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    I think that would be a good solution for this, as mentioned by Minotorious ;) We can integrate it directly into the game, so people can easily download new plugins/blueprints etc.

    Having a custom solution for this would be indeed better (as it would give us full control over this), but unfortunately there would be a lot of work involved to set up a proper website, API etc. and to moderate it... so I guess it's easier to rely on for this.

    There was a discussion about support for Steam Workshop, etc. in the past in our Steam forum:…ns/0/3123802224166721327/

    Some people there would prefer support for Steam Workshop, but unfortunately that's not a perfect solution (as it wouldn't work for non-Steam versions of the game)... but apparently there was no real argument against either ^^

    Die neue Version ist tatsächlich für jeden verfügbar, der bereits die Java-Version von Rising World besitzt :)

    Das Code-Feld in Steam hingegen ist nur dafür da, um zusätzliche Einträge für versteckte Betas freizuschalten (was es bei RW so in der Form eh nicht gibt) ^^ Das ist zugegebenermaßen etwas irritierend in Steam umgesetzt... aber wie die Vorredner schon sagen, einfach unity - New Version Preview auswählen, das Code-Feld leer lassen und das Fenster schließen. Anschließend wie Deirdre sagt direkt über die Steam-Bibliothek starten und "New Version" auswählen, um die neue Version zu starten.

    In singleplayer, the time speed value in the file is relevant: It's game_time_speed there. The default value is 1.75, please have a look if this is maybe set to a higher value in your file (in this case, just change it back to 1.75 or another value) ;)

    Support for Unity Assets/Prefabs and FBX files would be really great :) :love:

    Then theoretically I can also work with C#

    Well, unfortunately it won't be possible to load custom C# scripts this way :/ We're using IL2CPP, so there is no Mono runtime which could load C# assemblies...

    Support for Unity prefabs / asset bundles would only cover models and materials / shaders (which need to be HDRP compatible)

    Thx for replying so all the rest of it has to do with the simplecar plugin?

    Yes, it's solely caused by the SimpleCar plugin ;) The long message you're seeing is a so called "stack trace", which is basically a list of methods which were called when the error occurred. The game called the "update" method of the internal plugin manager, which then invoked a method in the SimpleCar plugin - and inside this method, the plugin tried to reference something that does not exist, resulting in this "NullPointerException"^^

    Sorry für die späte Antwort! Besteht das Problem mit den Markierungen denn immernoch? Ist die normale Spielersynchro denn korrekt, also laufen deine Mitspieler korrekt durch die Gegend, oder wird das auch nicht richtig synchronisiert?

    Diese Daten werden über UDP versendet, es kann also sein, dass die UDP aus irgendeinem Grund nicht bei dir ankommen. Der erste Verdacht wäre in dem Fall dann tatsächlich ggf. eine Firewall oder Antiviren-Programm.

    Thanks for your feedback regarding blueprints! :)

    Some of my buildings are large so i had to make serveral bp and normally on the old version i could just easily set them back up because the had "blocks" in them so they basically snapped back into place and lined up perfectly with the other bp

    Basically that should still work: If the blueprint contains a block with unit size (i.e. 1x1x1), it will try to align this block with the grid (to get the same behaviour as in the Java version, make sure to use the largest grid size).

    If that doesn't work for certain blueprints, it could be a bug. In this case, please send me the blueprint in question (either upload it here or send it via PM to me), so I can take a closer look at it ;)

    It also seems the point of rotation is different. I made a bp like i used to do in old version, but on new version it is not rotating in center of bp but seems the point of rotation is changing as i rotate the print.

    This happens if the grid is active: The blueprint still aligns to the grid after rotating it, that's why it's slightly changing its position while rotating. To avoid this, you can either disable the grid by pressing G, or alternatively "lock" the element by pressing right CTRL (i.e. for manual positioning mode). In this mode, you can hold CTRL and use your arrow keys to rotate the blueprint.

    so on the old version you could set up a bp like showed in picture and when you placed and rotated the bp, it would set the Center of the bp area as the rotation point

    In the new version, the blueprint always rotates around its center, which definitely feels a lot more natural than in the Java version, where the originally selected area of the blueprint was taken into account: That area isn't visible anymore when placing the blueprint, so it feels like the blueprint rotates around an arbitrary point. These two gifs show how the same blueprint behaves in the Java version (rotating around a seemingly arbitrary point) and the new version (rotating around the center):


    Having said that, I agree that it would be a nice feature to change the rotation point for blueprints. In theory this partly works via pivots, but they're not working well with blueprints atm...

