Crash on world load or world just doesn't load

  • Crash on world load or world just doesn't load

    Hi I have a windows 7 i5 with integrated family graphics and a higher nvidia card 8 gb of ram and 1 gb dedicated, I changed the game to my good card in the nvidia settings but I kept getting the prompt telling me to manually switch it even after I did so in the config files I bypassed it's looking at the cards. Now I can load the game but when I tried to start a world it wouldn't load past 10%. I tried lowering the graphics settings and now the game just crashes every time I try to load that world. I don't know what is causing the problem, where to look for it, or wether there is a different way I was supposed to switch the card it was using.
  • When you still got the message that your Intel was used, the game actually still uses the Intel graphics adapter. Bypassing the message is only recommended when you are sure that your Intel is capable of running the game (in 99% it's not).
    Sometimes you also have to assign your Nvidia card to Java (for Steamversion: Steam\SteamApps\common\RisingWorld\java\x64\bin\java.exe). If that does not work, try to globally use the Nvidia card.