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A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!

    Great suggestions!

    I love the pets or sidekick idea. In that vain, I'd love to see the domestication of animals and requirements for feeding them, etc. to be built into the base game, and watering/weather requirements in the farming aspect too.

    Your Map suggestions are spot on. Multiple maps would beget to have (for different purposes). Perhaps one for mining/locations of rich resources, a different one for exploration, or different areas of the world?

    I <3 Rising World and miss it. I've paused my play in anticipation of the new redux of the game. Meanwhile playing some Planet Zoo, which gives me some basis for comparison with regard to building. (I love RW game for the creative building capabilities most of all.) My building suggestions are mostly aimed at creative mode, and I definitely want Creative Mode as well as Survival Mode to remain a thing—and the ability to choose either in a world we've created. (as now)

    There are some things I prefer in either RW or PZ.

    I feel like RWs building mechanics are easier to master quickly. I prefer the organic, granular style of building that RW has, though ...

    I love that PZ has so many wonderful building components to work with, which gives me inspiration for trying different combinations I wouldn't have thought of.

    So more complex shapes, please. Smaller things too: nails, rivets, smaller PNB etc. Make everything scalable, and freely rotatable.

    Improve the rotation, and placement mechanics. Rely less on the console commands for this and build in some GUI controls at point of use.

    PZs duplication of components, grouping, and advanced moving of building pieces is better in some ways.

    RW needs that duplication of custom-made components (building parts made from multiple pieces) in creative mode. I realize that "blueprint" sort of fills this niche now, but it is a way clunky way of doing it—simple, group/select/duplicate/drag or move into place repeatedly would make building a breeze in RW.

    Re-colorable shapes/block textures is a MUST. I have wanted painting abilities from day one. A grayscale type texture on a block that could be colored would do it.

    The ability to add custom textures would be SWEET! (custom wallpaper!!!)

    RWs poster feature is great, let's retain that but increase the size limit so we could use them to cover an entire wall.

    Ability to color clothing too. And possibly someday to make our own styles of clothes. And customize more fully our avatars (but only if 3rd person is also enabled.)

    Love that we'll be able to place items in the world now.

    Hopefully the new engine fixes the flickering posters (cross-fighting) and of textures.

    I realize the above makes it less of a GAME and more of a creative tool for custom building creations. I come at this as more of a creator/hobbiest than a "gamer". Still a valid use I think!

    More variety in animal skins, please! Goats and Pigs and Cows come in many colors/patterns and should be a quick fix.

    Gameplay aspects. Though I mostly play creative, I've enjoyed survival too. (I'm not a fan of violent games though, and like the ability to turn that aspect off.)

    Survival should be more challenging, adding things like food spoilage, weather destroying crops, scarcity of food plants, fewer water sources, etc. would help. Or, a sliding scale or (easy, medium, hard modes in setting for those things). Adding illness, medical herbs, and recipes as others have mentioned will add to the game play!

    Different scenarios, this could be quests, but it could also just be a random challenging situations thrown out by the game upon world creation.

    I haven't played on a server yet, but I like the idea of being able to invite friends to my world for cooperative play— with more friends getting the game, that's something I hope you keep.

    Perhaps more interaction with NPCs under certain storylines? (I'm not really that kind of gamer, so this is less important to me.) Just having more "intelligent" NPCs would be a great addition! Ha ha. Minions, (golems?) to do work around your place, like mining, gardening, etc. would be a great use of NPCs. No slavery though, we should have to pay them somehow.

    Others have mentioned vehicles. I've enjoyed the boats. Being able to carry stuff on a vehicle would be cool. Like on push cart, or mine cart.

    I'm excited by the possibility of controllable electricity! Having to build a power plant and needing it to run lights or other things.

    If running water (or animation of such) is possible, then constructing a working waterwheel would be super cool.

