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    I also ran into a similar issue with the primitive furnace. Steam, single player, iron ore. You had to stand in just the right place to put ore in. And the fuel bin was finicky, had to crouch to load wood. :crazy:

    "please look at the plant and type plantinfo into console - this provides more information about the current growth stage. Maybe you could also send us a report after using that command :)"

    Thanks. will do. I have been slowly removing plants and replanting, which has worked in some cases. But I will continue to do that and will check on the ones that don't grow—if any occur.

    I am very happy to thank Red51 for the awesome job on the animal update. I think I have seen every species if not every variety. They are spectacular. A little robotic still, and I saw a cow give birth to the same calf twice! Collision problem, not actual birth, though that would be educational!

    I am very much looking forward to collecting eggs and milk from chickens and cows that we have somehow coerced into being our domesticated stock. Maybe we put a collar with a bell on the cows and goats? (The way we put the saddle on the horse in Java.) Not sure how we'll catch wild chickens or bunnies—a trap perhaps?

    I suppose we could run cows into a fenced field at this point? Though they aren't really bothered by players at this point.

    I had three deer commit suicide by drowning, from which I got steak. All the animals seem to freak out by the the water. That doesn't seem quite right. They should go the water's edge and drink, and moose like to wade.

    I am anxious to try the new or improved building commands. Thank you for adding the rotate in control option—that was needed!

    I didn't see any mention of the plant/tree growth bug some of us are having, but hopefully that got fixed earlier.

    I just created a single player world to explore the animals update, as the MR server was offline for me yesterday. I am anxious to see how it works in MP. Some cooperative herding may be in order!

    Kudos to Red51 and his team. :wow::thumbup:

    I know this won't be a popular sentiment, but I will happily pay for DLC when it gets to that point, and I would pay for major updates too if that would help speed or even just allow for development. I've only ever paid just $15 in 2014 and have played thousands of hours! Seems like too little for the value we've all gotten out of this little pasttime.

    Also more marketing seems to be needed, and I don't imagine there is time or budget yet for that. Hopefully this npc update will give RW a little boost. Soon as I can I'll be putting up vids and tooting my horn to my minuscule following. Traveling right now ... but soon! :love:

    Lots of us on here this morning! (Arizona time). Hands raised if you've been quietly checking up here every day. Tick tock ...:hushed:

    Unrelated, but I was underground and had sledgehammered a block platform/floor I was standing on. When it disappeared I fell through the world all the way to hell. (It was orange so I assumed Hell.) Then I died. :D It was pretty funny, but I'm thinking that wasn't supposed to happen.

    So I've been thinking about this a bit. The rates at which our crops grow to harvest are weird. I've been effected by the random bug that is preventing some trees and crops to mature, but presumably that will be fixed soon. (This doesn't seem to happen to me in singleplayer, only on a server.)

    In survival mode as we all know it's way too easy. Food grows too fast; trees grow way faster than realism. To a degree, it needs to be faster than real life, of course. And, you can make it more realistic (and difficult) by increasing the hours in a game day. You can go from: 10 minutes = 1 day, up to: 24 hours = 1 day. So, you could go all the way to the slowest speed and make things grow much slower. I see in settings too that there is a slider for plant growth—I've never used it but I might! Though, I also assume that your calorie needs would slow down accordingly—or maybe not? It currently takes only 6 carrots a day to survive. I don't know about you, but that would be torture for me!

    But more important than the time needed overall, is the time for a plant to mature in relation to the other plants/trees. Now, a carrot and birch tree take roughly the same amount of time to mature. I am presuming that there is a time increment assigned to each plant for when it changes stages, and that it is different for each plant. This must be the case, unless I am wrong, because Spruce and Birch seem to change stages at different rates. (Anecdotally. I haven't tested.) If this assumption is true, I hope that better, more realistic times (growth rates) can be programmed. This will probably be easier to rationalize with the vegetable crops as they mature in single season, but trees can take 10 to 50 years! (Lumber companies have super-fast growing varieties that take 10–15 years!) Patience in forestry is a must.

    Example to-harvest comparisons: (All days to harvest vary widely by location, so they could be biome dependent too! Though probably too difficult to program.)

    Corn 100 days

    Tomato 95 days

    Carrot 85 days

    Lettuce 14–60 days (leaf or heads)

    Watermelon 75 days

    Pumpkin 110 days

    Spruce 20–30 YEARS (grow 2-3 feet per year)

    Birch 10–15 years

    Hickory 15–30 years

    Beech Willow 15–20 years

    London Plane 15–30 years

    If we want fast growing building material we need Bamboo! Bamboo can grow up to 3 feet in a single day!! Seriously. LOL.

    If we were really surviving we'd need to be much more conservative in cutting trees, and probably build more from stone or mud. We'd also have to forage more to supplement food while waiting for stuff to grow. So maybe tree growth times could be a LOT longer than vegetable growth times. Or you could have a selection for that. Forage plants could be made more or less scarce the way that Ores currently are. (It does seem like they are slightly less common in Unity than they were in Java.)

    I figured that having the days to maturity for veg, and growth rates for trees all in one spreadsheet might be handy, so geek that I am I collected some. Attached. These have all the veg we have plus more, and most of the trees I could remember. It has the rates of growth to harvest, (as product or wood) and I also included storage times under proper conditions. As I know food spoilage will eventually become an issue. This varies by type of product and by the method of storage and preservation.

