that minecarts are going to be added, then why not a full scale train?
    featuring locomotives, railway carriages, wagons, catenaries, train stations and railroad tracks.

    if you want a recording system to capture footage, this are the options it should have:

    • Quality: 0-100%
    • FPS: 25-30-60-100
    • Sound: .mp3-.wav-.wma-.ogg
    • Video:
    • Sound input
    • Save file to...
    • Twitch live stream

    the game is still in early access, so there is still time to let the developers to improve everything.
    i recently bought Rising world, as far as i can see, the game is looking good :thumbup: . but there is still a lot of bugs and glitches(like flying animals) and (chunk errors).
    what i hope to see during the updates are:

    • Render options (maximum or minimum rendering at a certain distance)
    • Faster Chunk loading
    • Improved animations
    • Customizable blocks (half blocks; two different materials in one block)
    • More materials (valuable: gold, silver, copper).(useful: iron, wool, leather, coal)
    • TNT and C4 for easy mining
    • Coal powered lococmotive (If a railway system possible)
    • Increase day/night cicle (1 full day = 3 hours real time)
    • Abandonned houses
    • More advanced animal AI (some ones able to attack, defend or run from you)
    • Lost equipment
    • Chunk errors fixed
    • Aquatic animals

    (other features are already planned by the devs).