Master list of Zork

  • This is a long-term document and work in progress.. Arctic Kitsune has a master list of suggestions linked in his signature so I figured with all the commenting that I've done over the past two years, I need to make one myself. I'm having a harder time finding old stuff I wrote in the past.

    I dove back into the game recently and had some thoughts. Typically when I play Rising World (unlike minecraft which is much farther removed from reality) I get to wonder how things were done in the old days. While i dont expect things to be too accurate, otherwise we would be spending weeks just to make one boat.

    I tend to look into videos and read up also on how things are made and old methods. Many methods are still practiced the same but are operated by machine instead.

    I'm also consolidating past thoughts on threads that hidden deep in these forums.

    New Handheld tools

    • wood saw - made from a saw component and sticks (like any other hand tools

    Tiny crafting stations (these can be placed on a block or table or stone floor):

    • sieve - made from a bowl (glass or clay) and cloth (made from loom)
    • mortar and pestle - (we seriously need one of these for mixing herbs and chemicals (maybe making gunpowder))

    Cannnabis resin

    • collect cannabis flower from hemp plant (pick it like a tomato and they eventually grow back) -- hemp seeds and morroco come from pod. only fiber should come from destroying the plant
    • use a sieve to separate morroco from seeds (seeds can now be collected and replanted)
    • use paper press to turn that into cannabis resin

    Pine resin

    • walk around with a hunting knife. hit a pine tree with hunting knife for a small chance of collecting resin
    • craft a tap and bucket which can be placed on a pine tree (collects lots of resin over several days)

    Melting station
    a type of furnace that turns sand into glass (can be used to make bowls or windows)
    probably also can be used to turn resin into plastic

    Alloy furnace
    Combine two different ingots to make two alloy ingots (e.g. iron ingot and coal powder to make two steel ingots) -- more on metalurgy below

    Electrical wire -- made from resin and copper

    Steel -- manufactured in a smelting furnace or one perhaps a new furnace specifically designed for combining iron and coal

    Steel pipes -- made of steel. These are commonly used for transporting steam to machines from a boiler
    Copper pipes -- used for transporting water

    Steam boiler
    1. A device crafted out of iron plates and rods
    2. Steam boiler requires water to be added with a bucket, fuel added to boil it and produce steam.

    This is what I think of as a Tier 2 workstation.

    Chemical station
    (Red hinted at basic chemistry for herbs and potions. Not sure if his desires limited to just this)
    Electronics excluded. Not sure what Red has planned for electronic crafting but I figured maybe this combined with a chemistry station (for making electrical components) and a soldering station for assembling electrical modules, should open the door for making electronics (PC board, components from a chemistry station, plastic cases out of resin) -- at this point we can make a ore detector

    Steam chamber --- Steam is piped in here and used to bend wood beams. This is useful to make a boat. As discussed in some earlier thread on how to make boats.
    Beams can also be used to make arches (to simplify arch making which currently involves placing and rotating dozens of tiny beams to simulate the arch look.

    Other thoughts on personal and workbench crafting

    • wood planks can be made in personal crafting if a wood saw is in inventory
    • The step of making a generic "lumber" should go from logs should be eliminated
    • should be a distinction between "sticks" and "pickup/loose sticks".
      • sticks are made from planks (no change from present system)
      • loose sticks picked up from the ground.
      • primitive stone tools are made with pickup sticks.
      • other tools made with sticks (current)
    • the handsaw gives you 1 or 2 planks from a log but a sawmill you'll get 4 or 6
    • More advanced crafting typically requires stages of fabrication. One does not simply craft a chair on a sawmill. You craft different basic shapes and use a machining tool to cut it. Currently the location of craftable items on the crafting tables that they are on right now don't make a lot of sense. But we don't want to get too complicated either in crafting.
    • Proximity crafting --- (might be a simplified approach to the problem stated above) workstations in a proximity to each other open up recipes in a sort-of master crafting menu. If you are far from home, you are limited to only the basics. Having basic tools on you and being close to a workstation opens more up.
    • So to make a chair, you need a fabricator and a sawmill nearby

    Crafting stamina

    • Since stamina will eventually come to the game (e.g. can't run across the world forever) maybe stamina loss should occur during crafting.
    • since the higher-end crafting stations work the same regardless of power source (fabricator and sawmill can use either man power, steam power, or electrical power to operate) man powered work on these benches requires stamina loss
    • Loss of stamina causes food and thirst to deplete faster

    Ores, crystals, and metalurgy <-- needs more work

    • Add tin, zinc, and carbon
    • salt (not sure if all look like crystals)
      • potassium nitrate is a common salt
    • bring back cobalt (useful for batteries) or coloring chinese porcelain
    • sulfur and potassium nitrate should be powders on the surface or in caves, not an ore to mine with a pickaxe
    • a combining smelter can be used to combine elements
      • bronze is made from combining tin and copper
      • steel is made from combining iron and coal
      • brass is made from combining copper and zinc
    • a mortar and pestle can be used to combine sulfur, potassium nitrate, and coal to make gunpowder
    • cobalt and zinc are ores
    • potassium nitrate is a crystal.
    • Crystal spawning should occur on cave walls and would be a good indicator that a same-color ore is nearby (crystaline structures tend to be based off ores

    Need to study more on salts and crystals (this stuff is over my head)
    Also, more uses on cobalt, also a simplified way to make silicon for electronics or solar panels.


    • electronics are made from lots of different components, each made with different chemicals. Probably need a simple approach

      • "electronic parts" is generic and made from stuff found in electronics: capacitors (paper or resin insulator and copper or steel), resistors (windings of copper or steel wire and resin), transistors and IC chips (made from silicon), wire made from copper and resin, and PCB board (copper and resin)
      • so master ingredient list for "electronic parts" would be: paper, resin, copper, steel, silicon, and wire
    • wire would be crafted from copper and resin. Used in electronics parts but also used to make electrical conduits to route power throughout a house or tunnel.
    • electrical boxes can be crafted from resin and some copper. Used to create wiring and outlets for our lamps and motors to power the fabricator or sawmill or other things

    Underground biomes

    • At present biomes spread out horizontally. should be vertical as well. Currently if you go to hell then it will still show a moderate temperature in the pine forest...
    • Since Red51 is working on a worldwide ocean and this "Islands" world type, perhaps vertical biomes can be implemented.
    • Underground biomes can include underwater lakes, lava areas, and hell itself can be a biome. Crystal biomes could be like large geodes where various salts and crystals are abundant

    Links on underground stuff

    Links on above-ground biome stuff

    More links

    Some interesting manufacturing videos

    Resin from canabis video:

    Steam powered sawmill

    Steam powered machine shop

  • Bug list

    1. Unable to apply earth textures to planks and beams. On the command line, any number results in the item being assigned. So if you spawn a beam with id 8 (snow) then mouseover will show id 8 but the actual texture is 21 (stone). Seems like any id below 21 results in stone.
    2. seam on a marble pattern does not allign top and side:

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