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  • Neowolf1978 -

    gibt es eine konsolen-liste für die dungeon-objekte? bin gerade dabei mir eins zu basteln und da würden die objekte hüpsch reinpassen...danke im voraus


    Wann kommt das nächste Update

  • Minivan Man -


  • Bogus -

    So hab mal ein request abgesetzt bei LinuxGSM, denke das wäre echt die halbe Miete, wenn RW da supportet würde ;D

  • WurmliTV -

    Hey @red51, kannst du mir bitte verraten wie ich mein Texturenpack in Rising World erstellen kann? Wäre lieb von dir

  • migdyn -

    Could you take a look a this?

  • mrorgonian -

    I posted in rising world about friends playing my game on my other three comps and my boys
    stealing stuff. all the crew said i had to buy another copy thats cool.... with me i love this game and u....
    my problem is steam. I set a steam accountindividually for my boys, all three boys received a discount for the game
    for purchase for 11.24 cents us if purchased on steam thats not fair in my eyes. you do all the damn work
    and they are stiffing you. or i feel they are!!!!! this is a great game you and yagiggles and jingles and i cant even
    begin to mention the ppl that has helped me with the game... we love u....steam is downgrading the game
    by giving it as a damn discount you should charge 30 bucks after i get the other 2 games for my three boys loll.......
    do it now demand more money please......

  • Captian_Cornball -

    could youu help me with loging onto the stats. It does't like my username or Password, yes I used "bleckman"

  • Pit120 -

    Bedanke mich für die Info, über mein Problem, Domi hat mir dann geholfen, um die Update s auf zuspielen.

    Jetzt läuft Rising World wieder. Danke Red.

    Gruss Pit 120

  • twowildandcrazy -

    hey red i really do like the game u have made here and i like to get in touch with you about some ideas i do run the 2 largest server for ur game and adding a lot more people to it every day but most of them are new to the game

    • zfoxfire -

      you may want to post a new thread in the suggestions section. Red doesn't really check this page often.

  • ReLMayor -

    Hi Red51, I recently purchased Rising World from Steam, and I have to say that I do really like the game and the concept behind the game. However there are some issues. Sometimes the Maps blank themselves when going between a single player game and a single player game that has been opened to LAN. I tried to breed the cows, using instructions on another post, and could not breed them. I attempted to corral them and they all escaped and disappeared.

    Also what can we do with the stuff we are collecting? Once the various tools and things are made there is nothing left to use the ingots and things, also are we going to be able to make things with the pumpkins, as they really do not serve a purpose in the game? Maybe some recipes to use the veggies and fruits with?

    I have also been collecting a ton of leather are we going to be able to make Armor? We have Armor slots but I have not been able to make any armor.

    I apologize for all these questions and concerns.

    • zfoxfire -

      This upcoming update should allow us to do more with the stuff we have collected. The problem is that currently armor and clothing does not exist and tools do not break. The new player models come out tonight so there should be a lot of new stuff like clothing, tools, and weapons to go with them. Eventually trains will come so I imagine at that point we will be running out of iron quite frequently :D A seperate cooking update is planned so recipes will be a thing and food will spoil.

      The hitboxes on animalsstill needs some improvement

  • Palacost1 -

    Hey Red51 is there a way to add different languages to a server, like french etc?

    • zfoxfire -

      There's not yet official support for languages other than English or German. It will likely be addressed after the game is released. For now, there is a procedure to modify the language file for all the messages. You have to basically open a jar file and edit a text file and then repackage the jar. Sadly its more of a hack than a proper mod. I can't remember the procedure but its on these forums somewhere.

    • Palacost1 -


  • agiser -

    hi red51

  • lenko -

    Schau mal bitte Steam :)

  • MandyBluestar -

    Hello. I love Rising World, but I am having a problem with Blueprints. Community has tried to help me but nothing seems to work. I am hoping if you get some spare time if you could take a look at my post:…ing-up-in-game/#post53681

  • noci -

    Past alles, mach du das Update. Ich und PatrickBronke haben uns schon zusammen gefunde, solange ich ihm noch weiter helfen kann, alles gut ^^.

  • c1arefable -

    Hey Red, I'm finding the images on the forums take forever to load, and often time out. I'm not sure if this is just the fault of the rubbish Australian internet infrastructure here or if something is wrong with the way the forum is handling uploaded images?

