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A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!

    I feel like one of the parts of the game that i liked the most was exploring, because it was a good way to find a nice place for a base and to just look at the nice landscape.

    I would like more flowers, trees, and bushes. There need to be more biomes, and i would really like some very rare biomes, like a rain forest or jungle, but when you find them they're massive, or possibly kinda small.

    I would really like a hidden skill (basically a multiplier) for your stamina, it should start off as worse stamina than you have right now, but if you run a lot it would slowly let you run longer without loosing stamina, or maybe you'd just regain stamina faster.

    Generally there is no end goal to the game, so i think i'd be nice if you could make one that isn't like "oh you have to do this," but more like "i want to find this rare bird," or "i needa find this rare biome." This is a sandbox, and I would like very sandboxy end goal options.

    I need to keep ranting about this, and i bet a lot of people who do play this game might think better is unnecessary, but one factor i'd say that's contributing to this game not being that large is clearly the terrible combat system of "wack" and "block". The bows i feel aren't random enough, but aren't bad. Literally my idea of a fun combat game is using bows and that's it... but really there isn't anything else that feels good to use. One of the issues ,for guns, is the graphics aren't that good, mainly the particle effects are nasty... ( i kinda like the bolt movement on the repeater rifle).

    Just would like some fun combat, so there is more to the game than just building, because building can get really old if it's the only thing that's in the game like right now.

    The point is each tool/weapon would be better depending on random chance and your skill, so you don't instantly get a mining drill and it's perfect.

    Generally it should be almost impossible, but still possible, to have a steel axe be as good as a chainsaw.

    The point is to have one or two birds around. I want a ton of wildlife but some that you have to look for a while to find, instead of knowing and seeing all the animals like right away.

    I would almost rather have this in the game than the new update, and i realllly want the new update, so i'd be very nice if you could at least try to implement something like this into the game.

    Clearly not as soon as the new update launches, but i want this so bad.

    I think in general there needs to be a ton of different animals, and i would like there to be some pets too maybe.

    The animal selection in the current version (pre-update) isn't terrible, but i feel like there should be like hundreds of different types. Would also be nice if, for example, a cow could be bigger or smaller randomly, and would give different amounts of food related to size.

    In general i'd love for there to be extremely rare animals, and certain animals should spawn in groups and some shouldn't, like say a fox shouldn't. Also i'd love for you to just remove the background bird sounds and like add birds because who doesn't like birds? Anyway the point is not to have like hundreds of animals in your view at all times, but to have a large variation for every biome, so you're always finding new animals.

    I would mainly like tropical birds in a like rain forest biome, fish in a river, lake, and ocean (i don't know fish, but you could make it so a real fish comes up and bites the lure when fishing), and frogs near rivers, ponds, and lakes (maybe a new marsh biome?)

    I love this game, and it needs combat, but i do think this could greatly improve the experience, and make it a bit more interesting if you found some insanely rare animal.(mabye an animal book that charts all the animals you've seen? I would love that.)

    The main idea is that i would like it to take some time to get a good sword instead of just making a random perfect one. I mean you should be able to melt you sword down to iron again, but it should take some time and possibly some skill to be able to make a really good sword.

    I think i'd like to have both options in the game, and maybe i'd be nice if you could put a car frame on top of the re-sizable object.

    Main thing i want is customization to the person, and the ability to make rides at a theme park.

    I think i'd be nice if there was a better combat system, like one were you swing your sword by left clicking and dragging, an block by right clicking and dragging. So if you look up, hold left click, and drag down you'd be doing a downward slash. It could be set so you could only attack like 4 different ways, like downward slash, slash from right to left, slash from left to right, and a jab. Each attack should take different amounts of time and do a different amount of damage. I think one thing that rising world is missing that a lot of people who are younger don't like about it is the lack of combat, and the combat there is isn't fun besides maybe a bow. If you added this then it would make the game so much better for pvp servers, and maybe.

    I don't know how hard this would be to implement, but i really want this in the game, more than any of my other suggestions (besides the non-grounded objects maybe and that would be more of an equivalent)

    Just in general the main things i think the game is missing (pre-update) is quality fun pvp, non-grounded objects, proper lighting, good terrain, and sword forging. Now some of these things are going to be fixed like lighting and terrain, but i think this game would be perfect if you added better combat and sword forging.

    This game already has amazing building, probably the best building game i know, so if you added better combat i don't think you'd get a lot more players, mainly the ones that only really like pvp.

    I really like the axe idea, but should be toggle able, like if you want an easy to hard start, due to some people just wanting to spawn with an item.

    I also do want jewelry, coins, and the animal breeding system, but some things like fast travel i feel kinda pull away from the semi realistic vibe.

    I really would like this game to have weapons that you forge instead of craft or find. Generally you'd just craft it at a sword station with a mold, and the iron. It would take some time and depending on the mold, iron, and random luck, you'd get a good or bad sword. A good sword might do more damage or be more durable, but i kinda would like it that some swords might break if they're not of good quality.

    Also there could be some sort of hidden skill modifier, so if you make a lot of swords they're going to be better. I do like how rising world is suppose to be similar to real life, er well more than some games, and i don't think i'd be good to show people their skills, but i think i'd be nice for them to know they exist. Also possible one for cutting down trees or mining, and the more you mine the faster you mine.

    The whole point is realistically if you were mining for a while you'd be better at mining.

    Ok and last thing, a lot of this was me just slapping down ideas so a lot of that's going to sound very jumbled, i can clarify it if anyone asks.

    I saw that you were going to change the GUI from the wood to something a bit more modern, but i think some people might like the idea of having a wood one, including myself. I like the feeling of nature that the wood GUI contributes too, and i do think a new one wouldn't be bad but i really would like an option to have a new wood one.

    I think it would be interesting to add a re-sizable frame which have collision with the ground that you can build on. You would be able to put pre-built items on it like wheels, (without engine no movement) engine, and a steering wheel. The point of this is so if you want to you could make your own car or other movable object, but i would mostly like to be able to make custom ride cars for like a theme park, so i would like a way for them to link together too. So in theory you could also make a custom train with this.

    Also, i think you should be able to link wheels on the ground to some sort of engine or motor so that you can generally make something like a chain lift with wheels.