YouTuber calls RisingWorld a Minecraft rip off

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  • This may be beside the point but some server hosting site got fed up with Minecraft so they made their own "MInecraft Killer" named 'Hytale' because they hated the whole 'AAA' developer mentality. They hated waiting for how long Minecraft took to update, failed to listen to their community, what they added to their game, and how Minecraft is now aimed at kids. I can't understand the last one, but I do understand all the other issues that Microsoft & Mojang don't listen to their community that you get the mess that they have.

    I"m highly amused because it's because of Minecraft that I'm here, and it's because of Minecraft that the server hosting guys made Hytale. People need to learn the different between "copying" and "improving on"; Using Minecraft as a step to make something better. Imagine Minecraft is a step in a stair with Rising World & Hytale being above it by a step or two, if that make sense to you guys.

    Yup. That's my new 2 cents. If it adds to the convo, awesome. If not, I'm sorry.

  • You guys have valid points. I only mentioned minecraft since it's the most popular comparison available. I don't think it's unique or in any way the first of it's kind. However I do think it was a very smart game, in the way that it hit a niche that was, at the time, mostly unfulfilled in the industry. I personally don't like it a lot, but I have to respect it for that and the unique style it embraced. I also think comparing it to RW is only logical, as they share a lot of similarities. Of course RW outshines minecraft in almost every area in my opinion. Plus the minecraft community is toxic as hell, whereas literally everyone I've met in RW is dope.

  • Blockscape had this beat a million times over , especially with the beauty of the world from the 2014 build. Then the creator went to a lower res world and his users rebelled. While Blockscape never contained realistic looking animals, the world generation from the 2014 version has never been equaled. Blockscape looked fantastic back in 2014.

  • These people don't even deserve the attention ;)

    Personally I can see how Rising World (at least in its current state) may not be a game for everyone, but also personally I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game to bits, and I'm forever happy I found it out one day on Steam and got curious enough to buy it. Never once I regret it, and the updates just make it better and better, but you need to be in the right mindset for it.

  • I see we have a lot to worry about. Try typing Rising World in YouTube's search bar and check out the huge numbers of "this is sucky minecraft" videos with griefing by immature channel owners done before the animations were redone.

    That's right, you can't find any. It's sad someone had this happen to their server, but by and large, people understand that this is not a AAA production.

    Like Minecraft, I prefer to experience this game solo because I have a checklist of stuff to accomplish and thus don't have to worry about hostile player interaction. My daughter also likes to play, so when she's interested we have a little LAN game.

    On a side note, I play both and I like both. I don't believe that Microsoft has ruined it, even if the content they're releasing isn't all that interesting to me, I enjoy generating a MC seed (when I'm not flying in the black) and seeing what it's like since I last set it aside and it's still challenging playing Hardcore without being punishing. There is a huge distinction between these two games: Minecraft has a much larger staff and more resources because it has earned a lot of success for being a solid game in the past and at least they aren't bleeding money like Blizzard has been over the past few years. Rising World is a much smaller company developing a crafting-style game on a much smaller budget. What Red and his group have acheived so far is excellent, and it's not grinding to a halt.

    Bottom line, Sam England's video was wasting my time. Continuing to be an awesome community will say much more than a two year old gameplay video by an idiot teenager who isn't uploading gaming footage anymore. Duncan from Yogscast poked a bit of fun while playing it, but he was also quite impressed with what you could do with the game should you set your mind to it.

  • Yeah, time went on and we ended up forgetting about it. I forgot this thread even existed. Just shows how useless that person's attention seeking video was with his community even in disarray. But yeah, I had to note Mojang somehow woke up adding campfires, Illagers, foxes, and such, something which I found interesting. They're finally features Minecraft needed, and they're there. And I agree, both games are indeed good in their own way that I also want to go back to play Minecraft because how much I miss it. Rising World is my new home game, yet Minecraft still holds lots of respect, even if Mojang at one point appeared to be unaware of what they were doing to their own game.

    Each to their own, also. We each our own little game.

  • It's a genre, so there will be overlap. It doesn't have an official title like "Metroidvania" but if you say "survival crafting," everyone will know what you're talking about and relate it to Minecraft like one would relate "Dawn of War" to "Dune 2." RW is still very much its own game, even with its similarities of harvesting the terrain for resources and extensive crafting menus.

  • I remember watching Sam Gladiator when I was younger. Didn't realize he was this immature, though, especially given how old he is. He's really not a good fit for the Rising World community, which I've found to be starkly different from the Minecraft community in its maturity and friendliness. I think Rising World does have too much in common with Minecraft, even if that's what sort of defines the sandbox genre. It should probably distinguish itself more in the mechanics of the game, like maybe moving away from voxel? The detail and reality of RW is obviously a big difference, too. Calling it a Minecraft ripoff is a stretch even if Minecraft is a huge influence.

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