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    Not sure why they don't already exist unless there's some technical reason?

    Theres a block with a really steep curve but how about some more gentle ones so we can do large ceiling arches and stuff? (a single block would be only a section of the overall curve)

    Will terrain generation always use the autogenerating method it does now as opposed to say pre-designed maps of a set size?

    The reason I ask is because it would be nice to be able to create maps a certain way with features where I want them. It would also make the terrain more realistic rather than just a huge expanse with random features dotted around - could actually have continents and islands and realistic geography :D

    I logged off mounted on a horse a long way from home an when i logged back on horse and everything it was carrying is gone.

    can you spawn a saddle? i tried and it didnt work and I reeeaally dont want to walk all the way home

    not difficult necessarily but time consuming and i don't really want to have to mess around with commands and stuff so ill just build around it until they put in some craftable curves like that small block one thats already in game.

    im playing a singler player map but now you mention it, i was connecting from a different computer for the first time.

    I assume then that the map data is local?

    Opened my map and it was blank except for a small area around myself - all tags and notes gone too :(

    not sure fi tis related but also noticed in the last day the screen keeps going totally black and i have to change the item im holding to get the picture back (its not a light thing - happens when holding torch and changing to a tool fixes for example) :P

    Hopefully someone can help me.

    I feel like im missing something (probably obvious). In peoples photos I can see them making arches, vaulted roofs, curved brick sections etc but I cant figure out where to make anything but cube bricks.

    Also, when I try to make stair cases I cant see how to offset the bricks by say half so that i can move up and down them - they always place 1 block up or down and i have to jump up them.

    I have made every type of workbench and I cant orientate bricks like i can planks so im lost :(

    Minecraft a AAA game?!?

    also, while minecraft may have made developers notice that this kind of game can be popular, it is hardly the first of its kind and boiling down all discussion of this genre to how much a game compares to minecraft is depressing.

    only thing I would add is that while i hope new items don't focus too much on modern tech. I like this game as medieval - renaissance maybe up to 1800's. I just hope low tech doesn't get overlooked

    I was wondering how maps are made - is there an underlying rock layer hightmap that then has a layer of dirt over the top meaning that if you dig down through dirt anywhere you will reach rock?.....or is rock just randomly spawned nodes and you can only find it where you can see it at the surface?