    So many things I want. LOL. But mostly I want the building aspect. DO WHAT THE MAJORITY WANTS THOUGH! It doesn't have to be perfect. The sooner we can play at least some aspects of the game in its new, more beautiful environment the better. <3 THANKS!

    The shadows are lovely! Really getting excited for the playable demo.


    Merry Christmas Joyous Holidays of whichever kind you celebrate, and Happy New Year to All!

    Yay! We got boats.

    First, thanks @red51 for the update. So many new things to discover. Right away I built a boat.

    A few observations/requests. I was anxious for boats as I just built a fishing village. It took a few minutes to figure out how to row the boat and steer it. Right now head movement—moving the mouse doesn't steer, but I gather in the future it will.

    We can't fish from the boat? This seems an oversight. Hopefully one that will get fixed. Actually shooting from horseback falls in this category too.

    When getting out of the boat, the boat sinks, as do you! The boat rises back up, but you don't unless you are on shore. This proved a problem for me, as no matter how I tried to jump to the dock, I could not. I always just sink. The only way I can get out of the boat is to run it ashore on a sloping beach. Then you can hop out, but the boat seems slip back away from the shore a bit. If you go to a shore that isn't a slope (water over your head) you will still sink. So, if it can be made so that you can target the spot you want to jump out to with your mouse then hit escape to hop on shore or dock, that would do it.

    Devising rope in the game would be cool too, so we can tie up a boat, or a horse! Oh, also can we get reverse with the horses and boats? Both can back up in real life.

    Overall, great update. Thanks!

    Hi, I thought this got solved at one point, but now it's back and worse than ever. Posters flicker when you move and don't seem to settle down no matter your distance from them. A work around was to place a small beam or plank in the middle on the wall and attach the poster to that, but the small rectangle then flickers through the poseter (and it isn't really always possible to do it anyway).

    Also related, I have placed "wood paneling" (planks) against a block wall (where I want a color on one side but not the thickness of two blocks (which is ridiculous). The paneling also flickers same as posters. My plan to "tile" my white floors that need to be white for the ceilings of rooms below won't work either.

    Possible to fix the flickering?

    Here's static pictures. Poster/planks flickers in geometric shapes.

    OMG! I am so excited to see this. The unofficial Discord has been pinging my phone all day, but I am working so ...

    I can't wait to play. But I have lots a of work right now. Darn. But yay?

    Anyway have fun with the horsies y'all. I hope to see ya on the range soon.


    Oh fun! I spawned 2 NPCs in a practice world without issues. (they are in their underwear right now). Eve hung around but Adam wandered further away. I am wondering how far they will roam?

    Can animals attack them? (I notice animals never attack each other...) Keeping your farmhands safe would add complexity to the game!

    I hope that we'll get some kind of "crafting" interface for making npcs (both human and animals) that will be like that we have for crafting objects.

    Hoping we can also ask them to follow us, or to perform a simple task, like mining or raking, or collecting crops. Would like to see them pick and eat food, and to interact with each other!

    Thanks Red, this is a great addition to the game. :)

    I agree Hudson555! I love that we have options. I've only just begun to play survival mode, and even then it's mostly a creative endeavor. (Though I am not cheating in my Survival game.) I think soulsurvivor's Settings suggestions are great, and they would definitely up the difficulty level a LOT! I don't know if I would enjoy it, it might be super frustrating for me—who isn't so good with the survival stuff. Though, I would be willing to try it. One thing I do not want to see in the game is zombies! I know that monsters in the dungeons is planned and I am not sure how I feel about that. Maybe it would be exciting, or maybe it would be just too much for me. Hopefully we'll continue to have options to turn some things off.

    I am not a fan of violent games and can only just bear to kill virtual animals if they are for food. So gaming for this newbie is very selective indeed as there aren't too many non-violent immersive games. (Though I am a fan of puzzle games like Myst, Obduction, Quern, etc.) I love creative mode too—and this game just rocks in terms of the building experience. I think it will only get better too.

    I haven't tried a Surreal World yet. Can you post pictures?

