download problem

  • Steam or Standalone?
    Singleplayer or multiplayer?
    Error message?
    Operating system

    Error Message:

    "Unable to create dirs (20)"


  • I'm sorry that you ran into this error! Unfortunately there was a problem in the old launcher (the launcher was made with "Godot", but the old Godot version had no support for files bigger than 2 GB in size), resulting in the error you're seeing. This issue was fixed in the meantime, but unfortunately the launcher doesn't update automatically on MacOS...

    To fix this issue, you have to download the latest launcher for Mac from here:…-rising-world-standalone/

    If the issue still persists after downloading the latest launcher, please let me know :)

  • Thanks for the quick response.

    Still no joy. I have tried both launchers for mac listed on that page and I'm getting the same error message.

    Not the end of the world, as I have the Steam version which I have been playing off and on for several years. Bought the standalone in the hopes that it might load up quicker than the Steam version which seems to take forever to load, and to show support for for the developers who have done a great job supporting this title.

  • Thanks a lot for your support! :) :thumbup:

    But it's a pity that the launcher still doesn't work :/ It's possibly a permission issue then :thinking: Do you get the error message right after trying to log in? Or does it only happen when downloading a specific file?

    Basically the launcher tries to download the files in the same folder where the launcher is located. If the launcher has no write permissions, it's usually launched in a temporary folder (under /private/var/...), preventing it from downloading any files there...

    Maybe try this: Create a new folder "Rising World" under "Applications" and put the launcher there. Then try to launch it. Do you still run into this issue?

  • "Maybe try this: Create a new folder "Rising World" under "Applications" and put the launcher there. Then try to launch it. Do you still run into this issue?"

    That worked !

    If I were a little more "computer literate" I probably would have figured that out for myself .....

    Anyway I appreciate the help, and am looking forward to whatever the future holds for Rising World, and fyi the standalone version loads a lot quicker than the steam version, at least on my machine.

    Thanks again :thumbup::)

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