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    Love the working stove lol, Some of the shenanigans we've been up to on our server! I will blueprint the house once it's finished with all decorative in place. When I first started the game I was addicted to other peoples blueprints and without them I wouldn't have known what was possible. Any descent place is NOT easy to build. Kudos to all you builders out there! Thanks for the inspiration :) We have quite a few great builders on our server making some fantastic things, <3 you all!

    Hi all! Come get creative :) We have object protection, world protection and block placer. We also have a discord channel for keeping in touch with links and announcements and any chat related to the server. Found the game around a week ago and within an hour bought a server.

    Discord info is:
    Server name: Chillada

    The last week or so has been a crash course of the game lol. Trouble makers will be banned(i've had practice!)Claiming areas near other players builds will be removed with no warning. The map is huge, do not claim land next to another player! We want just a fun environment for all. We have a few loyals already that are building amazing homes and this is what we encourage.

    Liscio 8)

    This looks like it will work quite well for our server but I have a couple questions... so upon install the waypoints are disabled right? So this will mean the only working functions are the home and sethome(i hope this is true) The other thought was how does this work with the bed and dying? Lets say I have done /sethome but go out exploring and bring a tent with me and place it down and sleep does it interfere with the GPS's home waypoint?

    Ideally when out exploring way far from home it would be nice to have a temporary camp to respawn at in case of death so items can be retrieved but when all finished exploring be able to hit /home to go home? We don't want wp's enabled because of the possibility of people just jumping to players when not wanted.

    Thanks 8o

    Here is my first made blueprint. It is a inground pool with blue lights, water and steps. Only Issue with placing is you have to jump in remove terrain around the edges for whatever reason. Have grabbed a few great blueprints from here since I started and wanted to toss at least something in :)


    I am quite new to the game but so far I can't tell if the game has bed spawn and a sleeping bag spawns. This way you can have your home spawn always but be able to go on big adventures and be able to bring say a sleeping bag with you in case you die. If you have placed your sleeping bag then you can choose to respawn at home or at your sleeping bag. I apologize if this has already been suggested but wanted to bring it up :thumbup: . Now you guys that are making these plugins could also maybe make a sleeping bag plugin not sure :D Anyways thanks for reading!

    So I have found a trouble maker on our server and banned him but him kept coming back in after changing his name. I did track him down and now have his steam id but am not sure where to ban his id at. Will keep looking but if anyone knows please let me know :D


    I found the culprit in the world.db file by accident and it wasn't who I thought. I was searching in there trying to find where my disabled bandits file was so I can turn them back on and stumbled across the little jerk lol. Was actually my first thought until I saw all those Severe and illegal state files. Now after going in and looking at the files again I see some with the regular players as well so all should be good.

    Now to just get the bandits back hahaha :thumbsup: I started another post for that.