    Let's also mention food types! No subsistence farmer could live without a grain crop either Wheat, Rice, Barley, or Oats. Corn is a grain (sort of) but it's not used exactly the same. But American Indians all survived for eons on Corn, Squash, and Beans. We must have beans!!! Nuts from trees are a very important forage food source too. I know, all good things in time.

    True survival means you must hunt for protein and WAIT for your farm crops.

    Anyway my 2¢ on farming and forestry. Animal husbandry next!! (Yes, I have opinions. LOL)

    Looking forward to the update!


    Some of these are no doubt already planned, others maybe not.

    Sizeable gates.

    All vegatables to be stackable.

    Stackable torches.

    Bring back the torch mount?

    A couple more layers or slots in the chests and barrels.

    The ability to dig a water well. (This may mean that mines that are too near or below water may flood. That would be true to life, and we should have to construct a pumping system to keep them dry.)

    Bucket for moving water in addition to pumping system for the mines. Pumps and pipes could be used to deliver water elsewhere.

    Little items we can place in the world. Lamps, kitchenware, food, tools. Items of clothing or other things. And shelves and cupboards to put them in, as well as placing them anywhere.

    Small humans? Children. And multiple races.

    Better copy and paste method. Blueprints are fine for reproducing a large complex build of something. But if you have several small pieces that make up a component you need to repeat over and over--a group and copy cmd would sure be nice.

    BIRDS!!! We can hear them. So like the dandelion fluff, how about some birdies?

    Seasons. (Snow, rain, and dry seasons, even autumn foliage in some biomes.)

    Cooking/recipes/food spoilage. (Related to spoilage--maybe there could be a "refridgerator" we may have to make to keep food good longer. Also we might can foods to preserve.

    Crop failures, and the need to water, weed, harvest.

    Wheat and baking.

    Make some of the clothing plain white so we can color it.

    One or more customizable blocks where we can import our own textures to make wallpaper or whatever.

    A dog please! (or cat for cat people).

    I'm sure the list could be endless. Just know I am thrilled with every new little thing you give us! THANKS!!<3

    On the Java version you used to be able to space out planks when drawing out a line of them, while holding the left mouse key and pressing an arrow or maybe the + key? does anyone know if that still exists, and how? Would be useful making fences, or decks etc. that need spacing between the slats.

    I've been experimenting to see when/how this happens. In Survival mode on MR server, I had issues with the whole garden except carrots. Vegetables get to middle stage and stop. I removed everything and replanted both in the same place and in a different garden. Every vegetable now grows and matures EXCEPT corn.

    But, this is also happening with trees, specifically Spruce and Hickory (I think Hickory). I always replant after cutting, and now I have an area of forest with middle sized spruce (too young to cut!). HOWEVER, this is not happening with Birch! Birch seem to mature in 2-3 game days. Also Apple trees are not maturing.

    So it is specific to corn, apple, spruce, and probably hickory in survival on a server. I will make a single player world and make tests there too. I saw another player (on YT) also on the MR server who mentioned spruce not growing, but yet another player says they are for her. Confusing!

    Sure looking forward to adding chickens!! THANKS.

    My work in progress cathedral on the Medieval Realms server. A big and slow burning project, all built in survival mode with no blueprints. In its current state it contains 27506 construction elements, approximately 190 blocks long, 90 blocks wide, and the naive is about 52 blocks tall. A lot of work left. Everything black is makeshift work platforms and not part of the final build.

    Wow! Well that explains the lag when you come on, brother! It's truly amazing and going to be beautiful. I bet you'll be done before Notre Dame is restored. I'll have to come by for Mass when you're finished. Would love to see a video demonstration of how you do the vaulting.

    As someone who JUST got started playing on a server, I am a noob. Though I have played many hours of RW in single player. I have a noob question what does PvE and PVP mean? I assumed, PvP is Player vs. Player, and PVE is Player vs Environment?

    I have a strict non-violence rule for my game play, which I realize doesn't make me a much of a gamer, but we have enough violence in the real world, and I get to make the rules in my game world. So.... in that respect what's your server like?

    (I have no problems with hunting for food—though I'd do it with a bow. But I'd rather run than fight.). ;)

    I have this problem on the Medieval Realms server also, my corn and tomatoes have got to the middle stage, but no further ripening. I have carrots growing very fast (too fast to be realistic).

    Looking forward to weather ... it has yet to rain in MR. And, for weather and seasons to affect farming. Really hoping for seasons!

    I would rather like a beacon on screen (subtly) to indicate which direction your base would be. Similar to that seen in Subsistence or that Zombie game (whatever it's called). Maybe you would have to make a compass to get the beacon (and have an established basecamp) but once you've made the compass you wouldn't have to have it in your hand the beacon would just remain onscreen. Maybe it would just be a little line with compass indicators and a dot that shows where your base is:

    N____________________E_____________ (base)_________________S______________________W and it would move the indicators depending which way you are facing.

    Then when a map is added, we have that to refer to also—it's helpful to see a visual representation of where you've been and the direction to go to get to an area.

    I'd also really like it if there were an option to show your food and water numbers always—in settings just turn it on.

    I'm loving it so far. Not really understanding the creative mode water placement totally, but I'm sure I'll get it. I think that if I do understand it, the water currently in game is dynamic in that it moves is you dig under or around it. But right now, water you place doesn't really "flow"—mine just stays in blobs!

    I haven't tried the new color picker for the paint roller—something I specifically asked for! THANK YOU.:wow: I am excited to get painting.:thumbup: