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    I realise that I am very much in the minority when I say I'm not really looking forward to the update. Skeletons and Bandits don't really appeal to me - I have plenty of fun staying alive with just bears, boars and jaguars to fight! However, I realise that most people just want to fight and thats what will sell the game so its perfectly fine. I just wanted to ask - will we have the option NOT to have bandits and skeletons in the same way we could disable certain animal predators?
    Either way Im totally addicted to the game so I'm sure I'll keep playing - just hopeful of that no bandit button!
    Thanks, Red, for all your effort and a beautiful and fun game.

    Firstly, let me apologise if this isnt the right place to ask this question. I really wasn't sure. Feel free to move it.

    I'm new to RW but loving it, especially the creative part of it as building has always been my thing, In other games I've always made my own textures to suit my needs.
    I've done some research and have a very basic understanding of how I could potentially replace some existing textures with my own but havent actually tried it yet as GIMP doesnt support the right format - need to get a plug in apparently.
    I have also dabbled a bit with blueprints and that's worked quite well. My query is connected to both blueprints and textures. I can understand how, in a single player game, a blueprint downloaded from here can be added to my game and it appears (although I can be told Im wrong) that any textures used by the creator are included and so show up in MY SP game. My confusion lies with the blueprints that are used on the server I play on. I had imagined that there would be no point in replacing textures when on a server as I assumed no-one else would see them. However, the blueprints I have seen on the server seem to have some custom textures - I cannot understand (a) how that works and (b) how I can do it!
    Im not very technical so, if you are kind enough to explain it to me, please do so in simple terms :)

    I think you'll be glad you decided to buy the game. As you say, its not complete yet by any means but there's certainly many hours of fun to be had, especially if you like to build bases, explore, treasure hunt, etc.

    Thanks, Yahwho!

    The server sounds perfect and I will certainly give it a look. Perhaps I need to spend a little more time practicing my buildings etc before I make a complete noob-fool of myself in front of other people though. Looking at the photos, the builders on the server are very good and make my attempts look like mud huts.

    I like that the modern stuff has been locked out - they never felt right for me either. It always felt like the game couldnt decide if it was medieval or modern and mixing it up just feels a bit weird. I've never played on a server before either, so if there is a list of rules or anything I should know about please feel free to send me a copy.


    I'm a newcomer to Rising World. I was watching a Let's Play series of 7 Days to Die and happened to spot a video which mentioned RW and decided to check it out. I have to say, although I'm still getting used to the construction controls, I absolutely love the game and have already put in hours and hours.

    I have played Minecraft to death and always really struggled with the graphics. I would always try for more realism with realistic texture packs but it never really felt real the way RW does. Ive tried other 'survival' games like 7DTD but I didnt want to have to constantly kill zombies in order to level up. I tried and enjoyed Subnautica alot but I wanted dry land! RW, as it is now, is exactly what I've been looking for for years.More than that, what I first loved about RW was that there was no PVP. I know its a very unpopular opinion. Everyone nowadays seems to want to just fight and kill. For me I want to just survive, me against nature. Although I know it has to be that way to sell in the numbers required to make it profitable, I will be really sorry to see the monsters and the bandits arriving in the game. I'd much rather have had more wildlife, including birds, more crafting like being able to make baskets for storage, using the harvested grass to make thatch for roofs, etc. I'd love the cooking to be expanded and the farming so that more food can be made, giving perhaps different perks/buffs for different foodstypes. I'd love to be able to milk cows or goats and make butter and cheese and use those in more complex recipes. I'd love to be able to keep chickens and collect their eggs and use those too. You get the picture.

    One of the things I did enjoyabout minecraft was the ability to make my own textures and easily add them to the game. Unfortunately it doesn't seem so simple with RW. For a start I dont have photoshop and my financial situation makes it unlikely that I ever will. I use GIMP so I'll have to see if that can do the job with the DDS files.

    Overall, as I said, I love RW and can't really understand why it isnt alot more popular than it is. I love that fact that it keeps getting updated and improved and that the developer still answers questions and gives a ton of information to fans. I for myself will be recommending the game to all my gaming friends especially those who, like me, wanted a survival game not a fighting game. I really REALLY hope that however the game progresses in the future the developers retain the ability to play as pure survival. Fighting for my life against a tiger or a grizzly is absolutely fine - just no monsters and no other humans trying to kill me.

    Lastly, I'd love to play on a server as I seldom get to play with other people. I'm hoping I might be able to find a similarly peace-loving community somewhere, with mature players like myself. Any recommendations appreciated.