Hobbit Hole Flooring [Suggestions Please!!!]

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    • Hobbit Hole Flooring [Suggestions Please!!!]

      Which do you like best? 1
        Ornamental Tile (1) 100%
        Cobblestone (0) 0%
        Brick (0) 0%
      Hey all!!! :D I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but hey. X/

      I recently posted my first blueprint and am excited to work on my second. My theme is Lord of the Rings, specifically I want to build a hobbit hole. It'll be more... geometrical, but it is going to be an underground home in the same style as the abodes from the movies/books.

      However, I'm having trouble deciding on a floor. I've searched images on the internet and some of them had tiling, some had bricks, some had cobblestone. I narrowed down my choices to three selections, but I'm not quite sure which I should use.

      The bricks are very nice, but I also like the cobbled look. The ornamental tiles were originally going into the kitchen area, but it might work for the rest of the house too.

      I've posted screenshots. Could you tell me what you think?

      Thanks so much!

      (Also, we need corner arches! :whistling: )
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