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    Im also just hanging on the sides waiting to be able to start contributing lol. I can program in python and know about API's, databases etc but have no experiance of full on game modding.

    I thought Unity was a C++ language? wouldnt that be the best one to learn or are mods generall written in java which integrates somehow?

    I was just wondering if the upcoming addition of horse riding will be using the "Horse Animset Pro" system? or something else?

    I ask because I have been looking at models that apparently work quite well with this system. The system also seems to open the door for a possible flying mount mod in future :P

    yea the new version.

    So I could change the model of a functional item and it would keep all its functionality? I could swap the sword model for a baguette and be running around hitting things and dealing damage to stuff with my lunch?


    I am not much of a programmer but I am pretty technical. Never done any modding and was wondering how easy it would be to take an in game item and just change the 3d model to a different one?

    For example if I wanted to change the way the sword looked, could I just replace some model file or is it much more involved than that?


    these are excellent thanks!

    I am trying to build my own medieval building blueprints so i can build up towns and cities etc with relative speed but all my attempts still look rubbish lol.

    Thanks for the reply! Love the cathedral! that must have taken ages :P

    I've been playing a bit more and like you say, once I add more beams and features it looks much better and you dont notice the squarneess so much :)


    I am going for a medieval theme and Im trying to build buildings that timber beams visible on the outside.

    I found if I used the block shape, the "beams" had very sharp edges and look like they have been very precisely sawn :P rather than the rougher more rounded kind of edges you'd get on old buildings.
    So then I tried using the rounded block shape and although the edges look much better, I now have a grid rather than long beam.

    I tried stretching a single rounded edge block into the beam length but when you do that the edges get warped into an odd pointy look.

    I was wondering what methods people have used to create this effect?

    Not sure why they don't already exist unless there's some technical reason?

    Theres a block with a really steep curve but how about some more gentle ones so we can do large ceiling arches and stuff? (a single block would be only a section of the overall curve)

    Will terrain generation always use the autogenerating method it does now as opposed to say pre-designed maps of a set size?

    The reason I ask is because it would be nice to be able to create maps a certain way with features where I want them. It would also make the terrain more realistic rather than just a huge expanse with random features dotted around - could actually have continents and islands and realistic geography :D

    I logged off mounted on a horse a long way from home an when i logged back on horse and everything it was carrying is gone.

    can you spawn a saddle? i tried and it didnt work and I reeeaally dont want to walk all the way home

    not difficult necessarily but time consuming and i don't really want to have to mess around with commands and stuff so ill just build around it until they put in some craftable curves like that small block one thats already in game.