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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    Hello there folks! I have been playing around with the static model plugin. At this time, it only supports a single texture for models, but a lot of cool 3d models have multiple textures/materials (example: Laptop has textures for the keyboard, case, screen). Does anyone know a program on how to combine multiple textures to just one single file instead of numerous files so it would be compatible with the plugin? And if so, could anyone tell me how?

    Hello all!
    So as most of us know, we have the amazing plugin allowing us to import custom 3D models and placing them in game! (Example: StaticModelLoader)

    I absolutely love everything about this plug-in, but a very limiting problem exists when a model has more than 1 texture. Take a stove for example, it will usually have a texture for the range, another one for the body, and another one for the buttons/knobs. But in its current state, the plugin only supports ONE of those textures so you get one funky looking stove.

    Does anyone know of/know how to create something for this plugin that allows for multiple textures? I have ZERO knowledge of any coding/writing and dont even know where I would begin. If not, is it possible to edit the model in blender or something to combine all the textures into one? Thank you in advance for any help!

    Hello there.
    Did anyone figure out a way to have muliple texture support? Most electronic and appliance custom models have 2 or more textures to look proper. If we could figure that out, a door would be opened to SO much more potential!

    I know this may be a VERY long shot with how old this thread is but I really want to try.
    When I bring the model up into the menu, it shows up, rotates...all that jazz and I can place it. But I cant manipulate it. F key just gives me a java error thread and nothing happens. Can one of you tell me if this mod was killed by an update? Thank you in advance!