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A new status update is available! It contains some screenshots comparing the lights and shadows in the new and old version.

  • Xantequia -

    Sharkbite, do you make plugins?

  • Galochka -

    Hi, sharkbitefischer I can't find your server. Give IP or server Name

  • yahwho -

    Hi Sharkbitefischer, I've worked out how to do PvE on a PvP server. The problem (or difficulty) with doing PvP on a PvE server is that the damage (as far as I can tell) for each hit has to be programmatically set for each available weapon. . . I'm still looking into it though. Just keeping you in the loop ;)

  • noci -

    habs found, was due to the SprachAPI, with the new version it works

  • Deirdre -

    It's ok. Thank you.

  • Deirdre -

    So nice, but I'm actually playing on a server as an admin and with creative mode and survival was only for me and a friend to relax. But I still love the area on that server and your help would be very much appreciated if I'm planning to search for 2 more elephants. This was the only time I tamed 2 elephants and called them by name. :)

  • noci -

    that's right my server is not listed because it's only on when I'm at home.

  • sharkbitefischer -

    NP noci, I understand that you need time to compile the code. I plan to look around. Did you know your server does not show on the main server list?

  • noci -

    You can also look around on my server, I did not want to throw you out.