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  • Redeye -

    Hello Red, I was able to get shadowplay up and running yesterday. So When I said that I had that problem with the scaffolding disappearing I had. But When I downloaded the Shadowplay I had to restart my pc. WIll I had not restarted and I had not had the update that you had released yet. Since I have updated I have not seen any issues with the disappearing act of items. I will keep recording when doing things with boxes and inventory for the next few days just to make sure. But I do believe that it is fix now. I played for another 5 hrs last night and had no issues.
    Thanks !!! Was great having you stop by the server. :)

  • Lilli -

    Hi Red, I am not all that computer literate (my husband is but usually very busy) I posted a game problem a couple of days ago and you graciously left instructions on how to report them to you (thank you)

    My game crashed sporadically. I did the report thing before I closed the game . report_1553226691987.log!
    after closing the game and then trying to log back in it would not allow me to as the game was still running. (they also had all kinds of instructions regarding I should let someone know about that incident.

    Here are 2 more reports from today of the typical problems we are having.
    report_1553208075874.log Last night I quit the game on my horse. I logged in today and was under the horse in the ground. I could not interact with the game. I logged out and logged back in and found myself deep in the ground and then I died. I logged back in again. Not sure where in this scenario that I did the report but I hope that finds something for you.

    report_1553209436715.log this one is an aggrivating problem. The boards could not be manipulated while building. This happens fairly regularly and the only fix I have found is leave the game and come back.

    Hope this is enough If you need my husband to get into the server logs for anything just let me know and I will get what you need.

  • Tyrolianer -

    Hallo Red51

    wo kann ich den auf meinem Server die Erzvorkommen erhöhen?
    Aktuell sind die glaube ich auf hoch, hätt die aber gerne auf sehr hoch.
    In der konfig hab ich nichts gefundn :)

    Danke im voraus :)

  • noci -


  • WegenerCT -

    Hallo Red... Ich hätte da einen Wunsch für das Game RW... Erst mal Danke für das so tolle Game! Es hat so viel Potential!!! Ich mag nur folgenden vorschlagen: 1. Schienentransportsysteme zu Rohstoffförderung zB 2. Vielleicht eine Art Rollenspielmodus zb für OnlineServer 3. Elektronische Systeme für Automatisierungen wäre auch toll Kabel herstellen Maschinen die man dann selber bauen könnte. 4. Autos oder Fahrzeuge. OMG Ich hätte so viele Vorschläge - Liebe Grüße Stefan RW Fan und Unterstützer!

  • knight44 -

    I had a radeon 290 it worked great. Than all of a sudden it would crash at the title. Computer would restart. Before the crashes my card would heat up real fast. Then I installed a older not as powerful video card and the game works fine no crashes. Then I decided to upgrade my video card to rx580. Today it still crashes at the title screen. It seems right after the id picture comes on. I don't know if it is a directx issue or steam issue. Steam been updating a lot I don't know if it is because of a new update from steam. I have a server going called knight world and I haven't been able to get on. Thanks.

  • Pounce22 -

    Hello Red am one of the many fans of your game and today i finally rented a server through Zap-Hosting..I wonder if you can assist looking at the config file and am not able to set myself up as either an admin or owner....the server shows up on the server list name is ASGARD rising world...i tried to set up the folder rising world server on my laptop but dont know how to add files to it.....any help would be greatly appreciated...

    • Pounce22 -

      i did manage to set my steamid under admins in the config file but still it didnt work..

  • schnitzel92 -

    Hallo red51,

    da es so viele Beiträge gibt, die Ihr kaum alle lesen könnt, habe ich einen Thread aufgemacht, wo die Ideen gesammelt werden.

    Thread: Ideen und Fehler (gesammelt) wird Aktuell gehalten! :) 2018

    Zurzeit stöbere ich noch durch die anderen Threads und sammel die Vorschläge/Ideen ein. Hoffe das erspart euch ein wenig Arbeit :)

    Wenn eine Idee umgesetzt ist, wird sie als erledigt markiert.

    Gruß schnitzel92

  • Popeye57 -

    Hi Red51
    I noticed in one of the post Deidre mentioned the "size command" to make wood even smaller, my question is how do i use this command ? For example i made a woodbeam the smallest in diameter then when i enter size 1 1 10 it becomes the size of a brick and in full length instead of making it smaller. I have searched the forum in variest wording but could only find the one.
    P.S. Thank you again for helping me solve the Play with friend, my brother and I love it now even more.
    Please help

  • SocialModo -

    Hallo Red,
    ich wollte einen Thread im Bereich blueprints aufmachen. Beim Einfügen des zweiten Bildes, lud die Website ununterbrochen und ich konnte auf der Website nichts mehr machen. Ich habe den PC neu gestartet. Wenn ich nun einen neuen Thread im Bereich blueprints aufmachen möchte, scheint in der ersten Sekunde die Website normal zu funktionieren. Danach scheint automatisch mein angefangener Beitrag geladen zu werden. Ich kann dann wieder nicht mit der Website interagieren.
    Kannst du mir diesbezüglich helfen?
    Viele Grüße

    Edit: Hat sich erledigt. Ich habe die Cookies gelöscht. Anschließend konnte ich einen tatsächlich neuen Thread aufmachen, ohne dass der vorher formulierte Text erschien. Beste Grüße SocialModo

    Edit: Zwar konnte ich einen neuen Thread aufmachen, aber ich konnte keine Bilder hochladen, auch nicht einzeln. Das Problem habe ich auch nochmal unter general help beschrieben.
    Wie kann das Problem behoben werden?

