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    I had like potatoes all over the place and they just kept hanging mid air for hours, so I did not see that happening. But thanks for info I guess I have to look at some setting for how long I allow items to be laying around, remember I changed that because they kept loosing there tools, but that is some time ago, so I'll goo dicking, anyhow thanks.

    And by the way I have 3 sons the from 3-11 years old that I play the game with just if anyone wondered why I got annoyed about the potato's, and by the way it get extra fun if you replace potato with the cooked chicken name.

    I anyone tries this and get frustrated about the potato mess all over the place, I have created a potato cleaner can be added by adding these lines to the original right after the impulse:

            PotatoCleaner potatoCleaner = new PotatoCleaner(projectile);
            Timer killProjectile = new Timer(1, 2, 0, potatoCleaner);

    And create a in the same folder as original source file with :

    package net.risingworld.api.example.customitem.gun;

    import net.risingworld.api.objects.WorldItem;

    public class PotatoCleaner implements Runnable{
        private WorldItem potato;
        public PotatoCleaner(WorldItem pota)
    potato = pota;
        public void run()

    Basically it creates a timer that destroy the potato after a 2 count.

    Is there a way to change insulation of a given clothing item in the API I have been looking at several approaches but apparently not the right one, am I hitting the right conclusion that it is not possible at current time?