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    I agree Withe Avanar, calculating each drop would be nearly impossible but using a blocks (or in this situation Blobs) of water might be a better solution. Obviously it will not be exactly like real water but a close approximation. I am glad that it is being considered.

    Thank you all for your responses.

    Hello every one,

    Sorry for my ineptitude, I am an electrical Tech and not much of a programmer. I do know some of what it takes to write code, so I am very grateful for those of you that are writing the plugins. Having said that... Has anyone tried to fix the issue with water yet. Even if it were to find the lowest point in an unbroken stream. I think that it would be awesome to have steams and rivers and waterfalls.

    I hope I am not stepping on any ones toes here.

    Hallo zusammen,
    Entschuldigung für meine Unfähigkeit, ich bin ein Elektrotechniker und kein großer Programmierer. Ich weiß, was es braucht, um Code zu schreiben, daher bin ich denen von Ihnen, die die Plugins schreiben, sehr dankbar. Abgesehen davon ... Hat jemand schon versucht, das Problem mit Wasser zu beheben. Auch wenn es den tiefsten Punkt in einem ununterbrochenen Bach finden sollte. Ich denke, es wäre großartig, Dämpfe und Flüsse und Wasserfälle zu haben.

    Ich hoffe, ich trete hier keinem auf die Zehen.

    P.S. translation performed by google translate.. I really hope that it was translated correctly.:D

    Thank you so much for your understanding. YES it works!!!!! Thank you so much. It was tacking me days in actual time to travel back & forth from the desert to the other side of the world. This is a game changer. :-) :D:D:D:D<3<3<3 you are a :saint:

    I realize that I am a complete noob but perhaps you can tell me if if this will work on Window 10.

    I have tried everything that I can think of and cannot get it to set a target.

    For example portal 4 is named PIT (for simplicity) I have tried /portal settarget Portal_IDNo and nothing happens.

    I have tried every combination that I can think of and nothing. Starting to get very depressed and discouraged.

    Any help that you can give would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and consideration

    I am not a programmer, so I'm not certain if it is even possible or not but is there some way the you can treat the placement of the pan the same as a plank with the same ability to change the size somewhat? and what about the possibility of making a griddle cooking surface? That way you could cook in the pan or strait on the griddle.

    I do apologize:D if this is to far fetched or way to much coding.:thumbup: Please keep up the Great work and thank you.

    P.S. The eggs are tasty!!!!:drooling: