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A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!

    thanks for trying to help me. i'll have to call it a bust for the time being.

    since you mention a bug in the nvidia driver, i'm leaning more towards that as the culprit. another voxel game i play, 7 days to die, similarly will crash after a period of time. i tried that game under windows last night and both 7 days and rising world on windows 10 ran smooth as butter. the only commonality between them [besides voxel stuff] would have to be the driver.

    if i remember right, when i skimmed the nvidia experience panel i think the version number was higher than the linux one, but i just assumed it's because windows is the main focus of support. somewhere i have a ppa for nvidia drivers bookmarked, i'll have to try adding that and see if they have a newer driver prepackaged.

    as far as the mint repos are concerned my installed driver is:

    4.6.0 NVIDIA 435.21

    oh well. situations like this are precisely why i still keep windows around. thanks again. :thumbsup:

    hi red, actually it crashed again. i think the log basically will show the same error, but here's a paste link to the crash log that happened if you want to review it:

    note this crash happened after i made the args.txt along with the alternate garbage collector command you suggested. i also customized the memory option to use over 32 gigs of ram as well.

    i'll try replacing the jre in the game folder and see if that makes a difference.

    hi red, thanks for taking the time to help me. i forgot to mention earlier that while trying to troubleshoot the matter myself, i've taken steps to switch out from open jdk to oracle java on my linux mint install. i followed the steps here:…ubuntu-18-04-16-04-19-04/

    but from what i understand looking over the game directory, your game includes its own full java instance due to the current game engine correct? it doesn't refer to the java installed for/by the operating system? sorry if that's a dumb question, but i tried whatever i could think of the other night.

    anyways, i will try your suggestions and get back to you, thanks again.

    absolutely love this game and looking forward to the new version as well. :)

    edit: spent some time in-game and so far no crashes. does seem slightly jittery here and there but i might play around some more with memory and graphic settings to see if that helps further. i did use the command for the alternate garbage collector as well.

    also, last night after i made that post i did finally have a crash when running the game directly so it may not be steam? that was the first crash i had when running the game in that manner. i'll play some more tomorrow to see how it goes, too tired to play much right now.

    hello been playing this game lately on Linux mint 19.3 and it seems to crash at various times. this operating system is fully updated.

    hardware notes:

    1. i have 64 gigs of ram, which is on my motherboard's compatibility list
    2. i have my bios configured to run the memory at the advertised speeds
    3. i'm playing on the following system:

    things I've tried:

    1. i manually set memory in the launch options, no matter how much it doesn't seem to help. it will crash at some point.

    2. running rising world directly from the game folder seems to help, but then it's not using steam's launch options so it just uses default memory options. also have to have steam already running if doing this method. running directly seems to allow the game to operate seemingly without issue. i played rising world for several hours yesterday and no crash.

    3. i booted into windows 10 on the same machine and ran rising world through steam there and experienced no crashes and the game ran fine. did this under windows multiple times for stretches of several hours over the weekend.

    4. i'm actually using the i3 tiling window manager under Linux but even with logging into the cinnamon desktop environment [mint cinnamon is the Linux mint version i have installed] i still experience crashes so i don't think it's related to the desktop environment or window manager.

    things I've noticed:

    sometimes it seems pulse audio service has crashed. i was sometimes able to restart pulse audio and get the game running again. other times, the whole computer up forcing a reboot. not sure if all the instability is due to sound issues, i don't understand what i'm looking at when reading the crash log. i'm just using the onboard audio, which is realtek.

    things i have not tried:

    my Linux kernel is 5.0.0-37-generic, i haven't tried another kernel to see if that would help.

    crash log on pastebin:

    note: i have cleaned up my game folder a couple times due to multiple crashes. wished i kept some of the old logs, but i remember one mentioned something about bullet physics. i think i was digging in the dirt when that happened.

    as i said previously, it seems to run fine under windows so i'll play it there for now, but hopefully you can help me figure out what's wrong under linux.