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    Ah! Well, It was placed for some time in my cave before i exited the game because I went out later that night to try and find some Bandits lol. But not to worry! I just used console to spawn back what was missing, seemed fair to me :)

    Anyway, even though console commands fixed the issue, I just thought I'd mention it because it seemed like something worth mentioning <3

    and i didnt even realise that about the coal. hah!
    Well, i guess the case of the missing items will remain a mystery for now hahaha!


    Also huh... that is strange I mean, it doesnt happen every time, but i dont remember it happening at all before that update. curioser and curioser. I dont use any plugins or mods, I'm very happy with the game as it is and want to go as far as i can before even thinking about that stuff. Also a lot of the moddy stuff feels like things that will be added in future updates anyway and im willing to wait for the real deal!

    All Good Red, thanks so much for your reply, it's really sweet of you. Love your game so much!

    So hey! just a few little things I've noticed since todays update, nothing game breaking but I thought they were worth mentioning :)

    1. All the coal I had gathered was gone lol. (I think the shape of coal was changed? so maybe that has something to do with it)

    2. My anvil was also gone.

    3. When opening a workbench, or storage unit like a chest or barrel, I end up facing in some random direction once I close it.

    Again, nothing game breaking but just thought I'd say.

    Also really good job on the update Red. love it! :D

    Dindin: I'm glad to hear you like the game :) About your question: Unfortunately I can't say much about character creation yet... originally it was planned to have options to alter the shape of the body, but we haven't started working on this part yet. I'm not even sure if we will keep the old player models for the new version :D

    In the long run, we definitely want to offer as many options as possible when it comes to character creation (including being able to alter your body shape), but I'm not sure if all options will be available with the first release of the new version ;)

    oh wow! Thank you so much for letting me know, I really appreciate it! :D

    And no worries at all, I'm sure you will decide on the best way to go about it, as you have done with everything so far! And the long run is no issue either, I'm more than happy to wait :)

    yeah guys!

    More rugs in general! And Being able to mount the heads of any animal like you can the Moose atm would be great, and full sized mounts as well, of course! My trophie room is kinda empty atm hahaha :D

    Basically it is our intention to implement a skill/xp system, even though it will be an optional feature :) Originally our idea of a skill/xp system was to have a "learning by doing" approach, i.e. becoming more efficient in certain things (cutting trees, mining etc) simply by doing that.

    We really want to make sure that the skill/xp system will not be too grindy, but I understand that some people are not happy about this feature at all (that's why it will be optional)^^ There was a long discussion about that on Steam some time ago btw:…ns/0/1642041106369933741/

    I really like that this will be an option and I wish more games would make these types of things optional.


    Red51, I would just like to say I have clocked 98 hours in about one week of starting to play. I just cant stop playing now. I look forward to animal farming and all the rest you plan to add. Thank you for a wonderful game!

    I have one question, though, and I know it might seem petty, and I hope it hasn't been answered a thousand time before. It has to do with Character creation. I love that you added the female option, and I love that the one character can be played in all the worlds. But I was wondering if maybe you have plans to make the body type/form a little alterable? I do prefer playing as a female, yes, but I would also prefer that I/she didn't have (what I see to be) such broad and manly shoulders. As I said I know it's petty, but playing as a more petite female form would really be more identifiable to me, and I personally feel that rpg adventure survival games need this personalized sentimentality behind it.

    Thank you for reading, Red. I know you're busy :)