Mountup a mount control utility for Unity Version

  • I made this for fun and fulfill my desires for my own server Angriff's Lair. I know there are people that make huge routines that encompass all the needs to run and control a server. I prefer smaller routines that I can customize to specific uses. Color me sort of an Indie plugin provider:thinking:

    This is a small utility and command plugin that creates a means to control horse mounts, provide equity in ownership and a means to call your mount whenever you need it. If it somehow is stolen you can call it and the mount will return to your side. It uses a few tricks to get and store this information but it seems to work well. It is my first Unity version plugin. I had a lot of help from players and even Red51 in the forums when I got stuck so that is one of the reasons I am releasing it to the forums.

    Mountup allows a player to claim one (horse). You can have as many horses as you want in a paddock or saddled but only one (1) is considered your MOUNT. You can switch which horse is your mount if you find one you like better or yours is killed.

    You have the following COMMANDS in the chat window;

    /namemount: You select and declare your MOUNT by looking at (cursor on) the horse when you hit return you on the command line. This will name the mount as yours. Everyone can see this. Nobody else can ride,saddle or otherwise use this MOUNT except you.

    /release: the MOUNT by looking at (cursor on) the MOUNT and hit return on this command. This will remove the name and return the horse to the wild. Any other player can claim this horse now.

    /callmount. This will 'Whistle' for the mount from any place in the world and place it at your side. You don't have to wait for it to run to you so if you just teleported across an ocean it does not matter. The horse will come with or without a saddle depending how you left it. Remember if you dont have a saddle on it the horse will roam and it may be hard to get the focus on it but if you have a saddle you can put it on it and it will stop. If you lose the horse try a /callmount.

    /mounthelp: Provides a list of help hints and the command list.

    Claim by Saddle: If you have a saddle you can claim a horse if you do not have a MOUNT already. Claiming a horse by putting a saddle on any an unnamed (nobody owns it) horse. This acts in the same manner as /namemount but all in one step in the saddle event. You can remove the saddle normally from any MOUNT to keep it safe of if you want to place it in a chest.

    You can also place a saddle on any other horse that is not claimed by another player but it will not claim/name more than one. You will have to release your MOUNT and then you can name/claim another by command line or putting a saddle on the new horse making it YOUR MOUNT.

    I have tested this with some other people's plugins without issues. It does not use a database to store information and only uses the World database for targeting so it should remain compatible.

    Enjoy and let me know if you get any error codes or needs or have ideas for adjustments  


    Edited 5 times, last by angriff: Just added some emphasis on (1) mount and added command /mounthelp corrected a few misleading misspells. ().

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