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    So what you're really saying is I have no life and spend way too much time building things in this game..... guilty as charged. lol

    No, I was complimenting on your ability to think spatially. <misspelling that may have made you think special>. I have a retired life so my job really is to hang out being unproductive to society but I also spend too much time building and programming plugins for this game just for fun. :D

    Really takes some spacial thinking to come up with this thread, congrats. Not sure, you can get some shapes the by clipping pieces together like we used to get arches and stuff. But out of the blue, how about the ability to distort a block shape into a Rhombus? These might be difficult shapes to snap too.

    anyway my 5 cents.

    Many games like this, Valheim is one, have web apps that allow you to put in a kernal number and generate a map that lets you see if it is a suitable map. I have a server that has small main islands with huge water oceans between islands with the only way to cross these expanses is with a small rowboat or hours of swimming there is little use for players to visit or habitat. I want to change the map on my server but the need to rebuild and/or transfer everything is an obstacle. I dont want to choose another Dud for a map.

    The Font enum (mentioned by james1bow ) is indeed the correct one - it contains all fonts of the game. It can be used for signs and UI elements ;) You can pass it to a label using the setFont() method (or alternatively set the style.font property on the label). Example:

    UILabel label = new UILabel("Hello World");
    label.setFontColor(0xFFFFFFFF); // <- white
    label.setBackgroundColor(0x000000FF); // <- black (optional)

    Thanks Red. I actually found this through your API Javadocs but because of my old nemisis. I had had not implemented the important import bit.


    I should have come back here and corrected that for those coming behind with the question. "Always think of the next guy"

    possible yes. but if you do 0.2 its a double to java just like 0 can be a long or int but you will get errors casting 0 to long. to cast 0 long its 0L.

    Ya well java default is double even though the only form the constructor can use is a float. Hence the lossy error. I appreciate the help as you have to realize I did this 8 years ago for the first time for about a year or two with this game then stopped and just now picking back up again. Prior to this my experience with programming was Fortran in University over 50 year ago and programmable controller logic, not as a programmer but as a Chief engineer designing heavy machinery with a team of 70. Seven or so were C++ programmers for proprietary embedded processors.

    This is my fun hobby.:| Hope someone learns something from this discussion in java semantics because I certainly did as well as got my background colors on my GUI to be correct. :thumbup:

    Welllllll, yes and no.... :wacko:

    Anyways glad you have it sorted.

    So you think 0.2 is NOT both an double and float possible number? but as far as sorted, yes I am too as it was annoying and significant progress has been made on my GUI.

    So here is another similar issue.




    Neither gives an error in Netbeans.

    The latter produces a greenish font the former a red one.

    I know Red is working on making blocks stop water from seeping through. This is an important step in making water move in aqueducts and such but also offers an interesting physics. If blocks will hold water they can also hold out water creating a displacement. As any seafarer knows displacement can lead to enough buoyancy to produce flotation. Hopefully the physics of a center of gravity and center of buoyancy is in the capabilities of Unity. :D

    Thanks guys not knowing that there is a difference in the number ranges between the types was not the issue but rather, the notation to declare them with in statement notation ( ie. the f and d ), The API clearly says that the parameter argument s in public void setBackgroundColor(float r, float g, float b, float a) are floats. The problem was not even the calculation of the 0 to 1 requirement which is the desired RGB number (0 to 255) divided by 255.

    The fact that any number between 0 and 1 was giving the same pink background results led to a further confusion. It was my error making the assumption that the Constructor would recognize the decimal form 0.62 (160/255) as in of itself a legitimate float. It requires the input to declare the decimal form number as f (Float), Further NETBEANS does not have the information to know the parameter argument can only be a valid float and determines that the decimal number can be either a float or double and assumes a double then flags a lossy conversion error and will not compile.

    panel.setBackgroundColor(0.2f,1f,0.62f,0.8f); has no ERROR Flag

    panel.setBackgroundColor(0.2,1,0.62,0.8); has an incompatible types: possible lossy conversion error from double to float. ERROR Flag

    So NetBeans took the decimal numbers to be ,as default, doubles and would try to convert them to float during compile. I can only imagine at this point had NetBeans not assumed the decimals numbers are Double as default that this valuable reinforcement would not have been available on using notation and its requirement importance.

    <posted this as clarification of the next person searching the forums for help on a UI panel background.>

    Thanks .. I just confirmed it every time I used the floats without the f it kept giving me a lossy error. If I put the the hard integers like 255 or 160, Netbeans accept it but made it pink for some reason so it confused me to what was going on. I just came back here to let you know it confirmed to work. Now If I could just turn the dang thing off.

    Did you know you can use Static Water to build up a waterway that the boats can traverse? I just did an experiment on my server and made a canal that went up hill and traveled across land. It has to be two blocks deep and wide enough to turn around but it is cool, actually.

    Unfortunately gravity on your boat does not create a current

    Thank you! I don't have the server file in my folder, though it is a dedicated server. Also...where can I find my UID?

    it is a file found in your Steam folder. On my computer it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RisingWorldDedicatedServer\ Maybe you could do a file search on that.

    Did you try the command line in game command makeadmin?

    I am assuming you are a Steam user. If you are then your UID is the same as your SteamID. You can find this in your account details. Use pulldown top right under your name for Account Details in Steam. It will be the long digit number under you named marked SteamID.

    You likely can read your own by going on the server open the command line with the tilde then type logs. This will open a file called player log file. about a page and a half a page down you should see your name and your UID just above it.

    In a blind leading the blind pinch; you could come on my Server Angriff's Lair then I could read it from the database.

    I actually have that westernized style Japanese bed in my Japanese decor guest bedroom in real. Well it is a queen bed with two tatamis. ;)

    I agree bedding looks a little clunky in the game. Not sure what texture is best.