General game / crafting suggestions

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • The following suggestions I think would bring some more focus to the game ?? It is something I would like to see if possible :)

    Hardware related:


    Either or Flat bottom or belly bottom pot for making food

    The flat bottom can fit on the grill we already have.

    Flask: to store coffee in like the canteen we already have

    Fuel (Petroleum) Power generator

    Steam (Coal / Wood) powered generator

    Electronics: (Maybe use the green ore for this ? in addition to current receipt)

    New electric / electronic workbench to make all items related to lights / lamps / gramophone / PC Boards etc

    This workbench might be available as a receipt in the Tier 2 workbench

    Tools that goes with this workbench : Soldering iron, blow torch and magnifying glass (Too craft the PC Boards)

    This workbench

    PC Board making for

    Making torches and

    Making lights like the tube lights we have.

    Used in clock and watches

    For making of small motors.

    Small motors can be used to make the gramophone work

    Rotisserie motor for making the rack of ribs turn on the fire for cooking.

    Also for making a Power Generator to power the lights / stoves etc etc and or

    Large / small steam kettle that generates steam power by means of water for powering lights and other electrical stuff


    Glass currently made by having sand in the inventory must be placed in the smelter and make glass ingots from sand.

    This glass can now be used to make:

    Glass pane


    other lights

    part of the watch receipt

    Part of making of a flask for storing coffee

    Food related:


    Meat drying rack / box

    Dried meat strips (Cutting a piece of meat into long strips, salt it and hang to dry for several days)

    Stew: Meat stew & Veggie stew

    Consisting of meat and several veggies and water

    Additional workbench suggestion:

    First aid station / brewing station: (Also crafted from the Tier 2 workbench

    Crafting of advanced bandages and med-kits and advanced splints

    Also used for making stamina drinks for running further for longer.

    Making of coffee to keep warm in snow biome

    Additional plant needed:

    Coffee plant with coffee beans

    Maybe a Tea plant (For health drinks)



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