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    This is basically how the terrain generation in Alchemists awakening works, Rather then a vast ocean , it is a series of larger continents . It also Includes Volcanoes and other geological features. Geysers , volcanoes, steaming hot springs would be a first if you could pull it off.

    Hi Red ,
    Sorry but I have been away for a long time . I was very Ill last summer (2018)

    I recently wiped my pc and started over. I did reinstall Rising world but there were some Issues with the game Adjusting my pc's brightness and not restoring it when the game exits so I took it off .

    I am glad you switched to a new engine and would like to make a few suggestions.

    Please finish the world Generation FIRST this time . I would suggest that you do ALL of the biomes, water , rocks , sky and everything FIRST.
    After you get the world looking right, then work on the other stuff.

    Last time you kept adding new biomes and water and it caused problems when new sections of the world were generated .

    Everything takes place in the world so the first thing that should be done is to get the world looking right, from every rock, leaf, Tree and grain of sand. Make the world look right before adding anything.
    This is the single most valuable asset of the game ..

    Also Instead of random half built , buildings , generate Nice look looking villages , towns and other stuff, Like the game alchemists awakening does, It even generates simple road systems here and there .

    I am going to wait for the new version this time .

    I wish you well. Make Rising world great :)


    Good luck with unity. I have played with unity for years , you should be able to convert the code rather rapidly. What I never understood is why you did not start with unity 3 years ago? Not sure how unity will cope with an infinite world, I guess we will see

    I Recently replaced my graphics card and reformatted my hard drive. I could never get RW to look right since so I took it off my PC . I Will wait for the new version to go into beta before reinstalling. I am sure it will be a while and good luck with it .

    A new Steam Game called Evospace was just released in early access on steam. If you like Machines and things as well as building in a great looking world, check it out while waiting on the next Rising world Update.

    Blockscape had this beat a million times over , especially with the beauty of the world from the 2014 build. Then the creator went to a lower res world and his users rebelled. While Blockscape never contained realistic looking animals, the world generation from the 2014 version has never been equaled. Blockscape looked fantastic back in 2014.

    Now you know why I do not play on servers. They are here 1 day and gone the next , or you are griefed to death. I was banned from a server where I spent less then 2 minutes on line and did absolutely nothing but look around.

    When you play on a server you own NOTHING despite what you are told because it can all go poof in 1 second. You have NO rights no matter what you are told.

    Think about that before you go building on someone else's computer.

    They may have seen your activity as suspicious for the reason that you didn't start building? I had someone log and simply just started committing suicide a dozen times. I'm assuming to get the starter inventory items. He wouldn't respond to chats and the username was mildly offensive - he got banned.
    There are a few "dedicated" rising world servers out there. I can totally empathize with you, my first experience with rising world was to build a castle on a server only for it not to be there the next day :/ so I setup my own dedicated server. Multiplayer does enrich your game experience.

    I did not name the server because it is still active. I have 4 creative worlds of my own I work on once and a while. That keeps me busy enough :) I got a message from a server today that I was not "Whitelisted" and could not play. Oh really? LOL :)

    I only visit other peoples servers to look around. I wont build anywhere but on my own creative worlds because I know where my world will be tomorrow. One thing I learned many years ago is that nothing on a server is permanent. One day your stuff is there and the next day the server (and all of your work ) is gone. I would rather control my own world and only visit others.

    Fore some strange reason , I got banned for just looking around a server a year or 2 ago. I never picked a fruit or even swung a pic or axe on that server.

    The server owner must have just been having a bad day.

    Hehe, it sounds strange, but this is actually intended :D The setnpcskin command works like this:setnpcskin [gender (male/female)][haircut (id)][beard (id)][haircolor (rgb)][eyecolor (rgb)][skincolor (rgb)], for example setnpcskin female 2 -1 0xAA0000 0x11AAFF 0xCCCCCC.
    You just set a very dark skin color (black), and since there are no limitations (you could even give her blue or red skin color), you get this result ^^ However, the parameters are optional, so if you only want to change the gender, for example, you can simply type setnpcskin female

    The poor things are cold. Since we have clothes , why cant we dress them ? :)

    Reposted from Steam update 0.9 notes


    • [New] Added several new items:

