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A new status update is available! It contains some screenshots comparing the lights and shadows in the new and old version.

  • zfoxfire -

    Hey man.. Trying to reach out to you. A lot has happened since that incident you experienced. Lots of people pissed off and left or were banned over some crazy drama originating from those two. Quite a few people got manipulated and burned by them and everyone has their own story to share. I always appreciated how passionate you were about this game and the community and how you wanted to share your code. I don't know precisely what I did to piss you off but I'd like to make things right somehow. We have quite a few new servers that popped up because of the craziness and we're all trying to work together and be a positive influence in the community. We'd like you to be involved in that effort. I have a few discord servers set up and I think you'd fit in well with our group. We all just want to have fun and work together. Anyways, PM me some time if you're interested.

  • Captian_Cornball -

    you have to Unblock me on Steam, or Steam doesn't like me\

  • joni909 -

    well now you have something else to add to your website *3D MODELS*

    • Chrisx84 -

      actually alot of things like 3d model sharing is coming but the 3d model sharing will be part of the main website im working on now.

  • ArcaneDesmond -

    Hi Chris I don't know Jack about code but hoping we could be buds. Later :)

  • yahgiggle -

    hi Chris are you interested in helping code. how good are you with lua ?