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    Sweet! I will have to go in and change it as I have tried all I can. Of course if anyone know more then me I’m always willing to try.
    The mouse is a trackball from Logitech model T-BC21. It does have a program that you can use to program the mouses extra buttons. I have tried the program everyday I can think of, there is even a game setting but nothing worked.
    Thank you

    In the past I used the scroll option to change the paint (grass, dirt, etc...) However with my new computer I'm that mouse no longer works and I'm using a different one. It also has a scroll feature, in fact it has 2, universal and auto. I've tired all the different setting but I can't change the paint. I've been told in the past that if I can't scroll I'm just out of luck. So my questions are now 2 fold; is there a way to get my mouse to work and is there a plug-in or a way I could change the scroll option?

    I have a stupid question but I downloaded and used the cobble well with water, but I can't drink out of it. Am I doing something wrong or can you not drink out of it?

    I might have somewhat of a silly question but how hard are these bandits going to be to kill? Just thinking of when the game starts and I’m running around with my starter axe and no base.... haha
    Took me hours to find iron ore on my last start up, maybe a faster way some how still pretty new to the game.

    I noticed quite a bit of text is in red and greens and while I'm not color blind I wounder how it would effect people who are.
    However I do I have a hard time reading small print on my old tv so making the font bigger would be nice. HAHA and yes a new tv would solve that problem but sadly not an option.
    Would this make for a good plugin suggestion or would it be to difficult?

    I keep reading how the compass is suppose to have an arrow of some kind that points you back to home/spawn point, but I don't see anything on the compass. Does only the advance compass have this feature?

    I’m still new to plugins just learned about them in my last post.
    Can you list links to some? And will the ones German work in English? Not sure that makes sense......

    I just got my hands in a map and I can’t believe how big the map is. Did you think if there isn’t already they will make a way to teleport between bases? (That is when you make more then one)