Problems with saving data from mods

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  • Heya! Might be a noob question, but i've tried to search it and coulnd't find the answer.

    I've helped set up a server for someone and now I'm facing the following problem:

    GPS and Area Protection don't save their data whenever the server is restarted.

    I've followed both the guides to install them but can't figure out why its not working.

    If someone could guide me the right way, that would be wonderful.


  • Hey, do you use the plugins or the lua scripts? Does that mean the scripts/plugins work correctly, but they just don't save their data? In this case it could be a permission issue (i.e. maybe the server does not have write permission to the scripts/plugin folder)... there could be more information about what's going on in the server log. You can find them in the "Logs" subfolder in the server directory. Maybe you can upload the latest log file here (or alternatively send it via PM to me) ;)

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