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    Wondering when this will be fully playable? I enjoyed the java I spent hundreds of hours on it. Was hoping by now this unity version would be a bit further along.


    I am just wondering, why progress is so slow? Was quite a while ago since the new version was released and then there was a workbench update. Since then "Nowt" as they say in Yorkshire.

    I'm not gonna play the Java while I am waiting until 2045 for the full game.

    It is actually currently more interesting reading the update announcements every 8 months or so, than actually playing the game.


    How in the floop do I open the build menu? I started the new version, had a walk around, found a space i liked to set up. I have pressed every single key on my keyboard several times, there is no build menu, I dont have a work bench, I'd like to make one. Danke

    Hi there Red51, I asked If The new version of Rising world would be available to play in VR so I can use my Oculus Quest 2. I read your reply thank you for that.

    What I meant was, is there any chance I can play this on my Oculus Quest 2 as a PC VR game, I have virtual Desktop on my quest 2 which lets me play PC VR games using the Oculus 2 headset as a screen and the games are streamed from my pc to the headset. Makes total sense what you said about the graphics capabilities of the quest 2, I should have been more clear.

    I wasn't looking for a Quest 2 VR version of Rising World. What I wondered is will you add a VR mode so I can load the new Rising World version on my pc and use Virtual desktop and use the oculus quest 2 controllers whilst in VR. I have played Elite Dangerous and The Forest which are Pc games and played them wirelessly on my Quest 2 using Virtual Desktop they are streamed over WIFI to the headset. The most important thing would be use of the Quest 2 controllers while streaming from my PC to the headset as I can not see my keyboard or mouse or even the buttons on a bluetooth controller.

    The new Rising World version would be so good as a PCVR game.

    Thank you.

    I am downloading the new version now. I want 2 know if oneday I will be able to use this in VR on my Oculus quest 2, Mainly my quest 2 sits on my table because I can't find any games I like very much. If u did ever make this game have a VR mode it would be cool 2 use the Oculus controllers as u can't see your mouse or keyboard and once you're a PC user its very hard to get used to using a Bluetooth controller. Thanks. Looking forward to trying out this new demo.

    Hi Can red please just add the dynamic water. I don't care if it breaks the game. even if the whole game engine has to change. I am sure people wont be that bothered especially if its a great improvement. Thank you

    Hi Red51 can u make it so I can create a girlfriend on RW,? I am ugly in real life so women don't like me. At least I can pretend then.


    Don't you think it would be a bit boring playing this game and making the character sit down to eat his dinner with a knife and fork? I would like pottery tho. And the ability to cook potatoes. Who eats a raw potato? I tried once and it nearly made me sick.

    I reckon we need to be able to make fences. Yh I know u can make them easily enough. But I want a metal fence.