    Maybe we could think about an option to always use the blueprint area for rotation (so the behaviour would be like in the Java version) :thinking:

    Cant seem to accurately place a blueprint, i setp to 0.01, turned on grid, turned grid off, nothing seems to help

    When changing the movement precision, I'd recommend to disable the grid, otherwise the element will always snap to the grid.

    If you need a higher precision than 0.01, you can basically still use the setp command (e.g. setp 0.001)

    There is one other small slightly annoying thing that happens to me. When i open the game i have to resize the window which is not a problem. The problem is that whenever i use the command window and hit the enter key, it resizes the window to its original size.

    You're playing in windowed mode, right? When playing in windowed mode, the initial size of the window depends on the selected resolution (in the graphics settings). For example, if it's set to 1920x1080 (fullHD), the window will have a width of 1920 pixels and a height of 1080 pixels etc.

    However, I can confirm that when changing the window size manually (by resizing the window), it is set back to the original size when changing any options. Using certain console commands (like setp, setr or setl) trigger that, for example. We will change that with the next update ;)

    As a workaround, you could use the building context menu (by holding C) - changing any settings there should not interfere with the resolution ^^

    How do you turn the block?

    I've run out of possibilities.

    Make sure to disable the surface edit mode first, then you can use your arrow keys (and page up/down) to rotate the block around the X, Y and Z axes ;)

    The "service_log.txt" is not created by the game, it's created by Steam. It's not necessarily related to the issue you're experiencing.

    I can't load multiplayer unity - 5% and it fails.

    This indicates that probably either the ports are not forwarded, or a firewall / antivirus program blocks the connection. According to the log, you've set up port 4251 for the server, so in this case, you have to forward 4250 and 4251 TCP and UDP.

    You can check if the ports are correctly forwarded and reachable on this site (make sure the server is running when performing the check):

    Also die Tiersounds von Elefanten, Bären usw. stammen alle immer von den tatsächlich gespawnten Tieren, die in der Gegend herumlaufen ^^ Würde man zB alle Tiere deaktivieren, würde man niemals keine Tiergeräusche mehr hören.

    Die einzige Ausnahme sind Vögel und Insekten: Da diese ja nicht direkt in der Welt spawnen, werden diese Geräusche quasi "aus dem Nichts" erzeugt. Die sind tatsächlich abhängig vom Biom.

    In deinem konkreten Beispiel (Safaripark im Eisbiom): Wenn du dort einen Elefanten spawnst, dann würde er auch weiterhin trompeten :D

    Thanks for the log file! :) So it's about the dedicated server?

    Unfortunately I couldn't find this entry in the server log... where did you see that message exactly? It's a message from Steam, but it's usually not directly related to Rising World. Is there a particular issue you're experiencing with your server, or did you just see the message?

    Die neue Version bietet leider noch keine getrennten Lautstärkeregler für die einzelnen Sounds :( Das kommt aber auf jeden Fall noch.

    Das einzige, was du momentan machen kannst, ist das Wetter auf "sonnig" zu ändern - dann ist der Wind zwar nicht weg, aber zumindest weniger intensiv. Der Konsolenbefehl dazu lautet weather clear 1

    Thank you for replying so quickly :thumbup:

    I forgot to mention I have a Asus router and my ports are set to 4254 TCP and 4255:4259 Both (TCP UDP) is that correct.:thinking:

    If you're using the default server port (4255), you have to forward ports 4254, 4255, 4256, 4257, 4258 and 4259 TCP and UDP in your router ;)

    On this website you can check if port forwarding was successful (make sure the server is running when checking the status of the individual ports):