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    I recently got a new MacBook Pro (latest version), and downloaded/set up Rising World for Macs. Even though Java 8 is installed as well as the latest JDK, whenever I click on the application, it just gives the message "No compatible version of Java 1.7 is available." when I go ahead and launch it. I just can't figure it out...
    How would I go about solving this issue?

    I remember watching Sam Gladiator when I was younger. Didn't realize he was this immature, though, especially given how old he is. He's really not a good fit for the Rising World community, which I've found to be starkly different from the Minecraft community in its maturity and friendliness. I think Rising World does have too much in common with Minecraft, even if that's what sort of defines the sandbox genre. It should probably distinguish itself more in the mechanics of the game, like maybe moving away from voxel? The detail and reality of RW is obviously a big difference, too. Calling it a Minecraft ripoff is a stretch even if Minecraft is a huge influence.

    Just like the latest minecraft update with the villager raiding

    I stopped playing Minecraft when they starting updating everything and recreating the game itself (thanks, Microsoft). Minecraft was a game that was amazing in its simplicity, and I know I'm not the only one who holds that belief. Rising World can totally do something like this, though, since it's a game that's fun to play because of its detail and realistic style. Hostile NPCs would be an amazing addition!