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    Kill animals and loot there

    Skin and use for
    Fur Armor (boots, coat, hat, etc..) from animals all parts maybe for snow areas makes shoveling unnecessary when you have this on, cause you can run in snow but since its weak your defense is down and leaves you vulnerable
    Masks - Animal head masks that can be put on the hat area and would look like the animal head would be mostly for fun (could be weak but have bonuses such as better luck when looting or something for each mask)
    Craft with fluff/cotton for stuffed animal statues
    add lumber and fluff to make wall mount head
    Animal skin rugs

    Bones and use for
    Bone club weapon
    Bone armor (Use a lot of bones)
    spears heads, arrow heads + sticks for full weapon
    Bone Bow
    Skull Club

    Thats all I got for now ;P

    aha yah!!! I was tring to remember a movie that had something like that in it, that's what it was xD

    but hay it would be also a cool Easter egg for the game

    Ok so your walking and you come across a rare black bunny your like "what I have never seen one of these before" so you get close It screams high pitched and its face changes to red eyes and fangs and fur spikes up and runs fast and attacks you and since its so small and attacks legs you can't block it (if you add shields and stuff). can kill it with a bow from a distance in 1 shot with a bow if its still calm if miss it comes after you 0.0


    cool, or instead of seasons could make a Mountain biome with snow peaks on them and big foot monsters or abominable snowman or even just angry snowmen lol. Could be good loot at tops of some mountains making the slow scary journey worth it and if there is nothing maybe you could see a peak that does have a little camp to raid

    just simpler ideas

    Ok BIG idea here, This would be a perfect update for December

    Winter - make it snow for a season maybe like 60 days in game or something out of like 365 days would be cool, aslo could be a cold factor to the survival part later where we need to build fire.

    Snow - add a thin layer of snow like 1/3 of a blocks height to the ground and make it a bit slower to walk in. "like real life -_-"

    Snow Shovel - swings fast like the rake and removes snow from ground and adds snow (Item) to inventory. Snow removal lasts maybe for 3-5 days in game

    Snow (Item) - Craft Snowmen, Small Ice Hut, Cook into water (for the survival part), snow balls (X5 for 1) could do very little damage (Would be so fun with friends), Ice/snow blocks...All of these things melt when snow leaves

    I put lots of thought into this xD to much time at work lol

    Just thought of somewhat of a idea Rope that you can use by attaching to a surface with a pin and lower self down into areas with a key, Example you know thos big holes in the map well sets say you put a pin in the ground right beside it and then press "E" n it, ok then walk into the hole you fall maybe a foot in till the default rope length is used up then by holding a key lets say "L" for lower it will slowly lower you down. once you hit the bottom you could touch the rope with "E" and the rope will detach it's self from you and hang there. Then when your done you grab the rope again and Raise self up with lets say the "R" key to the edge till you can just see the pin in the ground and by pressing "E" it puts you back on the ground where the pin is (since you can't grab edges).

    I just thought of this idea now so any better ways to run this post a comment

    Some cool use's
    Exploring Caves
    Secret areas in Dungeons on can get to with this or building a block stairs for a long time
    Explore "Hell" - Yah that's right I seen it down there :whistling:
    Get down from steep cliff
    if being chased by monster find a hole and lower self and wait till it goes away...unless they will fly then your probably screwed