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We've posted an important announcement regarding the current situation and the future of the game: Announcement

  • Unfortunately you cannot access ui / interface images yet, but we will change that with the next update :) Then you can use the GameImageInformation class for this purpose (which is currently only capable of accessing game textures, i.e. images in the "Textures" folder), we will modify it in a way that it also accepts the "Interface" path (which holds the ui images, e.g. item icons etc), at least for GuiImage elements. Accessing the pickaxe icon, for example, could look like this:
    GameImageInformation img = new GameImageInformation("Interface/Icons/Items", "pickaxe_0.png");

    It's our intention to release this update for the Java version when posting a new announcement regarding the new version, so unfortunately it will still take a few weeks :/
  • I have found a lot of the items in the interfaces/icons jar however i've noticed that there are quite a few 'object kit' icons missing.. im curious if these exist somewhere for me to grab, or if you're generating them from the j3o dyamically... would make my life so much easier if i could add them to my assets folder xD @red51

    EDIT: I was able to answer my own question... i just learned about the renderobject command. thanks! Now I should be able to write a routine that will render out all the objects into png's for my folder :) cheers.. great command!

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