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A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!

    @v48e12 There won't be any structural physics. You will be able to create crazy and impossible builds in the new version as in the old one. As red said they want to transport the same mechanics over to the new engine first.

    The reason why you may want to use a modern engine is because it implements all aspects of a game inside one complete solution. That implies graphics, animation, sound, textures, shader, physics.

    The game and its mechanics will be the same. The only differences will be the way higher level of graphic quality, overall performance (A performance you will never reach with Java) and the ease for Red to implement new things.

    Regarding consols. Hmm yeah maybe not that many people would play it on a console comparing to PC platforms. But there are console player out there playing such games like MC. So why not?

    In my opinion that was the right decision. The java version right now is already awesome with this level of detail no other game can provide when it comes to building. A new engine on the other hand will improve the overall apearance of the game, lightning, textures, shader and so on. That would attract people who are more triggered by graphics than features. Sounds like win win. And the pictures look already "Mega geil!". Sorry in german there are better words for this :D

    But if you need support @red51 especially for the time till the release and the fact that the visibillity of RW is lower. I wouldn't hesitate to open my paypal wallet even if i already own the game. And many others would for sure. You know like patreon or similar and absolutely non-obligatory. Some games deserve such support more than half of the damn AAA games out there for ridiculous prices.

    Just think about that. I think its worth it. ;)

    The roof is done^^

    Here is a tiny time lapse from last update till now:

    The roof also has two upper floors and you can now walk completely around the church on the first level. On top of the rounded roof at the end will be a small tower.

    Here are two additional pictures from that part:

    I continued a little bit with the main tower as well. I've redesigned the 8 pillars and added 3 big windows. Also the already finished lower level had some tiny adjustments to fit into the general design.

    For now i will continue with the surroundings. The whole property has access to a beach. There will be an old roman ruin and mooring. I thought that fits into the history of the cathedral since the foundation (catacombs) are also designed in old roman style.

    Hello everyone,

    tiny update of the progress!

    What is the most important and visually impressive thing you can see on a church? Yeah the tower.
    Consider the tower as a main quest.
    What do you do ingame? Yeah side quests :D

    So instead of building the tower finally, i started with the second half of the main body and backyard, gardens and fences.
    The second half ends with a rounded hall with huge windows.

    See here the progress:

    But thats not all. As you can see through the big hole in the middle, i continued with the catacombs. Besides the service rooms and workshop i've added a prison.
    Things like treasure room and torture room for the inquisitors will follow^^


    danke für die Antworten soweit.

    Das schwierige daran ist, es handelt sich um vier Säulen die aus mehreren Elementen bestehen (Wie das Bild andeutet) und exakt gleich aussehen müssen. Das heißt die Subelemente müssen die gleiche relative Position zueinander einnehmen. Diese vier Säulen müssen aber, im Gegensatz zu den anderen, um 30° und 60° als ganzes gedreht errichtet werden.

    Einfach gesagt diese Säulen sind Bestandteil eines rundlichen Anbaus. Die Säulen sind insich aber recht komplex. Aber einfach zu errichten im normalen 0° oder 90°.

    Parallel frag ich mal den Admin ob er bzgl. Blaupause ne Ausnahme macht.

    Huh, langer Titel^^

    Halli Hallo,

    erstmal vorab, ich spiele auf einem Server und dort sind Blaupausen deaktiviert. Ansonsten wäre dieses Thema nicht relevant.

    Die Beschreibung meines Problems:

    Das globale Raster ist ganz klar nach Nord,Süd,Ost,West ausgerichtet, dadurch lassen sich Gebäudeelemente in eben jener Ausrichtung gut auf anderen platzieren mit gleicher Ausrichtung, da ja das Raster plan aufliegt.

    Wenn ich aber ein bereits abgewinkeltes Objekt als Basis für weitere Elemente nutze ist das Raster natürlich "verdreht" bezogen auf das Basisobjekt.
    Anbei ein Bild zur veranschaulichung:

    Natürlich könnte ich die Elemente sogut es geht ohne Raster manuell positionieren, aber das würde im weiteren Verlauf zu Abweichungen führen.

    Die Frage die sich mir stellt ist nun:

    Lässt sich auf irgendeine Art ein Raster auf das anvisierte Objekt/Block projizieren oder gar per command das globale visuelle raster um einen Winkel x drehen?

    Huh! Almost two month since the last update.

    I didn't play RW for some weeks. But two weeks ago i started again, or better said I continued with the cathedral.

    The roof was in focus this time and the pillars inside. Due to some style implementations at the sides of the church i also amended the front a little bit.
    You can see now more of those spickes with thorns attached, similar to the ones at the cathedral in cologne or the Münster in Ulm.

    I couldn't continue with the tower. The roof has to be completed first but i hope end of this month there is some progress.
    The rest is just preparation for the surroundings and connections to the cathedral and the village.

    For sure Red wants to implement 1000s of more things and faster. But development is expensive. Mojang had the advantage of setting a new trend with Minecraft 10 years ago. More people were buying it at this time, although MC was absolutely not that advanced as it is today. Therefor they had more budget in shorter time and therefor a faster progress.

    Rising World is drinking tea and being 1000% more creative while waiting for the next nice update. :)

    Hi Void,

    i have to disagree especially because you use Minecraft as a reference of success. Minecraft is more than 10 years old already and its, compared to now whats possible, a very light weight (casual) game when it comes to building and terraforming. If Minecraft would have been released now in competition with Rising world, Rising World would win for sure.
    The hype is already gone and yes the reason of success is because there was nothing similar at the same time. So yeah Minecraft was inovative at this time. And most likely the devs of Rising World got a lot of inspiration from it.

    But you have to remind that Rising World is still an alpha version. In other words its still in development and far away from being a full game.
    I know that Minecraft has a lot of nice features such as logics and waterflow etc. but when it comes to the building abillity, i haven't seen any game like Rising World. I can create structures with such a detail. I'm not restricted to 0.5m blocky resolution. Its centimeter. It can be round if i want. It can have a individual angle if i want. Its awesome with such a detail you can create you dreams.

    The rest like lightning, decorations, endgame etc. might come at some point but Minecraft in general is like 2010.

    (btw. i still like Mincraft but i have no time to play it because i have to finish my castle here)^^

    The progress was quite slow. I had problems with the transition from the main building to the tower.

    So i decided to start with the underground and catacombs and also the outside area.

    After some days i had fresh ideas to continue with the tower section. The connection between the roof and pillars for the tower are done.

    Also the inside starts to get more detail. Especially the pillars indoors to support the tower.

    Hi everyone,

    besides the cave entrances we can find on the surface which sometimes lead deep into earth, its based on luck to find new caves if you digged down into the rock.

    We already have the metal detector for example to find hidden ore deposits. My idea is a similar tool to find hidden fluctuations of density underground. In other words holes, caves and other structures which are distinguishable from massive rock. Like echo probing (sonar) or radar.

    For the explorers among us that might be a nice new tool.^^

    Hello Hello,

    i just wanted to show you my new project.

    Its a cathedral designed in gothic/neo gothic style with some modifications. (Otherwise it would be to complex)
    For example the archs are straight conic in a 15° angle to the vertical line, instead of bend towards eachother. But optically that makes no difference as soon as each angle is equal.

    For sure i still need some weeks for this but i will keep this thread updated. Except i lose my mind