      • Ranged weapons: Crossbow, musket and repeater and related ammunition
      • New electric tool: Miningdrill
      • New pickaxes and axes (iron and steel version)
      • New primitive stone axe
      • Two new compasses and clocks (modern/old version)
      • Two new swords
      • Properly animated canteen/waterskin
    • [New] New character models, including male and female character
    • [New] Character customization which allows you to change haircut, beard, skin color, hair color, eye color (main menu -> profile)
    • [New] New animations for nearly all items and movements (still work in progress)
    • [New] Finally visible hands for first-person view (can be disabled in config file)
    • [New] Over 80 different clothes (all clothes are available for men and women), most of them can be combined with each other
    • [New] New variations for bear, goat and cow
    • [New] New object: primitive smelting furnace
    • [New] New statue (decoration) of the old player model
    • [New] Added different moon phases
    • [New] Added detection for speed hacks (multiplayer only)
    • [New] Added removal tools for plants, constructions and objects in creative mode
    • [New] All crafting recipes are now always accessible in creative mode (inventory -> crafting)
    • [New] Added infos about grinder, paper press, spinning wheel and tanning rack to the journal
    • [New] A marker will be created on your map upon death (showing the location of your dead body)
    • [New] A preview will now be visible when placing dirt, sand etc.
    • [New] Added command "size" to set the size of a construction element manually
    • [New] When placing a construction element you'll see the texture id of the element you're currently looking at
    • [New] When placing a poster you'll see the image id and name of the poster you're currently looking at
    • [New] Added command "reloadjournal" to reload the custom journal while the server is running (MP)
    • [New] Added API support for custom sounds (see API changelog)
    • [Change] Other players (multiplayer) hold items correctly now (still need to fix some items)
    • [Change] Improved world generation speed, especially in cases where lots of lights were used
    • [Change] Hopefully fixed the lighting errors (sharp edges, wrongly lit underground) (need feedback)
    • [Change] Increased walk and sprint speed
    • [Change] Reduced memory consumption
    • [Change] Backside of images is now flipped horizontally
    • [Change] Elements can now be placed on other objects (e.g. furniture)
    • [Change] Changed male sounds and added new female sounds
    • [Change] You can see your character now when opening the inventory
    • [Change] Flymode is now disabled by default in survival mode (can be changed in the settings)
    • [Change] Reduced 10 seconds cooldown between placement of two blueprints to 2 seconds
    • [Change] Multiplayer servers automatically get re-added to the server list if the master server was offline temporarily
    • [Change] Increased minimum spawn rate of acacia saplings
    • [Change] Animals now run away from nearby gunshots or explosions
    • [Change] You can now also place ores in the furnace by holding your mouse button (faster loading)
    • [Change] You can also keep your interaction key pressed to pickup items from a furnace (faster unloading)
    • [Change] Placement collision detection improved when placing ores in the furnace
    • [Change] Ore orientation has small variation now when placing in furnace
    • [Change] "Armor" slots in inventory were replaced by "Ammo" slots
    • [Change] Ingame time will be updated during the loading process now, avoids "bright flashes" when spawning
    • [Change] A proper message will be shown now if the Steam API could not be initialized
    • [Change] Slightly increased transparency of rain
    • [Change] If the inventory data gets corrupted, players can still join the server/load the world now
    • [Change] Added detection for outdated Intel HD Graphics driver
    • [Change] Changed fullscreen/display mode handling, hopefully this fixes fullscreen issues on Linux (need feedback)
    • [Bugfix] Saloon doors finally work properly now
    • [Bugfix] Animals can no longer run on water surfaces
    • [Bugfix] Fixed broken position of dead player bodies
    • [Bugfix] Fixed broken hitbox of other players
    • [Bugfix] Grid (G) is now displayed correctly on construction elements
    • [Bugfix] Fixed fly permission not being set correctly in singleplayer sometimes
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong image position when placing a poster on a table
    • [Bugfix] Fixed overlapping text in journal/blueprints-section
    • [Bugfix] Fixed "chatnamecolor" in permissions
    • [Bugfix] Objects can now also be placed on the small garden table
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with granting/revoking admin rights from other players in multiplayer
    • [Bugfix] Fixed plugins not being loaded properly in rare cases
    • [Bugfix] Fixed issue on mp servers when "settings_admins_allpermissions" was set to false

    To have a map stored in a main database could cause more problems than its worth, like slow internet would make the game unplayable, or if the server goes down then no one can play there game not even in single player mode oOalso with how cheap hdd space is it just makes more sense having the data stored on your hdd.

    Yahgiggle, The map need not store anything but your landmarks , All it needs to do is read the data from the world and display it .

    The map data of my world is over 500 mb so far. It seems to me that the map could pull the data from the main database rather then create its own. The world so far is not all that large yet and I could see it consuming a lot of Gigabytes if the world gets really large. There must be a way where the map could consume much less HD space.

    Very nice update Red . I finally got to look at it . I have not played rising world recently because other games and projects are keeping me busy.

    I do have 1 comment . I would like to see the map update in real time as you fly around. A way to keep it on the screen. Same with the compass.

    Hope to see more soon .

    Since I updated to windows 10 Creators edition , every time I run Rising world the screen brightness gets real bright. When I exit rising world the screen stays bright and I have to go back to the control panel to fix it . It did not due this on windows 10 prior to the update. No other steam games exhibit this behavior. It Might be an issue with Jmonkey or java.

    I have a workaround. By using a borderless window instead of full screen , the problem seems to go away.

    Unfortunately there is no way to change the spawn, but you can still forbid tnt for players when disabling the pickup - chests permission ;)

    This is not true: Nearly all issues are caused by the dungeons, so if we didn't implement anything else, the situation would still be the same (it would be even worse, since nothing would work then). Apart from that, due to the impatience of some users, it's unfortunately not always favorable to have small updates with only a few new features (if an update doesn't provide enough content there are always some people ranting about that)

    Unfortunately there are no API methods for that available yet. That will be added shortly

    Red ,
    1. My Gramophone does not work in creative mode , I press f to play the record and it goes back into inventory. Perhaps I am doing it wrong.

    2. My Blueprints do not rotate in creative mode ,

    3.Water disappeared from existing small ponds in an existing world.

    I have always been for many small updates instead of 1 big one. The wait is shorter and its easier to debug a small amount of code rather then a big chunk of code.

    Red could have done this update in sections.
    I have said this before and I will say it again. Cramming all of this into one huge update was a bad Idea. A lot of Stuff is broken. Had it been released 1 step at a time this would not have happened . I have found a lot of broken stuff but since others are reporting most of it , I will not repeat it

    Here is how it Should Have went.

    1. Code the API, Finish it and Release.

    2. Code the weather , Finish it and release

    3. Code the Gramophone , Finish it and release.

    4. Code the abandoned buildings , finish and release

    5. Code the rotatable blueprints , finish and release.

    6. Code the dungeons, Finish and release.

    Hopefully a lesson will have been learned and things will go smoother in 2017. I sure hope so . This has potential. We will see.