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  • Captian_Cornball -

    What are You talling about?/ i re-did everyon's area I did somoone's 5 times thats why I wa getting fustrated,

  • Juggernaut -

    Folks, this is what anger does to the brain. It makes you delusional thus falsely blaming the very people who help you. Please seek immediate professional help before ending up like Captain_Cornball. I'm leaving his comment on my wall as an example how life can be when you let anger dumb you down causing perpetual paranoia. This is how he routinely spoke to players on his server including me. I never deleted any of his buildings, in fact I finished and repaired many of them seeing he never completes anything he starts. Some people in life are not worth communicating with, I just hope this exchange helps somebody some day.

  • Captian_Cornball -

    i banned you because YOU kept deleting buildings I built. YOU are Discrespectful, you Can't accept an apoolgy, oiu kept going over me and douhg thing YOUR way, I know what I am Dong I an NOT stupid! i starrted the marketplace inb the new aea Only toi fibd it as replaced by YOUR Bulding.. All the Billboars were Deleted,,
    I can oly take SO MUCH