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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    It would be nice if someone wanted to make a sauna or walk in freezer that they could define an area and be able to set the temperature in that area. Not sure how complicated this would be to do , but thought i would throw the suggestion out and see.

    Very happy to hear about the world updates, but after you complete both part 1 and 2 of the world updates, can you spend a little time making it possible for us to set the center of a blueprint so we can set and rotate the bp accurately?

    I hate to be a pain, but most of my building is done with spinning blueprints which is just not possible with current system.

    So have spent more time with new version. Many improvements have been made, but see a couple areas that need improvements.

    One is in the placement of blueprints. Cant seem to accurately place a blueprint, i setp to 0.01, turned on grid, turned grid off, nothing seems to help. Just not able to move the blueprint in small enough increments to be able to get it to line up with anything else in game (other element or other blueprints).

    The second is not being able to set a rotation point for a blueprint. I actually dont need to set a rotation point if that is not doable, but i do need to know exactly where the rotation point is (maybe with some kind of indicator). I then need to be able to move the blueprint to place the rotation point exactly where i need it to be.

    There is one other small slightly annoying thing that happens to me. When i open the game i have to resize the window which is not a problem. The problem is that whenever i use the command window and hit the enter key, it resizes the window to its original size.

    i agree that the new system has many advantages, but many of my builds are based on very complex rotations and as of yet i have not seen any way to reproduce them in the new building system. I really need to be able to rotate a bp on a reliable/ predictable point. I could even function if when you have the bp loaded it puts a little arrow pointing to the pivot spot so i can manually move the bp to put the pivot where i need it to be. :)

    so on the old version you could set up a bp like showed in picture and when you placed and rotated the bp, it would set the Center of the bp area as the rotation point. but in the new version it is setting the rotation point in the center of the objects that are placed not the area. This will make it much harder if not impossible to make complicated rotations, thus making building less fun than old version. Please please, rethink how this rotation is calculated or let us somehow select where we want the center of rotation to be.

    It also seems the point of rotation is different. I made a bp like i used to do in old version, but on new version it is not rotating in center of bp but seems the point of rotation is changing as i rotate the print.

    interesting though, when i moved the rod to the center of a block i was able to realign my bp, so i am assuming this version is using the center of the block instead of the corner of a block like the old version. will keep experimenting with bp rotations to see if i can figure out how it is calculating the center.

    so i did an experiment. on the old version if i placed a rod on the corner of a block and then made a bp, i could reposition that bp back ontop of the original rod and then rotate the bp. this is a technique i used alot to create many of my builds. But with the new version: it is not letting me reposition a bp exactly on top of the original items. you can see in this picture the green rod was the original rod (which i changed colors for demo) the game will not let me move the bp so it is now exactly on top. in other words i cant move the blue rod exactly on top of the green rod.

    so i logged into new version to see if i can set up some of my old bps. Some of my buildings are large so i had to make serveral bp and normally on the old version i could just easily set them back up because the had "blocks" in them so they basically snapped back into place and lined up perfectly with the other bp. But now on the new version when i try to line up two blueprints they dont want to line up and i cant seem to move the pb in small increments to get them to line up. is there a command or something i am missing? if not most of my large builds become worthless.

    a talent system would also be nice. So not only do you have an economy, but people could specialize in the things they like to do. (Miner, logger, hunter , etc.) . So as you advanced in the levels you would produce/harvest more of the item, with less food consumption. I have been playing a lot of eco lately patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting for RW to return. Eco has a relatively simple but effective way for people to specialize.

    would be nice if you had admin setting that gave admins max settings.

    thank you, will look into it.

    also, when i am in the game i cant open the journal. Nothing happens when i press J key. Not sure what to press to be able to build,

    how about having the block table be able to change the shape of an item already made. so if you made 100 cubes, you can change them to wedges at the table . This way you dont have to go out and cut down a hundred more trees to make all the different shapes you want, you can just recycle the shapes at the table.

    also it would be nice to maybe have a finishing table, so once you have the shape you want you can go to the finishing table to get the texture you want. also allow us to change the texture of premade blocks at this table so you dont have bunches of blocks of various shapes with unwanted textures.

    sorry this is not in German, but i have a couple suggestions:

    For planting plants in arable soil, you can have the ghost outline you see before placing be in green if the plant will grow normally, or yellow if it will grow slowly due to improper climate, and red if it will not grow at all and die due to climate.

    For collecting resources. I have seen in other games a toggle switch in the inventory window, where a player can select to collect natural resources (grass/dirt) or not.

    was not asking for it to be removed. You can still cut down a tree and then the stump, but if you leave the stump then in say 8 hrs it should turn back into a tree or disappear. I have been admin on several servers of the years and i have spent many many many hours removing stumps people have not removed.

    I see you have been working on trees. Would it be possible that the stumps return to trees after a period of time, or possibly disappear. No one seems to like to chop out the stump and the world becomes a world of stumps.

    I always though it would be cool if people could set their own claim areas to pvp or not. so if someone wanted to make a dungeon or fighting arena (area) they could then set their claim to pvp. Those that dont like pvp can just leave their claim areas set for nonpvp. Of course you would need to have an indicator on the screen telling you that you just walked into a pvp area.

    I should have mentioned spheres in pnb. it would be nice to have spheres instead of having to rotate a log as it would help decrease the lag generated by placing so many logs on top of each other.

    I dont know if this is possible , but it would be nice if you had the ability to change the rotation point for certain pnb elements. I am thinking of the triangle. It has always been very difficult to place a triangle in the proper position cause the center of its rotation is in a funny location.

    And just to make your life more difficult :). how about adding more shapes to pnb. Couple shapes i am thinking about are : a wedge of a sphere (like an orange slice) , so we can adjust the radius and circumference of the slice. This way we could make half circles or dome shapes if we like. Other shapes could be Cones, pyramid and wedge shapes