    Thanks Red. I have deleted the error logs and will watch to see if it throws any more. So far, none yet. I already did have the graphic set to undecorated not full screen and that works for me. I'll post if I get more Java errors.

    I don't always get an error log. But I have attached one from the most recent time it wrote one. As I said, I get a the java icon in the dock and I can't close it. Then I can't actually shut the Mac off except with the power button. I can continue to play or use other programs while this has happened, but it just stops me from shutting down normally. It's very weird.

    I have had for some time a java error when quitting the game. Not always but many times. This is related to the steam loader. I don't know java at all—so it's a mystery to me. I am now running the vers of the game. I have noticed the last few times that it throws the error upon loading the game. The game still loads and I am still able to play without issue. What the java error does is make it impossible to shut down the Mac. I can't even "force quit" the java program that appears in the dock. To shut down the computer I must do a hard shut down using the power button. It doesn't seem to affect other programs. Here is the Debugging console that appears just as the game loads.

    Rising World - (Steam)
    2018/03/16 07:44 PM

    Mac OS X 10.11.6 Java: 1.8.0_121 x86_64 -H:4096 -D:3072 (Steam)

    Start game...
    Start context...
    PixelFormatChanged: false
    com.jme3.system.lwjgl.LwjglDisplay WARNING: Selected display mode: 2560 x 1440 x 0 @0Hz
    LWJGL: 2.9.4
    Display Scaling: 1.0
    CURRENT RENDERER: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX OpenGL Engine (NVIDIA Corporation) 2.1 NVIDIA-10.10.13 310.42.25f01
    GL_ARB_draw_instanced = true GL_ARB_instanced_arrays = true
    Initialize Static Classes...
    Collision Shapes initialized!
    Constructions initialized!
    Items initialized!
    Projectile-Definitions initialized!
    Weapon-Definitions initialized!
    Record-Definitions initialized!
    Objects initialized!
    Clothing initialized!
    Plants initialized!
    Picking initialized!
    Food-Definitions initialized!
    NPCs initialized!
    Record-Definitions initialized!
    Crafting-Definitions initialized!
    Initialize Default Options...
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    2560 X 1440
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    Initialize Bulletphysics...
    Initialize IngameContext...
    Initialize Materials...
    Initialize FMod for MacOSX64 ...
    FMod - Load native library: libfmod.dylib Filesize: 2722048 bytes
    FMod - Load native library: libfmodstudio.dylib Filesize: 3231716 bytes
    FMod - Load native library: libfmodL.dylib Filesize: 2962480 bytes
    FMod - Load native library: libfmodstudioL.dylib Filesize: 4547876 bytes
    FMod - Load native library: JavaFMod.dylib Filesize: 161660 bytes
    ... finished
    (0) Built-in Output, STEREO, 2, 44100

