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    yes i was damned uncomfortable any human being would but was not forced to a dispute had ensued between you and another player i happened to be caught in the middle of it....so yes to resolve it all conversations were going to be seen and issue resolved but you took the cowards way out and tried to ruin the server and the community by bankrupting it...you nutter...and as soon as i learn other curse words i will use those as well. In the meantime kindly refrain from being such an uttter complete bore....try buying a life if you cant get one

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    Keep lying coyggy no one was forced to submit those discord conversations I AM THE PLAYER in question and NO ONE FORCED ME TO TURN THEM IN AND AM UPLOADING THEM HERE AS WELL without being forced by anyone. You were calling people who worked for you to earn credits in a game "SLAVES". Yeah that is why i will make sure even if am shamed you will not lie and abuse others further not in this game at any rate.