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    13.01.2017: Ein weiterer, kleiner Hotfix ( ist nun verfügbar!

    • [Script]Area Protection 3.0 NEW

      Ok guys i have once more updated this script

      now we can let area owners make there own areas inside the area they own, the area owner can also now add other player group besides just the Friend group

      New codes are
      /selectarea = select the area to protect this now works for non admins too
      /makemyarea areaname = the area name the Owner wants for his new area, note he must be inside his area for this to work and his area cannot overlap other areas this code auto adds the maker as the owner on making the area
      /addownertoarea Owner username = adding new owners to areas, so a Owner can add another user as a Owner and that owner has all the same rights, note its most likey best to add them as a Friend as Owners can remove there own areas oO maybe not good if they remove your area oO
      /removearea = now owners can remove there own area or areas inside there own area.
      /addshoppertoarea Shopper username = now a owner can add a user to a area he or she owns as a shopper, shoppers cant grief they can only take from chests
      /addlockouttoarea Lockout username = Owners can now ban a player who bugs them from there own area adding them as a Lockout it stops them from even been able to enter the area
      /addminertoarea Miner username = this can be used to make a mining area inside an area add the player as a Miner and thay cant grief buildings but they can dig the ground

      /showareas to visualize all existing areas
      /hideareas to hide all visualized areas
      /arealist lists all the areas defined
      /areatp2 will teleport you to the given area by name, make sure that you are flying when you use this!!!
      /areatp will teleport you to the given area by ID, make sure that you are flying when you use this!!!
      /showareainfo to show all members of an area with their groups
      /addplayertoarea to add a player to the provided group inside the area you currently are
      /removeplayerfromarea to unregister a player from the area you're standing in
      /selectarea to visualize all existing areas
      /createarea to save the area you have defined previously
      /removearea to delete the area you're currently inside
      /reloadgroups to reload all group propertyfiles
      /showareaplayerrights to show all members of an area with their rights
      /cleanuparea to remove all objects, constructions, vegetations and blocks from an area
      /fillarea to fill up an area with terrain or air

      Admin's can add all groups to any area they should add all players to an area as a Owner one owner per plot. Owners then can add the group Friend to his or her own area

      Admin = the Admin of all areas
      Guest = someone passing by
      Owner = the owner of the area the Admin has appointed
      Shopper = a group that can only take stuff from chests but do nothing else
      Lockup = allows you to lock a user to a area
      Lockout = allows you to lockout a user from going into a area
      Miner = a user that can only dig rock but cannot do anything else
      Friend = a user who is trusted they can build or do anything in a area you own Note: friends cannot add other friends to areas only the Owner can do this

      as with any script you use it at your own risk

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    • COHIBA schrieb:

      Thats cool thx. Sry for asking but im new to all this. Im setting up a ClanWar Server. (or trying to)

      Can i also set whole Group groups. ^^
      I.e. I have a Clan A and B

      Can i say Clan A (Group) is "shopper" in Clan Bs Basecamp (Area)? Or do i have to do this for every single player?

      Is it possible to add or remove the right to ATK (PVP) within Areas?

      Thx for your help
      Not with this script you would need a whole new script to do something like this but you could use the permissions Groups for such things you could just add the Group Clan A and B to that and set what ever rights you like, how ever you will need to add them to that group one by one hit ~ or ` and type setplayergroup ClanA Username

      to make the ClanA Group goto your permissions/groups folder and copy a group then rename it to Group ClanA.permissions

      then open it and edit the permissions

      they look like this

      chatcolor: 0xFFFFFF
      chatnamecolor: 0xFFFFFF

      - *
      fly: true
      pvp: true
      enabled: true
      maxupload: 100
      dimension: 2048
      use: false
      create: false
      - *

      for the group areas you then could use the protection script to make them each a area and add them to that area as one of the pre defined groups maybe Friend would be best if you don't want them deleting the area or making new ones

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      Real computer geeks are not happy with only one computer, that's why i own 6
    • so i will have to whait until there will be a new script (probably with the new api) to be able to set up roles for whole groups inside predefined areas. Its lika a combination of area protect and grouppermissions.

      Hopefully this wont be too much of a problem. Otherwise i dont see too bright future for what were setting up. Hmmm.

      Well we will see what future brings. Maybe some of you "scriptaholics" can visit us on our server once we set everything up. Maybe its easier to understand what im looking for. ^^

      Tabks a lot for your help anyway! You guys are great!

      Cheeers :thumbsup: COHIBA
    • So to clarify on the last question brought about groups, it is currently not possible to assign permission groups to protected areas, only users?

      I really hope this gets improved in the next version because I'm becoming a bit more fine-tuned with permissions now and want to be able to assign groups to certain common areas and not have to assign individual users to each individual space.
    • It would be cool to be able to toggle a whitelist and have only certain people be able to come in.

      So if this were implemented, a permission would have to be added that enables a group (ie. admin) to override whitelists. [overridewhitelist is a boolean variable]

      Of course this applies to everyone that isn't admin or people who don't have that special permission so they override a whitelist.

      Or if there were 3+ groups (Default, Admin, and some other group(s) higher or lower than admin) and if a higher privelaged group member sets a whitelist, only people with a higher number can override his/her whitelist
      [overridewhitelist is an integer variable]

      For example, if a server were to give donators a higher # for this permission, I was a donator, and I were to toggle on whitelist:
      People allowed:
      1. Any player in a group which has overridewhitelist as a higher # than my group
      2. People who are on the whitelist
      People denied:
      1. People not on whitelist and have a lower # than my group

      Side Note: I did repeat myself. But I tend to over clarify because you never know when someone might read a post wrong and interpret it wrong. I've done it a few times.