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Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky

    Nice work on the terrain generation things are really beginning to look very good on this front, guess we will have no more standing on the tip of a needle :D:D:D also will you be adding water/pounds (static or animated) in the first tech demo or is that a way off yet? any screen shots would be nice if you have any:thumbup::thumbup:

    I'm hoping that Unity already has volumetric water handling baked in. Perhaps water is closer than we think. I'm just really looking forward to seeing water streams in caves, like with Minecraft.

    I just saw the new pictures of the mountains in the new world generator. They're looking very natural. I can't wait to see the ocean biome reworked and some small ponds and caves in the forest. Years ago I'd picture how the game might look someday. This is really exciting! :)

    Don't know why people are fussing. Red is doing the best he can. He is trying to keep players happy but at the same time create the best possible version of the game he can, which is a good thing! I will patiently wait for the new version, & until it's ready, I'll keep on enjoying the old version. It's still a blast.

    Not everyone understands what software development is like and how much effort goes into designing then redesigning software or how much time can be consume trying to fix one problem. Like any good artist, Red is passionate about his work and also extremely detail-oriented. I'm looking forward to this tech demo.

    I've been accumulating years of technical debt at my own job and deal with stress and disgust of having to waste my life continually supporting and patching legacy applications, seemingly held together with duct tape and wishes, when I'd rather build a replacement system). Nobody has the time to rewrite and our management would rather outsource such projects to cheap laborers overseas who aren't passionate about the problems we are trying to solve. There are advantage to small software companies who can get work done without overhead.

    So I can appreciate the opportunity and potential of a complete rewrite and the technical debt that will eliminate and the new opportunities it will present which were not there before.

    However I do question this attempt to attach doors to objects.. :(

    Wow!! I just saw the doors on trello and just had to let you know how awesome this looks. Also it's nice to see the current health indicators still in place. I hope they don't change too much in the final version. The lighting from the metal fireplace in the tunnel look great as well and I love the shadows cast. The effect of that material layering you implemented really shows in the door animations. It's nice to see a little grass overgrown here and there along the edges of the path, very natural looking.

    If you plan on doing flowing water, can you add rivers and streams to the world generator?

    I think this was originally planned as part of the world generator overhaul. Now that the game is being re-build for the new engine, I imagine all this stuff will get tossed in early on with the new world generator as it already has lots of features not in the old one such as higher voxel density. I'd love to know how far biomes are in the re-design. I've seen some screenshots of prairies, snowy cabins, and forests. No lakes yet. ;)

    This is definately the Minecraft killer we've all been waiting for. I'm happy to see this refactoring of Rising World finally coming to realization. Following the trello board and seeing the changes happen is very exciting.

    I take a peek on the trello board every now and then and see some interesting things pop up. Glad to the beginning of cave generation. And the snow covering the terrain based on material "height" is just incredible!

    Hope you are safe with all this covid19 scare going on.

    Loose sticks and stones on the ground has been mentioned before. With all the focus on survival elements lately, I hope to see that soon... And tools that wear out.

    I'm mining like crazy and have more iron and gold than I know what to do with. Trying to get to Hell so I can craft some hellstone blocks. I hope they glow

    Hmm... that's strange oO Did it happen in singleplayer or multiplayer? Maybe the fuel indicator is just wrong? Is the fuel level still the same when reloading the world / reconnecting to the server? Basically the fuel consumption should always be update, no matter where you are. But the consumption always fluctuates a little.

    I'll have to run some experiments to give you a scientifically sound answer but my general observation was that the consumption varied greatly... in some cases it took about 40 units to smelt a load of 24 ores. But good to know this is the new norm.