possible creation of new world textures by user ?

  • hi red i could not find if anyone has asked this yet so ill do it can you create the ability using api/plugin thingy or update so we can introduce new textures for example i like to experiment with changing the textures for rock clay and hellstone for pictures i find on sites i find some good seamless pictures and i replace the file in texture.jar but i am limited to replacing existing files where i would rather be able to introduce new ones to complement your existing ones ,can you by plugin update or otherwise create a way to inject new files we have found mayby you create a folder like the plugin folder that we can put our new textures in the folder has subfolders like constructions world items etc and can be accesed like normal files when using paint in creative mode it would activate by selecting true or false in the .config file like we have done with other updates i could go into more detail how it would work but im sure you understand what i mean i had looked at the javamonkey engine thing to try figure out how to inject the code myself but i know you understand youre game and would know exactly how to do it and not disrupt the normal running of the game i would be months trying to figure it out lol and i know hundreds of other players would love the ability to create unique new worlds using there own pictures and textures , also i know that lots of peaple will still use this version of rising world even after the new unity version comes out so this idea would give extra life and usefullness to this version that could keep peaple happy for years to come , i say that about unity for one i know many peaple have difficulty with unity games on there computers i for one only one in five unity games work on my laptop but javamonkey engine you use for this works flawlessly i am worried that unity as an engine may not run as smoothly on my laptop and i would then continue using this version im sure others could have that problem aswell ill leave it there as im prone to ranting forever sorry lol take care red and thanks ;) Alasdair mcrobbie in scotland . steam user . jacob-seed

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