Dropping items while mining

We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

  • Dropping items while mining

    Hi not sure if you guys know of this or not but while mining in single player mode and your pushed right up against the wall you can get the so called X-Ray vision lol not complaining as it can help but the problem is while doing this I fell through the wall then to my death with no chance at recovering my body/items I could not reproduce it as I tried it again in/near the same spot, but what I did manage to find and reproduce was that wile pressed up against the wall and you drop an item then it disappears for good going into the abyss never to be seen again just like the way i fell through the wall I guess lol, apart from that great game liking it so far and hope you's can get all the bugs worked out in future releases :)

    also one last thing I manage to throw gates all around a sleeping sheep by morning it escaped somehow :( then proceeded to walk and stand right on top of my camp fire which also had my grill for cooking on it. Hope this info can help you guys out.

    Thanks for the game :)
  • Trillnar wrote:

    if you press f2 then open the command prompt and type goto #spawn you wont die.

    Umm isn't the whole point of the game is to survive? I know I can start a new game in creative but its not why I'm playing it for and If we ave people falling through the world I'm sure its not a good thing so either the devs know about this and is working on a fix or it was just my system that did it either way I thought I'd post about it and see if needs to be logged as a bug.... anyways I don't see how your post has helped other then allowing me to never die which is not what I want but thanks for trying.
  • Dotdot,
    Rising world is being designed for people on all levels. It is a game for those that want to be creative (creative mode) it also has adventure and survival modes for those that want it their way. Hack and slash games thrive in the PC world (7 days to die , Life is feudal, and many others. The developers here are trying to make this a "play it your way game". You can actually switch the creative mode off and on in the command mode. There is a bug in the game that still causes you to fall through the world. I had it happen a time or 2 while digging a very long tunnel.