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    i was thinking it earlier and the best solution i can suggest is having world options. im not against any of the modern inventions being in the game but for me it does fell off for a wilderness survival game. i also mentioned in discord that magic and technology are hard to mix together. so again, world options seem to be the best choice to suit everyone. one more thing i wanted to know is what the ideal way to implement magic would be? i was theorizing about a tool enhancement system similar to minecraft, potions or alters where you offer items to do things such as change the time of day / weather. these are just ideas

    ive noticed most survival building games usually dont go too far technology wise. i wanted to know what the rest of you think about adding high end technology in to the game and where you draw the line. im trying to get an idea for the setting the game is going for and honestly, i dont think even red51 is too sure where he wants it at. i mean when he started talking about adding magic to the game (which im not against) it gave me the impression that no one really knows where the game is going. also im curious to see what yahwho in particular has to say about this since his server is entirely medieval based

    just in case some of you werent aware, red51 has "promised" an update by late march or april as an absolute latest in the german forum so it turns out either the update will be closer than i expected or the translation is miserably wrong and im misinformedunknown.png