    Initialize Music...
    Initialize Sounds...
    Sound initialization done!
    Initialize RenderingSettings...
    content.Game INFO: FMOD Driver: Built-in Output ID: 0
    content.Game INFO: FMOD Mode: STEREO Channels: 2 Systemrate: 44,100
    Initialize SerializerRegistrations...
    Initialize InputMappings...
    Initialize LocalPlayer...
    Playername: MommaT
    Construction elements quality 256
    219 blueprints initialized!
    load anim channels
    load anim channels
    Initialize AppStates...
    Initialize GuiStates...
    warning CollisionDispatcher.needsCollision: static-static collision!
    OperationSystemMXBean not supported! Unable to get SystemCPULoad
    Initialization takes too long! Info: 0 1 1
    Initialization takes too long! Info: 0 1 1
    Initialization takes too long! Info: 0 1 1
    124219992 bytes loaded
    Initialize GUI...
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    friendlist show: false
    Loaded 3 Steam friends
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    friendlist show: false
    com.jme3.texture.plugins.DDSLoader WARNING: Got 11 mipmaps, expected 12
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    load anim channels
    load anim channels
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    load anim channels
    clothing element update player
    load anim channels
    clothing element update player
    load anim channels
    clothing element update player
    load anim channels
    clothing element update player
    load anim channels
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    screenresolution 2560x1440
    aspect ratio 16:9
    loading texture dimension: 2560x1440
    friendlist show: false
    Initialize PostProcessFilters...
    -> reattach
    WaterProcessor initialized!
    WeatherOccludeProcessor initialized!
    SSAO Filter disabled
    SSAO Filter disabled
    SSAO Filter disabled
    Loadingtime: 34.90 seconds
    SSAO Filter disabled
    set lightscattering samples: 49
    screenresolution 2560x1440
    aspect ratio 16:9
    loading texture dimension: 2560x1440
    LOAD WORLD Naked Not Afraid
    /Users/SueCampbell1/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/Worlds/Naked Not Afraid:::Naked Not Afraid
    WORLDINFO Gamemode: Survival
    Gametype set to Survival
    WORLDINFO Seed: -781883022378324
    WORLDINFO Caves: true
    WORLDINFO Vegetations: true
    WORLDINFO OreAmount: 3
    WORLDINFO DisabledNPCs:
    WORLDINFO DisabledDungeons:
    WORLDINFO DisabledWaterSources:
    WORLDINFO Worldtype: Normal
    WORLDINFOS seed: -781883022378324 type: Normal caves: true vegetations: true oreamount: 3 disablednpc: [] disableddungeons: [] disabledwatersources: []
    WORLDINFO Time: 23.2.0 21:9:1.332323
    aM.a WORLDINFO Creationdate: 1516488132486
    INFO: WORLDINFO Version:
    DatabaseTaskManager started with ThreadPoolSize 1
    Worldconverter: Updating not required
    WORLDINFO Spawninventory: 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 -65 -128 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    WORLDINFO Spawnclothing: 5 -1 -1 1 0 1 0 -1 -1 -1 0 -1 -1 -1 0 -1 -1 -1 -1 1 0 2 0 -1 -1 -1 0 -1 -1 -1 0 -1 -1 -1
    Worldpart generating...
    Biomepart generating...
    Loaded Biomepart from cache: 0 - 0 (20ms)
    Loaded Worldpart (v3) from cache: 0 - 0 (219ms)
    WORLDINFO Spawnposition: 256.0 217.0 256.0
    WORLDINFO Spawnrotation: 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0
    dir does not exist: Worlds/Naked Not Afraid/customImages/
    INITIAL WEATHER Default 1895.0
    16 chests loaded from DB!
    0 texts loaded from DB!
    4 Plants loaded from DB!
    5 Furnaces loaded from DB!
    561 NPCs loaded from DB!
    LocalClient: addChannel 0 TCP 4255
    LocalClient: addChannel 1 UDP 4256
    LocalClient: addChannel 2 TCP 4256
    LocalClient: addChannel 3 UDP 4257
    LocalClient: addChannel 4 TCP 4257
    LocalClient: addChannel 5 UDP 4258
    LocalClient: addChannel 6 TCP 4258
    JIW-Network INFO: [LocalServer] Add channel Port:4,255 Type:TCP Index:0
    JIW-Network INFO: [LocalServer] Add channel Port:4,256 Type:UDP Index:1
    JIW-Network INFO: [LocalServer] Add channel Port:4,256 Type:TCP Index:2
    JIW-Network INFO: [LocalServer] Add channel Port:4,257 Type:UDP Index:3
    JIW-Network INFO: [LocalServer] Add channel Port:4,257 Type:TCP Index:4
    JIW-Network INFO: [LocalServer] Add channel Port:4,258 Type:UDP Index:5
    JIW-Network INFO: [LocalServer] Add channel Port:4,258 Type:TCP Index:6
    aV.g INFO: No default server permissions found!
    CLIENT 1 CHANGE STATE: Disconnected -> Connected
    aT.f INFO: Client Connected ID: 1 IP:
    Steam - Load native library: libsteam_api.dylib Filesize: 609216 bytes
    Steam - Load native library: libsteamworks4j.dylib Filesize: 766876 bytes
    Steam - Load native library: libsteamworks4j-server.dylib Filesize: 228928 bytes
    Invalid IP format (ANY):
    STEAM BIND TO 0 (), PORT 4255, 4259 NoAuthentication