    • SocialModo -

      Dagoline hat mir eine andere Möglichkeit mitgeteilt, wie man die Bilder hochlädt (per Steam-Screenshot und als Anhang mit Vorschau hochladen). Das klassische Print und Strg-V funktioniert hingegen nicht. Für mich ist das Problem also gelöst.

  • Pit120 -

    Hallo Red,

    leider geht mit den Buchstaben p keine konsole mehr auf. In der Config habe auch den Eintrag nicht mehr gefunden, wo dieses geändert werden kann.
    Sonst finde ich das Update sehr gelungen. Danke. Hoffe Du kannst mir hier wieder helfen. Habe als System linux mint 17.3 wo auf ubunteo 14.04 basiert.

    Gruß Pit120

    • red51 -

      Hi, die Steuerung (auch die Belegung für die Konsole) kann im Einstellungsmenü (Einstellungen -> Steuerung) geändert werden :)

  • RisingSound -

    Hey :) Hab dir eine PM geschickt :)

  • v48e12 -

    hi red just wondering are you going to intergrate good bp's in the game in the future?
    i would love to see midian apear in some form in the deserts back in game

  • StaariZA -

    Hi Red! Sorry to bug you - please see STEAM message! ♥

  • Termex_CZ -

    Hi, when will the next updates ?

  • Neowolf1978 -

    gibt es eine konsolen-liste für die dungeon-objekte? bin gerade dabei mir eins zu basteln und da würden die objekte hüpsch reinpassen...danke im voraus


    Wann kommt das nächste Update

  • Minivan Man -


  • Bogus -

    So hab mal ein request abgesetzt bei LinuxGSM, denke das wäre echt die halbe Miete, wenn RW da supportet würde ;D

  • WurmliTV -

    Hey @red51, kannst du mir bitte verraten wie ich mein Texturenpack in Rising World erstellen kann? Wäre lieb von dir

  • migdyn -

    Could you take a look a this?

  • mrorgonian -

    I posted in rising world about friends playing my game on my other three comps and my boys
    stealing stuff. all the crew said i had to buy another copy thats cool.... with me i love this game and u....
    my problem is steam. I set a steam accountindividually for my boys, all three boys received a discount for the game
    for purchase for 11.24 cents us if purchased on steam thats not fair in my eyes. you do all the damn work
    and they are stiffing you. or i feel they are!!!!! this is a great game you and yagiggles and jingles and i cant even
    begin to mention the ppl that has helped me with the game... we love u....steam is downgrading the game
    by giving it as a damn discount you should charge 30 bucks after i get the other 2 games for my three boys loll.......
    do it now demand more money please......

  • Captian_Cornball -

    could youu help me with loging onto the stats. It does't like my username or Password, yes I used "bleckman"

  • Pit120 -

    Bedanke mich für die Info, über mein Problem, Domi hat mir dann geholfen, um die Update s auf zuspielen.

    Jetzt läuft Rising World wieder. Danke Red.

    Gruss Pit 120

  • twowildandcrazy -

    hey red i really do like the game u have made here and i like to get in touch with you about some ideas i do run the 2 largest server for ur game and adding a lot more people to it every day but most of them are new to the game

    • zfoxfire -

      you may want to post a new thread in the suggestions section. Red doesn't really check this page often.

  • ReLMayor -

    Hi Red51, I recently purchased Rising World from Steam, and I have to say that I do really like the game and the concept behind the game. However there are some issues. Sometimes the Maps blank themselves when going between a single player game and a single player game that has been opened to LAN. I tried to breed the cows, using instructions on another post, and could not breed them. I attempted to corral them and they all escaped and disappeared.

    Also what can we do with the stuff we are collecting? Once the various tools and things are made there is nothing left to use the ingots and things, also are we going to be able to make things with the pumpkins, as they really do not serve a purpose in the game? Maybe some recipes to use the veggies and fruits with?

    I have also been collecting a ton of leather are we going to be able to make Armor? We have Armor slots but I have not been able to make any armor.

    I apologize for all these questions and concerns.

    • zfoxfire -

      This upcoming update should allow us to do more with the stuff we have collected. The problem is that currently armor and clothing does not exist and tools do not break. The new player models come out tonight so there should be a lot of new stuff like clothing, tools, and weapons to go with them. Eventually trains will come so I imagine at that point we will be running out of iron quite frequently :D A seperate cooking update is planned so recipes will be a thing and food will spoil.

      The hitboxes on animalsstill needs some improvement

  • Palacost1 -

    Hey Red51 is there a way to add different languages to a server, like french etc?

    • zfoxfire -

      There's not yet official support for languages other than English or German. It will likely be addressed after the game is released. For now, there is a procedure to modify the language file for all the messages. You have to basically open a jar file and edit a text file and then repackage the jar. Sadly its more of a hack than a proper mod. I can't remember the procedure but its on these forums somewhere.

    • Palacost1 -


  • agiser -

    hi red51

  • lenko -

    Schau mal bitte Steam :)