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    They move a few feet and stop but don't do a lot more. I'd want to see them go somewhere as if they were visitng another house, going to work or some similar thing. They lay down to sleep but they will do it anywhere, even on bare ground, I would prefer them to go to their "home" and sleep on a bed there.

    It would be fairly easy to tag a house as a NPC home and have them "take ownership" so others can't use it to live in but can only visit. The same goes for offices, and places of work if they could be tagged as such, they would path their way to it, appering to go to work etc for a resonable period of time. Municipal buildings and recreation like the town hall, parks, cinema's could be tagged as short term visit areas where they would go for a short while before returning.

    A lot could be done to give the appearance of a normal living and breathing village/town which would give us reason to build such things.

    Well none of the NPC do much. In fact Tigers go to sleep and you can go right up to them and hit them and they do nothing. To program them to do random realistic things seems a bit too much for this game to ever achieve. AI is a complex routine that is not executed well in any game. You can see in most character build games AI are just people standing around that you can interact with or talk with to get advice. I think they are intending to make NPC dummies a bit more aggressive which may mean to have them attack you and you can fight them but hey you can kill even a fully armored player in this game with only a few hits with a any sword save the wooden one.

    How come mithril a metal is green. I thought it was silver like in Tolkien's novels?

    Lets take it out and put in uranium or plutonium so the modernist can have a nuclear bomb. :evil:

    What about the person that is trying multiplayer for the first time and finds themselves stuck in a well!... asking for a friend... I swear this didn't happen to me! This is why we need 400 stone axes in every chest

    A stone axe will not help you on my server. You just better send an ingame email to the Admin.

    YAML is very strict yes but so too are all languages. If you have problems copy and paste an example and edit it (that how I started).

    chatcolor: 0xFFFFFF
    chatnamecolor: 0xFFFFFF
    - repeater

    p.s. In regards to spacing - tab and space bar are not the same thing.

    I know I know but seems I still get repeaters. It is just a very tedious thing to have to edit 16 different files (yes I have that many groups to get what I want out of my server) to get what you want and a simple space can make it pass through the loading process with no errors then not work in game. One too many spaces creates a completely different signal that the game ignores. There has to be a better way it is already hard enough for people to create servers and use plugin. Would be nice to have a PNB style editor for group permissions.

    As long as the syntax is correct, the permissions should always work. Yaml has a pretty strict syntax and a wrong indenting results in the permission file being invalid. When working with permissions, it's recommendable to keep an eye on the server console/log, since an erroneous permission file will always give an error.

    Nevertheless, the next RCON tool (which is currently in the works) will have a built-in permissions editor. It allows you to set up and edit permission files easily without having to worry about the syntax or indenting or anything like that.

    I get no errors in the console and guess what they can still craft the denied stuff. I am on the 7th revisions and still issues. I use a yaml editor and still they can make repeater rifles.

    The YAML syntax is complete bogus for the use of a casual game server owners. Do you want this game to grow or what?

    I have worked and worked and denied and typed and spaced.. the permissions thing is way to difficult to make work. It works sometimes then does not work. It is so hard to edit that it takes a degree in computer science. Can you simplify this thing a little so we can customize our servers to the way we want them to grow?

    Thanks Red ..I was thinking something that was going on and was going to put a timer to delay the command but I thought I would see if there was something else. It will be nice to change the initial spawning with the respawn for a couple of reasons. One is you put a few things in an initial spawn for a new player and some guy found a work around some of my restriction with committing suicide all day long to get the specialized items. The other is no need for 400 stone axes in all the chests in the game.


    Basically what I am trying to do is reset or change the Respawn vs the Spawn first time inventory. I guess I have to find a different way and remove it one by one since this does not work. Or do I have to clear and and then set it as an attribute.. not sure. I will try something different.

    public void onPlayerRespawn(PlayerRespawnEvent event){
    // Inventory inventory = player.getInventory();

    Landmark had a fair amount of servers that you could choose from but it was a finite number, so the result was that there were always others around.
    The problem was that there was always a rush for the best spots. Those who got them had joy. Those who didnt had grief.

    I think where RW might succeed where Landmark didnt is that is that not only are the servers procedurally generated but that after a while you realize that areas repeat (layout-wise), so if you found a spot that spoke to you and was occupied you could just wander a bit and you would eventually find it somewhere else.

    Instead of allowing single servers for everyone they could instead have a set number of servers to choose from with pre-set rules. PvP, PvE, Animals dont attack, etc. That way people could still choose what best works for them while forcing people into the same server.
    Even if the term "forcing people" doesnt sit well with someone, consider that the world is endless and its technically? possible to never see another person.

    I guess the discussion on that should center about whether JIW gets any income stream from servers. 8)

    If you inventory.clear() on Respawn is it just the inventory that the player had on his body as a standard game start or will it delete his body inventory too?