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    first small thing that has been bothering me- on the multiplayer loading screen, would it be possible to remember my last settings? every time i go to the screen it shows me the servers that are password protected and i have to select the option to only show nonprotected servers. Small thing but a bit annoying.

    Second issue i am having is in placing BPs. I like to have the grid active when i initially am placing a bp, but often once the bp is in position i then want to rotate the bp. In order to rotate the bp i must turn off the grid (or the bp will not rotate correctly), but when i turn the grid off the bp jumps into a different position and does not stay where i had moved it with the grid active. I hope you understand my explaination.

    both are small issues but thought i would post them here as they may also bother others.

    thank you for your response Red51.

    Overall i have found the Unity version is far superior to the java version (love ability to expand and shrink bp), but i must admit that it has taken some time to adjust. It is just a couple small things like the one mentioned on this post that could use a bit of tinkering, in my opinion.

    The example given on this post is a simple 90 degree rotation, but sometimes i rotate in all 3 planes, so if i want to place this element 20 times down a wall, i have to move the element set rotation, adjust in the y axis, change rotation, adjust in z axis, change rotation, change in x axis, place item (it then resets to original orientation). Slide to next position and redo all the rotations again, and repeat the 20 times. So if fixing the bug you mentioned will help simplify this process then great, but if not i would defiantly vote to add an option.

    I love this game and have played it pretty much since it came out. I think you are a great programmer and game designer and I just want the game to be and do great, not only for me but for everyone.

    As always thank you for your time and great game Red51

    so in java version, i could snap the ghost image on a beam and then rotate the element and place the element. after placing the element the new ghost image would stay in the same orientation so i could move the image to new location and place another element. But in unity version, the element keeps flipping back to its original position instead of staying in the position i wanted it to be in. So in images below you can see after i place the element it flips back to the original ghost orientation.

    in java it would stay in the placed orientation so i could just quickly move the element over and place another element in the same orientation. This makes building much much slower as i have to reorientate each piece every time i want to place a new one.

    Most of the time i have had problems in the Unity version it is because i did not know about a setting somewhere, so i am hoping that there is a setting that can change this behavior back to the way it was in java.

    Do we know which biomes will be added? I see on trello that there will be a volcanic and desert biome, but are there others? We used to have a snowy biome on the java version, so was just curious if there will be one added to the unity version. i know you can get snow on mountain tops , but that is not enough if you have a large Xmas build that requires snow.

    tested it out, i was able to snap the bp to the grid, so all good.

    i am not a fan of the radial menu, much faster for me to type old commands than use the radial menu. Plus i have far more control with the old commands then is on the radial menu. i understand for new players the radial menu will make building much easier, but for us old builders, the radial wheel is just too limiting. The wheel does not bother me, i just tend not to use it. I have played for so many hours that my fingers have half the command typed out before i have even figured out what i want to do.

    exception would be in setting up claims. the new system is much faster with radial menu. although it would be nice to be able to see the size of the area you are selecting, or better yet have preset sizes you can choose from. also would be great if you can alter the size of the area even after it is placed

    so i have finally got all four of the bps to be the same size. Not sure how i did it, i just restarted game and reloaded the bps.

    Is there a way to make sure the bp is snapping to the grid. what i am finding is that you can now place the bp anywhere as the old block system (which automatically put you onto the grid system) does not work in this new version. This means that when you place the building down from the bp it makes it very very difficult to work on the building. when you try to add a new block to the building it does not line up with the old grid system the building was built on which makes it frustrating if you want to make modifications on an old build. I have figured out a way to line up the old and new grids manually , but boy is it tedious. It would be much nicer if there was an option to make it auto snap to grid.

    I am sure i will get used to the new version, but boy i much prefer the old system. Thankfully alot of the old commands still work. It is just those few small differences that make what was an easy straight forward task on the old system, much more complicated on the new version.

    So i am trying to convert some old bps to the new version. i have a building that is too large for one blueprint so have broken the building down into 4 parts. I have blueprinted each part and gone into the new version. I place one part no problem, but when i try to place the other parts they seem to be much smaller than the first part. The other parts are so small that they actually can fit on a desk in the first part. How to i keep all the blueprints at the same scale so i can reassemble them?

    left side is first bp. right is same building but second bp. why are they not the same scale?

    It has been a while since i have logged into game, but wanted to check on the status for bp rotations. I thought Red was going to make it so we can select the point of rotation on bps, but just logged into private server and seems there has been no change. Am i not doing something incorrectly or has that update not made it into game yet?

    It would be nice if someone wanted to make a sauna or walk in freezer that they could define an area and be able to set the temperature in that area. Not sure how complicated this would be to do , but thought i would throw the suggestion out and see.

    Very happy to hear about the world updates, but after you complete both part 1 and 2 of the world updates, can you spend a little time making it possible for us to set the center of a blueprint so we can set and rotate the bp accurately?

    I hate to be a pain, but most of my building is done with spinning blueprints which is just not possible with current system.

    So have spent more time with new version. Many improvements have been made, but see a couple areas that need improvements.

    One is in the placement of blueprints. Cant seem to accurately place a blueprint, i setp to 0.01, turned on grid, turned grid off, nothing seems to help. Just not able to move the blueprint in small enough increments to be able to get it to line up with anything else in game (other element or other blueprints).

    The second is not being able to set a rotation point for a blueprint. I actually dont need to set a rotation point if that is not doable, but i do need to know exactly where the rotation point is (maybe with some kind of indicator). I then need to be able to move the blueprint to place the rotation point exactly where i need it to be.

    There is one other small slightly annoying thing that happens to me. When i open the game i have to resize the window which is not a problem. The problem is that whenever i use the command window and hit the enter key, it resizes the window to its original size.

    i agree that the new system has many advantages, but many of my builds are based on very complex rotations and as of yet i have not seen any way to reproduce them in the new building system. I really need to be able to rotate a bp on a reliable/ predictable point. I could even function if when you have the bp loaded it puts a little arrow pointing to the pivot spot so i can manually move the bp to put the pivot where i need it to be. :)