    SteamID: 76561197960265728 (0)
    ::CLIENT CHANGE STATE: Disconnected -> Connecting
    ::CLIENT CHANGE STATE: Connecting -> Connected
    Authentication name: MommaT ticket:
    /Users/SueCampbell1/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/scripts
    LOADPLAYER: MommaT (76561198079765669)
    - /resources/plugin.yml
    * Plugin: GPS
    * Version: 1.1.0
    * Author: Maurizio M. Gavioli aka Miwarre
    * Team: VistaMare Software
    * Description: To aid the player in world navigation and positioning. Allows to set a home point and up to 15 waypoints; displays current player position and optionally distance and radial to home/waypoint.
    * License: Creative Common by-sa
    * Website:

    - /resources/plugin.yml
    Load WorldPartSQLite -2 2...
    LAN server: false Host: true
    clientGeneralListener -> Survival
    Change ingame screen to 'Survival'
    Return WorldPartSQLite -2 2
    * Plugin: com.vms.PlanksAndBeams
    * Version: 0.4.1b
    * Author: Maurizio M. Gavioli aka Miwarre
    * Team: VistaMare Software
    * Description: To provide players with non-standard planks and beams. Note by JIW: Added temporary workaround in order to make this plugin compatible with 0.9
    * License: Creative Common by-sa
    * Website:

    Received NPC init spawn: 561
    - /resources/plugin.yml
    * Plugin: com.vms.RWGUI
    * Version: 0.5.0
    * Author: Maurizio M. Gavioli aka Miwarre
    * Team: VistaMare Software
    * Description: A back-end plug-in providing some GUI ready-made controls for other plug-ins to use.
    * License: Creative Common by-sa
    * Website:

    GetPlayerInformation Skin + Clothing
    - /resources/plugin.yml
    * Plugin: UserObjectLoader
    * Version: 0.3.6
    * Author: Kryssi
    * Description: A simple plugin
    * License: Bier

    SQLite: /Users/SueCampbell1/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/plugins/gps/gps-Naked Not Afraid.db
    GPS 1.1.0 loaded successfully!
    API: REGISTER LISTENER class com.vistamaresoft.gps.Gps
    Add onTextEntry
    Add onPlayerSpawn
    Add onPlayerChangePosition
    Add onPlayerClick
    Add onPlayerCommand
    Add onPlayerConnect
    load anim channels
    load anim channels
    Planks 'n Beams 0.4.1 loaded successfully!
    API: REGISTER LISTENER class com.vistamaresoft.pnb.PlanksAndBeams
    Add onPlayerCommand
    API: REGISTER LISTENER class com.vistamaresoft.rwgui.RWGui
    Add onConnect
    RWGui 0.5.0 enabled successfully!
    -- listing properties --
    API: REGISTER LISTENER class de.kryssi.userobjectloader.PlayerListener
    Add onCommand
    Add onPlayerConnect
    World uses an SQLite database
    execute Create Table IF NOT EXISTS `User3DModels`
    API: REGISTER LISTENER class de.kryssi.userobjectloader.DatabaseHandleThread
    Add onPlayerInteract
    Add onModelPutDown
    UserObject-Loader plugin loaded successfully!
    Thread - START Database Handle Thread
    class de.kryssi.userobjectloader.DatabaseHandleThread loadModelsFromDataBase()
    Player was not dead, old Spawn setup
    Client sync weather: 0 -1 0.0 true
    Steam Servers Connected (-1587419148 ->
    Load WorldPartSQLite -2 1...
    Return WorldPartSQLite -2 1
    Worldpart generating...
    Biomepart generating...
    Loaded Biomepart from cache: -1 - 0 (19ms)
    Loaded Worldpart (v3) from cache: -2 - 1 (225ms)
    Worldpart generating...
    Biomepart generating...
    Loaded Biomepart from cache: -1 - 1 (11ms)
    Loaded Worldpart (v3) from cache: -2 - 2 (239ms)
    Loaded world in 10.355774 seconds!
    Change ingame screen to 'Survival'
    clothing element update player
    load anim channels
    LOAD MAP DATABASE: /Users/SueCampbell1/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/Map/sp_Naked Not Afraid135752262/
    load all maptiles from files: 63 ms
    change moon texture to: (FullMoon)
    is furnace placement
    changetype: FurnacePlacement
    Falldistance = 1.4006271
    set settings 32 0 (null)
    LOAD CUSTOM BITMAP FONT: de/jiw/gui/resources/Fonts/
    Graphics saved!
    PixelFormatChanged: false
    com.jme3.system.lwjgl.LwjglDisplay WARNING: Selected display mode: 2560 x 1440 x 0 @0Hz
    Graphics saved!
    -> Remove spawn collision helper INFO: Play music 'piece_night_7'
    Removed Worldpart at 0, 0 INFO: Removed Biomepart at 0, 0 INFO: Removed Worldpart at -2, 1 INFO: Removed Biomepart at -1, 0
    Rising World - (Steam)
    2018/03/16 07:44 PM