  • rabbit52 -

    sorry to contact you directly but I was hoping you could help us with the problem shown on this thread..

  • Christian66 -

    Hallo Jungs,
    ich habe Rising World vor kurzen entdeckt, es ist der Hammer ihr habt euch wirklich große Mühe
    gegeben ich bin fasziniert.
    Die Grafik toll, das Crafting auch super ein paar Kleinlichkeiten aber jeder hätte gerne das eine oder
    andere im Spiel :).
    Eines bekomm ich aber nicht gebacken ich habe ein tolles Fleckchen gefunden wie ein Talkessel
    mit kleinem See usw. ich habe den See vergrößert und gestaltet ein Fehler ist mir unterlaufen ich
    spiele im Survialmode nur zum Teraforming gehe ich in den Creativmode ich habe den erweiterten
    See mit Wasser gefüllt und übers Ziel geschossen nun sind die Wiesen überflutet wie bekomme ich
    das Wasser wieder weg?
    Könnt ihr mir einen Tipp geben

    Danke im Voraus
    Grüße aus Wien

  • agiser -

    What will happen in the new update

  • .einherjer -

    Hey red, ich mache immer mal wieder gerne Pause vom Spiel und lasse mich dann überraschen was so neues da ist. Jetzt hatte ich gut ein halbes Jahr Pause und ich muss sagen es ist überwältigend. Tolle Arbeit die ihr da macht! Eines der wenigen Spiele wo seltener Updates kommen im Early Access und daher immer toller zu sehen, das eins da ist - freue mich dann immer wie ein kleines Kind und schaue gleich mal was neu ist. Gibt es schon einen Zeitpunkt etwa, wann Wasser fließt?

  • InfinityDaniel -

    Hey can you help with my post about problems with the game.

  • Silverridge -

    hi red

    hab folgendes problem. da in unserem server mom viel gearbeitet wird weil ein punkte- und einkaufsystem eingebaut werden soll ist es nicht immer möglich
    dort zu bauen. oftmals is unser server wegen der umbauten down. ich wollte gern an meinem projekt im sp weiter arbeiten. nun hab ich ein blueprint vom bau gemacht und wollte ihn im sp einsetzen. jetzt streikt alles. das meiste vom bau fehlt und einige teile haben sich an anderer stelle hingesetzt. ist es möglich im sp größere projekte mit
    einmal zu löschen? mit meiner spitzhacke wär ich ne woche dran alles wieder abzureissen.

    gruß silver

    p.s. bisher hatte ich keine probleme meine blueprints zu setzen...egal wie groß sie waren. gibt es eigtl. ein limit in sachen größe?

  • stevem3bii -

    sorry on my spellings I'm dyslexic

  • stevem3bii -

    its ok red I dynamited it its gone but need some thing that does not blown ground to lol all fixed for now

  • stevem3bii -

    hi red is there any way of removing a build that is wrong I have to axe it been on it hours and got days work to remove it any way you can make a tool to remove large build as some blue prints are not on ground level the float
    many thanks

  • stevem3bii -

    I love this game red the best I have played in years my wife and daughter play to we are making a town with all the great blueprints and some of our own as not as artistic as some here but we are learning and getting better all the best and keep up the fantastic work your updates are slow but well worth the wait as when they out they are great we gifted it to a friend to in the usa he is still trying to learn his way around

  • crimsonknight93 -

    hello red i am a fan of the game. i would like to ask that in one of your up coming patches you would consider adding a mechanic that adds a pop up after every patch/update to tell us what was added removed or changed. would be helpful as to not have to search it out on the forums. i have other ideas and will slowly pass them to you over time if you have a way i can message you about them. thanks for your time and the fun game.

  • Hookney -

    risingworldx64.exe not working since todays update. Is anyone else having this problem. I am operating on win 10.

  • LTDan -

    Hello red51 I'm posting today to spread the word that I have started a Rising World Face Book page. So we can chat about things and show off our builds. I really enjoy the game and am wanting to spread the word about it and was shocked that there wasn't already a page on it. So I started one I'm sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes. I just want more people to play. The page name is just Rising World. At the moment I'm the only admin but as soon as I get more people on the page I'll assign others. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact me on here of FB.