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    Maybe i can give you a bone lol this is a plugin i am working on right now, this will be uploaded to the forum for everyone to use,

    Not that everyone will use it :-)

    That is totally amazing. I am not worthy to stand in your presence.

    The model i purchased has .fbx ; .obj ; unity package ; unreal package. It was built in blend and has a blend model. But lets start with basics as to the installation of the plug in itself. It seems there are 3 or four files that need to be in some order. Then I am assuming one of the files for the model needs to be in a directory. Then once in the game how to pull it into the game server.

    Don't get me wrong here NOCI. I commend your efforts here and support for the community. I want to figure this out really bad. I even bought a commercial model to use to figure this out.

    Thanks for all you do.

    you can use This tool to translate the entire site!

    Actually I have already done that the the translation is not technically orientated and patchy as many of the examples are not translated fully or at all. I just gave up because it is so consing and hope someone else post something about how to do this. All i know is there some sort of order that needs to be followed in the directory for execution to even get this files to run.

    Sorry I rarely go anyplace but my own server and don't even pursue blueprint rights on other's servers. But in reality it should not have mattered as the programming activity is similar with maybe the exception of single player. Your help was not unnecessary and certainly would be helpful for anybody that is searching the forums for help on any of the solutions your offered.

    angriff I don't know if it's your server or not.
    Please have a look at your permissions like showing in the screenshots. Language is German but I think that's doesen't really matter.

    Some servers have a limitation on setting blueprints.

    Hey I appreciate your continual commenting. It is a bit like beating a dead horse like but for others I suppose it could be relevant

    RED51 has correctly interpreted and commented on the symptoms as being a server / client communication issue. The lock up never shows the command box for naming the blueprint and it never sends an error that you have placed too many. It sits there spinning its little thinking icon until you get a program not responding error. Again it is so intermittent lately and I have not seen it since they moved my server to new equipment. We may never see it again.

    Thank you for your helpful attention and interesting comments. I partly hope I get it again so I can get a report to help but the other part of me hopes it has gone for good with the public server service moving to new equipment.

    When saving a blueprint, the save-request is sent to the server first (in multiplayer). The server then decides whether or not the player is allowed to create the blueprint, which elements are to be included etc, and send this back to the client - then the save indicator goes away and a save dialog shows up where you provide the name etc for the blueprint (only then the blueprint is actually stored on your hard drive).

    If the save indicator does not go away, it indicates that the client didn't receive a response from the server (or something else went wrong) :thinking: A report would be indeed helpful to find out what's going on there (as mentioned by Deirdre )

    Well that settles it as a communication from the server to my client not a save issue to a directory. The error is always before the naming window. Unfortunately it is only intermittent but and when I am building which I will check next time I have the issue to see if I run this report thing. It is the first time I heard of a report feature after having to force crash the game.

    Ok well I will fool with it. Seems weird but the only place I am making and saving them is online public server so I thought it was something to do with communication on the server trying to write it to my local disk. Could be a Steam thing too.

    So I have had the problem in two different directories one with quite a few BPs and one with only about two dozen. It is on an Solid State drive so I should not have this issue. It never gets to the name the blueprint screen just starts a little wheel type icon says saving. It is just stuck in neutral. It seems to correct itself if I relog by using the Steam Stop button to get out of the game.