    F7 Delete! duh. The only key I didn't try. Ha ha. :D
    thanks. Deirdre! Edit: But not the Mac Delete Key. Only the back space key (different key on Mac) now that I know—I can do it.

    OK. So I have a game set up in Survival that I change in-game to creative. Using your instructions @sharkbitefischer I still need the resources to make the plank or beam using the PnB plugin. I guess then it's for only games set up as creative. Edit: in Creative game it still tells me I don't have the resources and when hold a plank it won't allow me to pick the type of item to make. Confusing. I will still use the console cmds, I guess. (It also seems to be missing the white word texture #84, so probably not up to date.)

    But my question about F6 is still how it works. Because no matter what block I may have in hand, using that tool when I place block I still only get the gray cement.
    I have a new world set up in creative. Even if I have the blocks in a material crafted and in my hand, when I try to use F6 to place a bunch I still only get the gray cement.

    Have not figured out the place vegetation with this either. It seems to still only place one at a time, so it isn't any different than using f5 for that. I take that back. I have been using this for vegatation all along. I forgot! One at a time is how that's always been.


    I have downloaded and installed the PnB plugin. That is I pulled it into the Plugins folder. In Creative Game I get the PnB interface with all the textures in the window when I am using f6 Blocks. However no matter what texture I pick I get the default gray cement texture.

    Is there something I haven't done? The assets are there in the assets folder, I can see them. F6 for placing large amounts of block is awesome! How is it I didn't know about this?

    And f7! Is this new? Wow it looks as though I can use that to remove a bunch of stuff at one time. I get how to make the selection, but how to do the actual deletion? Right click doesn't work, F key doesn't, return doesn't. Then how? ?(

    Hi all,

    I would like to try P2P but I don't have any Steam friends to try it with. I don't really understand how to do it yet either. Anyone willing to try it with me?
    My Steam name is MommaT. I'm also on Mountain Standard Time. (USA). :)

    Opinion about gaming in general, as an observer, and very newbie player/old fart.

    Games that succeed in capturing our imaginations start with STORY. It's a must. Right now we have experimentation, and tools, and world to play with those in, but no story. Even if NPCs are implemented—without their own story, motivations, and objectives (which I see as more short term than "Story")—there's no real reason for them to be there anymore than a cow or a bear. With those animal NPCs they provide food or an element of danger, but nothing else. We don't care whether they live or die.

