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    When i was a young boy, we used to get the fire going really hot so we could run outside and see lots more embers coming out of your our chimney at night, they looked amazing, so for me this is how we used to see the smoke from our chimneys

    While it is totally irrelevant to the advancement of this game, it used to be perfectly acceptable to have an open beer when you drove a truck when I was young. Chimneys are designed to not set your roof on fire and very often in modern times regulated to not set your neighbors roof on fire either. Embers also cause chimney fires which could also burn your house down with you when you are sleeping. So beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I would prefer fire flies at night to embers in the sky.

    I like the sparks, it makes the smoke look even more real as normal smoke does indeed have them 😉

    While it looks OK in a campfire and you may say it looks great But having embers coming out of your chimney sort of defeats the purpose of not setting your roof on fire in reality and some of the reason they were above the roof line so much and cleaned in real.

    Having these little animations in game make the game really immersive and enjoyable. Would be nice to be able to animate other things too. Cannot wait until the water animations come in.

    Hi to remove the land you need to use F5 / 4 (area selection tool) then just drag the area that you need to remove once you are happy just hit the Delete key on your k/b job done.

    OK was using the F7 function because it deleted trees and structures.. F5 then the 4 key (terrain selection) using the mouse or keys to select then Del key does erase it.. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Sigh is really buggy works one time but not the next . Maybe it is a lag delay at the server. Seems if I hit the Del key once and wait it several seconds it works. If I get impatient and hit the DEL key twice it stops working.


    I also was thinking he was talking about the smoke only object, I was like why blueprint this oO so your not alone, in the unity version you can resize the fires so small you can hide them in the chimney for a smoke effect, only problem is the light from the fire goes through the blocks and reflects on your roof oO not a big deal and that problem will be fixed so I read on another post.

    I figured out the size thing.. was able to reduce some wall torches and put them in piles of faux wood in fireplaces and stone ovens.. they look nice. The problem with the campfires also is the smoke is laced with lit embers flying off.

    Smoke was not a blueprint but an object. I'm sure it will be implemented in the future

    Those blueprints attached were captured smoke in the java game. I have made a blueprint of a campfire in the new game and I can place it anywhere in game without crafting the campfire. I can place that blueprint in any structure and it will appear as if I placed an object though in the new game you cannot seem to place objects as fine as blocks. What has happened in the java version attached above is that the other entities in the campfire are removed from the blueprint picture. Try it in the java version with those blueprints

    You place the block and the in game smoke from a fire only emitted from them. You could place them in a chimney structure and animated smoke alone would come out. I cannot find my old screenshots on this but I have a few stored on steam where you can see the smoke coming out of the chimneys

    Smoke coming out of the peasant house in the back ground. The foreground it has not been placed, yet…iledetails/?id=1410304400

    Smoke coming out after placing smoke blueprint in the building in the previous photo…iledetails/?id=1410620157

    This screenshot shows smoke coming out the little window in the Roman watchtower. I had modeled a kitchen area in the building and the smoke blueprint added animation to make it appear in action…iledetails/?id=1425739032

    sorry I dont have a movie but believe me the smoke moves and looks like smoke coming out of the chimney.

    We used to be able to place a small blueprint at the top of chimneys to create the smoke coming out of the chimney. Will this be or is this available in the new version? I have not found my smoke blueprint/item yet

    They move a few feet and stop but don't do a lot more. I'd want to see them go somewhere as if they were visitng another house, going to work or some similar thing. They lay down to sleep but they will do it anywhere, even on bare ground, I would prefer them to go to their "home" and sleep on a bed there.

    It would be fairly easy to tag a house as a NPC home and have them "take ownership" so others can't use it to live in but can only visit. The same goes for offices, and places of work if they could be tagged as such, they would path their way to it, appering to go to work etc for a resonable period of time. Municipal buildings and recreation like the town hall, parks, cinema's could be tagged as short term visit areas where they would go for a short while before returning.

    A lot could be done to give the appearance of a normal living and breathing village/town which would give us reason to build such things.

    Well none of the NPC do much. In fact Tigers go to sleep and you can go right up to them and hit them and they do nothing. To program them to do random realistic things seems a bit too much for this game to ever achieve. AI is a complex routine that is not executed well in any game. You can see in most character build games AI are just people standing around that you can interact with or talk with to get advice. I think they are intending to make NPC dummies a bit more aggressive which may mean to have them attack you and you can fight them but hey you can kill even a fully armored player in this game with only a few hits with a any sword save the wooden one.