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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    Hi there!

    Hi there! I'm hosting a LAN game (New version Preview) through ZeroTier (Hamachi competitor; Hamachi is kinda buggy on Linux). I'm also fairly sure ZeroTier is working since I can host a simple HTTP server on my computer and he can successfully connect to it with my ZeroTier IP.

    My Friend (in the screenshot) is getting this error. Any idea what this means? I have the standalone version; he's on Steam, is there no cross-play possible? (We can both join public servers, though.)

    I click the "Open for LAN" and give him my IP address; he then observes the following:image.png

    Also, on his side, he can't see the "Open for LAN" and instead sees the "Play with Friends" option; is there a way he can host the LAN game?