    It actual fact we don't care care that much whether WE live or die, because there's nothing more at stake than perhaps what we're carrying. I do admittedly mostly play creative, because I have a project I want to finish. Though I have started another Survival Game, and 2 hours in I'm already getting bored. I don't do violent games, one because they don't appeal to me, and two because at my age my reaction time sucks. (I'm older than my picture. ;) ) But I know what a good story does and how much I enjoy that.

    Objectives or quests are a good start, so I agree with @sgeronimo on that observation. I also agree with @ArticuKitsu that we're in alpha, and there has been and will be a progression. That said, I don't think this game was or is being developed with any kind of story arc in mind. That's a shame, but I understand that a tiny crew can't do everything. And they'd need actual good writers with demonstrated ability to write adventure, action, gut-wrenching emotional stories—not amateurs, not hacks. So in the future, players are going to need to step in and write some GOOD stories to play and share, and there will need to be a way to implement this option in the game. Yes, that almost contradicts what I said about amateur hacks, but it's a place to start, and people will be vocal about what's good, or not.

    I know nothing about how Minecraft works other than I've watched a bit of it*. I know that different ModPacks do in include some kind of story or quest arc. Though, that wouldn't be enough, in my opinion, to keep people interested except maybe people who've played and enjoyed that type of game play. It needs MORE.

    A big story. Of all the stuff I've watched lately, Horizon Zero Dawn was the most satisfying story. (It didn't hurt that it is breathtakingly beautiful. Also violent—though it's very hard to find good, immersive, story-rich games that aren't. Again, I just watched.) But Rising World has the potential to be beautiful too. It isn't quite yet. (The mountains! Eeek!)

    So yeah, early days, and things are coming along. I'm still a fan, and I still enjoy the creative building play. Not sure for how long. This began for me as a test to see what I could do with it.

    I'll be watching to see if the ability to create a story arc that could be played singularly or in groups will ever take shape and be implemented. That could be exciting indeed, and would bring out droves of folks who think they could write a great story (think: homebrew D&D) in fact you could port over your rpg stories you already created, though maybe you'd have to dumb down all those arcane rules!

    *I know a LOT pf players came from Minecraft. That I didn't I really believe is an advantage in playing this game. ;)

    I play mostly creative. I've exploited the heck out of the console. ;)

    We can "paint" with existing textures in the terrain mode, true, and we can make any in game texture in planks and beams (but no glass triangles yet!).
    But what I most want is a color picker and paint tool for all elements PnB and blocks. So that I can make any shade of color. Also, to add to that, since I am dreaming. I would love to have a "wallpaper" tool so that I scan in my own texture an apply it walls, to other shapes I build in game.

    Think of the possibilities! <3

    Looking forward to the next update. Can't wait to see the horsies or whatever it is!

    Another vote for a paint tool, again. A tool that will allow us to paint any block wall, or plank and beam to any color using a color picker (hexadecimal selector). Perhaps we would first have to have a "null" texture (represented by plain gray, maybe) then apply "paint color" over that.

    So we'd select that null texture block, or color ID for a beam or plank, build our wall or whatever. Then select the Paint tool, and in that GUI we'd select a custom color from a hexadecimal tool (many simple ones on the web). Or failing that, typing in a hex number. We'd then point our Paint tool at the null colored wall and click to apply color. We might repaint, too, if we want to change the color.

    I'd also wish for paint to be applied only to the side we touch, but that may be impossible. Even so I'd welcome all-over painting!

    Alternatively, selecting a Null colored block or element in the crafting bench or inventory and having a way to color it there with a custom color, would work just as well. OR, doing in the console by perhaps typing:

    item woodbeam qty. ID# (color as a hex code)

    Extrapolating from that, maybe you could also have some sort of command center where you could input all the properties, item type, material or custom color ID, size dimensions and orientation X Y Z, AND then save that custom object to reuse.

    I'm dreaming, so I might as well dream big. :D