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    Tygershark , gelöschtes kannst du aber auch mit dem Befehl "Undo" über die Konsole wieder herstellen.

    The "Undo" is such a nice feature and such a lifesaver!

    Just press the ~ key and type "undo".

    (It even comes in handy for say...when you're painting and can't quite get the piece that you want to paint up underneath the top break off the one block...paint what was under it...and then press ~ and type "undo" the piece below/under it is painted and you get the piece you broke off back in its original spot.) :D

    Well, I feel like the main character in a TV after school very special episode. If you grew up in the US during the 70's you know what I mean.

    The one where a valuable lesson was learned that day. I learned one must exercise caution when constructing for blueprints so as not to get

    walls, floors, the blueprint. Which I'm sure everyone else learned a long time ago, no better way to learn but by mistake. Here's my

    bookcase sans walls, etc.

    I have made so very many mistakes over the years. I've learned from each and every one of them. Once, a mistake took me almost a complete month to fix!!!!! Of course, I didn't know about the F7 I removed every single last piece by one piece... for so many days...I thought I'd pull my hair and eyes out. But finally...victory was accomplished. :D

    Greetings Tygershark,

    I have a question, I hope this not an inappropriate place to ask. How are you able to achieve such intricate detail? I mean some of the components are quite thin/tiny.

    The items I'm able to crate in-game are pretty bulky. Is there another program or plugin that can be used to make some of these fantastic creations that I'm seeing?

    I apologize if this is a basic question and/or not the place to ask, but I could not find an answer in the forum. Probably due to not knowing how to phrase the question

    for a search engine.

    Thank you

    This is definitely not an inappropriate place to ask. And to answer your question. I'm so used to building the way I did in the Java Version of the game. I love to work in such small intricate details.

    When you have the block that you want to use in your hand-

    (I normally just type in the command for the size that I want...if I already have my measurements ready. For example: Press the ~ key and type: size 1 1 1 and then Enter key.)

    But if I do not have my measurements already ready...there is this:

    -Hold the Right Shift key down...and use the arrows up, down, left, and right.

    -Also, there is the Right Shift key and the + and - keys.

    -Or even the Right shift and page up and page down keys.

    There is another method one can use also...(I'm not currently in game, so I'm going by memory here...) You can always blueprint what you create...then shrink it down. But be careful...because if you shrink it down too loses pieces. So, what I do to keep that from happening...Is I blueprint...shrink only to about half size.... blueprint it...then continue repeating the process until you get the size you want with all the pieces still intact on the blueprint.

    Perhaps, I'm forgetting something because I'm not currently in game...but this here will get you started. :D

    I absolutely adore this bookshelf. You know, there is beauty in simplicity. And, to me...simple is marvelous! This one...I'll add in my Church I'm working on. It will fit just perfectly in the office section. Thank you so much. :wow::wow::wow:

    This is absolutely beautiful! You did excellent. We all have to start from the beginning. My first building was a complete block house. Keep at have potential! :love: :) :D


    Normally, I would separate the blueprints individually...Yet, this time...I kept it as just one a complete look. Of course, one can separate them as they wish and do with them as they wish. Enjoy...and as always...Take care!

    The image I am using for this set is another part of my beautiful world that I will share for everyone. Use as you wish. I will also post it with another post I did some days back of images from my world that I am sharing with everyone.

    Here is the actual set look:

    And up close at the wall candle decor:

    And a darker lighting view:

    (For the frame of the picture...I am actually only using the "Wood frame" muntins type B I.D. 134. And for the flower holders...I am using the wooden barrel open.)

    Thank You so much Riotvision! I just absolutely love your bikes...I have the whole entire set of them...and wanted to give them some attention. I have very many ideas in store for them. Thank You for such beautiful works! :D :D