Leveling terrain

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • I think I read that the new version will result in less "lumpy" terrain, but IMO unless the need to level terrain becomes practically non-existent it really needs to be rethought.

    I admit I have a lingering disdain of the rake due to the frustration it caused me until someone pointed out:


    The other feature that makes this a little confusing is that if you encounter a piece of terrain that's lower (if you're left clicking) or higher (if you're right clicking) than the starting terrain then it will use the new terrain value as the desired level.

    But even since I've adjusted how I use it to avoid triggering that bug feature, leveling with the rake is still a huge pain.

    I'd like to see a flat shovel added, preferably with both wood and metal versions. Clicking either button would set the desired level and material. Any higher terrain of the same material type would be lowered (removed) and result in material being added to inventory. Any lower terrain would be raised (technically, covered) and result in material being removed from inventory. Hopefully, this would have the added bonus of not doing the crazy things the rake does when encountering a material transition.

    In the case of grassy soil, left clicking could result in the grass being removed and right clicking in the grass remaining. Or both remove grass but right clicking adds grass to inventory. If neither of those, at least allow collecting grass with the scythe. The sickle is so inefficient that it seems punitive to require a metal tool for what it does.

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