Trouble connecting to own dedicated server

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  • Hi,
    I have just bought rising world and am loving it. I thought that i might setup my own dedicated server. So, when i did eventually try, I had difficulty getting there as I had never done anything of the alike beforehand, but managed to get it up. Now when I try to join it, it just says there is an error. Could anybody help please? Thanks! NOTE: I have forwarded my ports (the correct ones). I am also trying to run the server on the same machine that I'm trying to join it from. Many thanks!

  • Sorry for the late response! What error do you get exactly? Did you forwarded all ports (by default, 4254-4259 TCP and UDP)? You can check out if the ports are really forwarded by visiting this site (start the server, then check the individual ports on the homepage):

    When running the dedicated server on your local machine, also make sure to keep the "server_ip" field in the blank (this forces the server to bind to all addresses).

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