Half Block?

Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • On the block bench we can make many types of blocks, What I am trying to do is make a half block that I can turn on its side to make a wall that will not be so wide. I have tread almost every key to get it done, can it be done?

  • You would need to use a plank or a beam and size it to what you need. Planks and beams are very flexible and you can build just about anything with them. Blocks in all their shapes are limited in how you can rotate them and where you can place them. I use blocks where ever I can but most of the build is plank and beam

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