MommaT's Wish list

  • Some of these are no doubt already planned, others maybe not.

    Sizeable gates.

    All vegatables to be stackable.

    Stackable torches.

    Bring back the torch mount?

    A couple more layers or slots in the chests and barrels.

    The ability to dig a water well. (This may mean that mines that are too near or below water may flood. That would be true to life, and we should have to construct a pumping system to keep them dry.)

    Bucket for moving water in addition to pumping system for the mines. Pumps and pipes could be used to deliver water elsewhere.

    Little items we can place in the world. Lamps, kitchenware, food, tools. Items of clothing or other things. And shelves and cupboards to put them in, as well as placing them anywhere.

    Small humans? Children. And multiple races.

    Better copy and paste method. Blueprints are fine for reproducing a large complex build of something. But if you have several small pieces that make up a component you need to repeat over and over--a group and copy cmd would sure be nice.

    BIRDS!!! We can hear them. So like the dandelion fluff, how about some birdies?

    Seasons. (Snow, rain, and dry seasons, even autumn foliage in some biomes.)

    Cooking/recipes/food spoilage. (Related to spoilage--maybe there could be a "refridgerator" we may have to make to keep food good longer. Also we might can foods to preserve.

    Crop failures, and the need to water, weed, harvest.

    Wheat and baking.

    Make some of the clothing plain white so we can color it.

    One or more customizable blocks where we can import our own textures to make wallpaper or whatever.

    A dog please! (or cat for cat people).

    I'm sure the list could be endless. Just know I am thrilled with every new little thing you give us! THANKS!!<3

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